Weekend Creative : February #2 : punch collage


This weekend's project is inspired by Margaret's heart collage (just right for Valentine's Day) and Australian artist Catherine Swan's beautiful paper butterflies (read more of her story + see the size of her art here). I originally discovered Catherine's work through Oh Joy.

Repetition is one of my most favorite principles in design and punches are one of my favorite products. I use punches to create repetition all the time when creating scrapbook layouts + minibooks (especially using that square Giga punch ). This new little collage will be replacing my holiday collage that has been above my sink since November (will be storing the collage with my holiday stuff + will pull it out and stick it back in the frame for next year).

This collage was created using a Martha Stewart butterfly punch and a variety of different scraps of paper: junk mail, scrapbook paper, pages from old books, etc. My white sheet of background cardstock was cut to 10x8 to fit into the mat of the black frame. I used tiny foam dots as adhesive. There's no real method to choosing which papers to use - I tend to go for a balance between text, lines, dots, etc.

The basic prompt: create a collage (or a scrapbook page) using two things (1) a punch of some sort and (2) the principle of repetition to bring it all together. Here's some additional punch shapes if you are looking for something to add to your collection: heart, star, postage stamp.


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Rjcollings


    "Creativity belongs to interest" i have love to create paper craft. They are not only look pleasant to the eyes but also help to make the design better. I have attached few of the paper flowers on my http://small-fridge.net/ge-gmr04gaebb-small-fridge/ which looks stunning now."Stands out from the crowd"

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  2. silversand


    Butterflies are a great theme to choose, as there are so many colors to pick from. I am sure if you let your creativity on the loose you can come up with some gorgeous designs. http://www.spilleautomatergratis.org/

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