Weekend Creative : February #3 : Revisiting One Little Word

yoga self portrait : camera sitting on floor using the timer

Hello mid-February, what have you done with my word?

This morning I decided to go looking for it again. We were doing nicely, my word + I, for the first month or so and then things (also known as the crazy business of life) got in the way.

Last year my word was peace. What I liked about that word was that it lived just beneath the surface and it was perfectly comfortable there. I could whisper it to center myself or simply call it up in my mind when I needed a reminder to take a deeper breath or to take a step back from a situation. It simply existed within me - which was what I really needed at that point in time.

This year my word (vitality) requires more action. I want it to require more action. I want it to get me into the gym each morning after I drop Simon off at school. I want it to guide me in making healthy choices for myself. I think I need something a bit louder than a whisper this year. I think I literally need to say my word out loud when I need that push to take action.

Which brings me to Seinfeld.

Remember back in the day on Seinfeld when George's Dad would say/yell out "SERENITY NOW" when he gets frustrated in an effort to keep his blood pressure down?

So why not "VITALITY NOW." And seriously, this sort of life action needs some humor as a partner to get me to change my ways.

The only person who can make this happen for myself is me. One choice at a time. One day at a time.

Your creative prompt this weekend is to check-in with your own word. (Don't have one yet? Read here for more info on the one little word concept.) Where does your word live? Is it a beneath-the-surface or in-your-face sort of word? What are you doing to actively reflect on your word if yours is one that needs something a little bit more participation? Or maybe your word is simply percolating which may be just the perfect place for it to be at this time. Either way, take a bit of time this weekend for a mid-February date with your word.

(You can see the entire Serenity Now episode here.)

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  1. Ava G

    2008-02-16 00:51:03 -0500

    Serenity Now
    Excellent YouTube.... Thanks for posting it. I am laughing and hope to use that phrase all day and for the next while....to cute.

  2. Shannon

    2008-02-16 02:19:34 -0500

    My word, shouting it out.

  3. LobotoME

    2008-02-16 02:42:27 -0500

    Ali - you need to send me your mailing address so I can send you one of my momme planners - it has a space for ME Time and exercise tracking column and healthy meal planning - all to help with your vitality! email me -
    Jenny :)

  4. LobotoME

    2008-02-16 02:42:54 -0500

    Ali - you need to send me your mailing address so I can send you one of my momme planners - it has a space for ME Time and exercise tracking column and healthy meal planning - all to help with your vitality! email me -
    Jenny :)

  5. suetreiber

    2008-02-16 02:59:01 -0500

    great self portrait, and nice downward dog!

  6. Bobbi in KY

    2008-02-16 03:18:13 -0500

    Just found your blog-click, click, click, - there it was. LOVE your philosophy on life in general and apparently your work ethic. It looks like YOU GET EVERYTHING DONE!!!!!! I'm going to pick a word-it's NOW. Get up and just do it NOW.....I'm such a procrastinator (sp?) hopefully this will help me.

  7. Heather

    2008-02-16 03:34:15 -0500

    Mine word this year was FOCUS. I'm working through the last bit of my didactic phase in my strive to get my master's to become a physician assistant. I definitely need to focus in this. It's so easy some times to get side tracked by all the fun and friends...but I need to remind myself to focus on the main goal in my life right now, my education. I made a sign that I hung on my door of my apartment so that every time I leave I am reminded to focus on what's important. This weekend (and the next two weeks) is a really good time for me to bring it back in full force as I am studying for my midterms. FOCUS on the learning...on the medicine. Thanks Ali. Perfect timing, as usual!

  8. deB

    2008-02-16 03:47:14 -0500

    Ali, I'm sitting her snickering because that episode of Seifeld is probably my most favorite one to quote.
    I'm taking care of 2 flu people in the family...

  9. Gail

    2008-02-16 04:59:17 -0500

    Great downward dog! :)
    You've inspired me to take a similar self-portrait.

  10. Michelle

    2008-02-16 06:04:13 -0500

    Grace is my word this year, and I have to say I've had two situations this year that I really believe I would have mishandled without my focus being on Grace so Ms. Ali thank you for not only encouraging us all to be more creative but in my case you have encouraged me to be a better person! Thx!

