Weekend Creative : February #3 : Revisiting One Little Word

yoga self portrait : camera sitting on floor using the timer

Hello mid-February, what have you done with my word?

This morning I decided to go looking for it again. We were doing nicely, my word + I, for the first month or so and then things (also known as the crazy business of life) got in the way.

Last year my word was peace. What I liked about that word was that it lived just beneath the surface and it was perfectly comfortable there. I could whisper it to center myself or simply call it up in my mind when I needed a reminder to take a deeper breath or to take a step back from a situation. It simply existed within me - which was what I really needed at that point in time.

This year my word (vitality) requires more action. I want it to require more action. I want it to get me into the gym each morning after I drop Simon off at school. I want it to guide me in making healthy choices for myself. I think I need something a bit louder than a whisper this year. I think I literally need to say my word out loud when I need that push to take action.

Which brings me to Seinfeld.

Remember back in the day on Seinfeld when George's Dad would say/yell out "SERENITY NOW" when he gets frustrated in an effort to keep his blood pressure down?

So why not "VITALITY NOW." And seriously, this sort of life action needs some humor as a partner to get me to change my ways.

The only person who can make this happen for myself is me. One choice at a time. One day at a time.

Your creative prompt this weekend is to check-in with your own word. (Don't have one yet? Read here for more info on the one little word concept.) Where does your word live? Is it a beneath-the-surface or in-your-face sort of word? What are you doing to actively reflect on your word if yours is one that needs something a little bit more participation? Or maybe your word is simply percolating which may be just the perfect place for it to be at this time. Either way, take a bit of time this weekend for a mid-February date with your word.

(You can see the entire Serenity Now episode here.)

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