Weekend Creative : February #4 : A Bit of Heart


Last night we had a great local get-together to play with the February kit from Cocoa Daisy (a really fun collection of products put together by CD Muckosky). It was all the things that are good about scrapbooking with a group: reconnecting with old friends + making new ones, doing a bit of creative experimentation, lots of chatting, etc.

For the gathering I put together a 6 inch x 6 inch minibook using the kit, did a little demo on how to create the textured cover and interior pages (cardboard pages + KI lace cardstock + paint), and typed up a step-by-step to complete the album. Download AEheartbook PDF How-To (4MB). It was fun to see the variations that came about as people played around with the different elements in the kit.

Here's a look at the cardboard page before (I used mod podge to adhere the lace cardstock to the cardboard - we also tested out spray adhesive on it last night and that worked great as well):


And after (machine stitched the Heidi Swapp heart onto the painted cardboard cover - if you don't have a machine you could use a brad to hold the heart in place):


The stitching of the heart onto the page was inspired by a layout I saw online awhile back and has been on my mind with all the cool Valentine crafts floating around. I found the actual image again in my inspiration notebook but it was missing a name. Does anyone remember/know who created this page? Edited: Thanks guys + thanks Jill Hornby for the inspiration. And thanks for the heads up about this layout being featured on Scrapjacked.

Here's a look at the inside pages:


(Machine stitching around the outside - right through the Hambly "Clearly Heavy" Overlay - to create a frame around the photos. Photos are cut to the same size and adhered to each side of the acrylic.)






The prompt this weekend is this: Focus on the specific technique of layering one element on top of another and painting over the entire thing to create an entirely different look. This could be on a layout, within a minibook, on a card, etc - just take the concept and run with it. And in case you missed it above, Download AEheartbook PDF How-To (4MB)


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