  11. gkgirl

    2008-02-16 07:20:05 -0500

    i have chosen my word for 2008...
    you have inspired me...
    you can read it here
    if you like...

  12. Andi

    2008-02-16 07:30:55 -0500

    My word is consistency. I feel that I have been quite consistent since I established my one word. I quilt and I usually don't start a project and finish it within a year or two. Well, this year I started a wall hanging and finished it last night. I am proud of myself. I still need to work on my word especially with teaching. Thanks for the challenge!

  13. MelissaL

    2008-02-16 13:09:31 -0500
  14. Tif

    2008-02-16 13:12:59 -0500

    Love Seinfeld, LOVE yoga. What a fun post.

  15. Dee

    2008-02-16 13:15:12 -0500

    WOW, thats amazing. I just emailed you. Then I read your post for the weekend.

  16. jen downer

    2008-02-16 14:11:48 -0500

    i am so scattered that i can't seem to narrow it down to just ONE word! ARGH! ;o) i might need a sentence.

  17. kT

    2008-02-17 00:15:51 -0500

    Actually, I've made good progress with my word. Since it is NOW, the 365 portrait and photos have helped. I just need to get better about posting to flickr regurally.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  18. Christina Katz

    2008-02-17 02:14:31 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I am right there with you on the one word derailment. It took me a minute to remember what my word is...uh-oh, bad sign.
    Reality is I'm working on my second book, Get Known Before the Book Deal, and I know you know how consuming a book can be.
    So I feel like my little word has been relegated to the "I'll get to you later" list. And, I guess, for now, that's how it will have to be.

  19. Jackie Stone

    2008-02-17 13:46:17 -0500

    Ali, my word is "heal". I finally started back to scrapbooking this weekend. I have not done much since I moved to North Dakota, it has just been to hard looking at those pictures when you a so very home sick. But today, I am going to try to move on and heal...to scrap my childrens lives, whether it be in Iowa or North Dakota. Thanks for the inspirational push.

  20. lori p

    2008-02-17 15:56:24 -0500

    thanks for the blast from the past with seinfeld. i hope that your week goes well as you continue to stretch your vitality.
    my word for the year is gratitude and i am daily writing something that i am grateful for in my gratitude journal {inspired by emily falconbridge}, i love it!! and i have a constant reminder of ALL of the MANY things that i have to be thankful for.
    thanks for the inspiration ali!!

  21. Martha

    2008-02-18 03:26:57 -0500

    My word for the year -- focus. It can be applied to any situation and helps me get a lot more done!

  22. Jill

    2008-02-18 14:34:50 -0500

    I am so loving this one word thing! I chose strive and found a fun little necklace on etsy. I wear it at least once a week and touch it often to remind myself to strive for more in some areas, less in others, etc.
    So wish I was closer to Oregon to join your group on friday. I hope to cross paths at some point.

  23. Bettina

    2008-02-19 03:45:37 -0500

    I actually spent time with my word this weekend and just read your post. My word is Lighten. I need to lighten my supplies (too much impulse buying), I need to lighten how I discipline my kids (more positive reinforcement and less criticism), and I need to lighten my load (lose some weight!). I started out great in January and have slipped off. I have added my word on a plaque in my studio. But I have also added it as a banner on my cellphone. Now every time I flip open my phone I see 'Lighten' to remind me of my one little word. Thank you for the inspiration, I like having the word to keep me in check and remind me of my goals.

  24. Lawren

    2008-02-19 16:21:05 -0500

    LOVE the "serenity now" reference... that was actually a "finalist" for my one little word this year! I settled on BREATHE, and I continue to write about my word (and 13 other words that friends and family have picked for the year) on my blog www.lawrencoope.typepad.com My husband ordered me a BREATHE pendant (just like your VITALITY one) for Valentine's Day and I've worn it every day. So far it is helping to serve as a constant reminder to stop, BREATHE, and think.
    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  25. emily

    2008-02-20 04:20:37 -0500

    Very nice self portrait, thoughtful and balanced.

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