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February 22, 2008

Weekend Creative : February #4 : A Bit of Heart


Last night we had a great local get-together to play with the February kit from Cocoa Daisy (a really fun collection of products put together by CD Muckosky). It was all the things that are good about scrapbooking with a group: reconnecting with old friends + making new ones, doing a bit of creative experimentation, lots of chatting, etc.

For the gathering I put together a 6 inch x 6 inch minibook using the kit, did a little demo on how to create the textured cover and interior pages (cardboard pages + KI lace cardstock + paint), and typed up a step-by-step to complete the album. Download AEheartbook PDF How-To (4MB). It was fun to see the variations that came about as people played around with the different elements in the kit.

Here’s a look at the cardboard page before (I used mod podge to adhere the lace cardstock to the cardboard – we also tested out spray adhesive on it last night and that worked great as well):


And after (machine stitched the Heidi Swapp heart onto the painted cardboard cover – if you don’t have a machine you could use a brad to hold the heart in place):


The stitching of the heart onto the page was inspired by a layout I saw online awhile back and has been on my mind with all the cool Valentine crafts floating around. I found the actual image again in my inspiration notebook but it was missing a name. Does anyone remember/know who created this page? Edited: Thanks guys + thanks Jill Hornby for the inspiration. And thanks for the heads up about this layout being featured on Scrapjacked.

Here’s a look at the inside pages:


(Machine stitching around the outside – right through the Hambly “Clearly Heavy” Overlay – to create a frame around the photos. Photos are cut to the same size and adhered to each side of the acrylic.)






The prompt this weekend is this: Focus on the specific technique of layering one element on top of another and painting over the entire thing to create an entirely different look. This could be on a layout, within a minibook, on a card, etc – just take the concept and run with it. And in case you missed it above, Download AEheartbook PDF How-To (4MB)



  • 51.
    Sara R. said…

    Pretty sure it was Jill Hornby.

  • 52.
    Suz said…

    yea! What fun! TFS Ali!
    Also, you may already know about this adhesive product: YES. It is really great for all kinds of papercrafting. I often use it to glue things to chipboard. It’s a thick paste (less messy than Modge Podge, IMO) that I apply with a fake credit card or old hotel key. If you haven’t already tried it, it’s great!
    Thanks again for sharing all of your great ideas! (P.S. I purchased my “YES” online but some of the local mega craft stores have it as well).

  • 53.
    kristen hansen said…

    Nope. I could never pull this off, I am just not that creative, so I like to look at yours, they are all so good!

  • 54.
    laura said…

    that album is darling! what a great idea for that ki lace paper! :) thanks for sharing.

  • 55.
    Amanda said…

    totally cool!!!! thank you for the awesome ideas and instructions that guide rather than direct! you SERIOUSLY rock.

  • 56.
    liz armstrong said…

    dear miss ali………..i totally agree you are such a delightful sharer! that alone means so much…..there are lots of sites, lots of ideas, but you always share every step of what you do, so that we can learn and enjoy! again, thank you so much!

  • 57.
    Kim Bolyard said…

    this is so awesome…I am so making one this weekend.

  • 58.
    janine said…

    A really inspiring project. Again! I actually intend to do this one! Have a great weekend:)

  • 59.
    Dee said…

    What a lovely book. The photo on page three, with say Yes, is just incredible. More inspiration!!

  • 60.
    Alicia Sharp said…

    Love this mini album! I am so glad and grateful that you are doing these weekend projects!

  • 61.
    Adelina said…

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! You’re a constant inspiration.

  • 62.
    Heather said…

    Ali, do you print your square format prints at home or send them out to be done? I am having a hard time finding places to print square and I absolutely love square prints.

  • 63.
    Ruth said…

    Hey Ali, Just wanted to say, THANKS a bunch, I really loved this, you know how somethings just ‘grab’ you & you want to stop what you re doing and go try it, well this was it for me just now, sadly though, am reading this whilst having a cup of tea before heading out the door to work, so it will have to wait until tonight, but that is OK, becuase today is Saturday here on the west coast of Australia, so guess what I will be doing tonight?

  • 64.
    Mefuza said…

    Lovely Ali. Your work is inspirational.

  • 65.
    Susannah said…

    beautiful project and what a great prompt for the weekend ;0)

  • 66.
    Kristal said…

    Love it, love it, love it!
    Also, I am wondering the same thing as Heather about the square prints. Do you do them yourself?

  • 67.
    Heidi said…

    I’ve never commented before but I look at your blog all of the time!! Your ideas, your energy, your spark for life are just absolutely contagious! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 68.
    alyssa said…

    Way, way cool! Love the white and all those labels.

  • 69.
    Lindsey Cord said…

    you done did it again! Ali Edwards you are crazy talented. cant wait to copy as usual!

  • 70.
    Lesli said…

    What a beautiful book – you are very talented and inspirational!

  • 71.

    Your works are so inspiring!I wish I could once attend one of your workshops!
    Thx for sharing this!
    Katharina (;

  • 72.
    Toni said…

    That project is so totally cute! Thanks for sharing the instructions!! By the way, it was great to meet you at CHA!!! Take care!!

  • 73.
    Ana said…

    Hey Ali…
    Awesome idea. Um, you know the one thing I have noticed is that I haven’t ever seen a page about your dog. Do you scrapbook any pages of your relationship to her? When you got her or her role in everyones lives? I was just wondering…?

  • 74.
    Angie said…

    Thank you for the inspiration. I too read your blog religiously, but this is my first comment. I just finished my book and I love it. Although I didn’t quite have all the new cool products you have so I had to make do!
    Love your work! any chance you are coming to Australia anytime soon?

  • 75.
    tinkster said…

    another really funky mini album!
    After making 3 of the felt ones I can’t wait to try this, looks VERy cool Ali.

  • 76.
    Jill Barrett said…

    You are a constant source of inspiration. Don’t know how you do it. Really beautiful mini and I know that I will be using this new idea! Kudos to you!

  • 77.
    Cristina said…

    Hi Ali-
    Love it, love it, love it!!! This is my 3rd Cocoa Daisy kit and I was having some trouble getting started with it. The paint on top of the lace is just such an “aha” idea. I’ll be working on my version today…
    Happy Sunday!

  • 78.
    Cristina said…

    Hi Ali-
    Love it, love it, love it!!! This is my 3rd Cocoa Daisy kit and I was having some trouble getting started with it. The paint on top of the lace is just such an “aha” idea. I’ll be working on my version today…
    Happy Sunday!

  • 79.
    Lisa said…

    Love it! I went over to Cocoa Daisy and ordered the kit. Can’t wait to play with it!

  • 80.
    Natasha said…

    Not sure if you will notice my question you get so many comments :)
    How do you stitch on your chipboard etc. I’m too scared in case I break my needle or the foot. Do you use a normal needle?
    Love your work :)

  • 81.
    vinnie said…

    that is so stunning! I’m such a fan of your work!

  • 82.
    Kelly Libby said…

    I really like this. Very cool. I think I’m headed to scrap. Been WAY too long! I really liked your organization system and process. Have a nice weekend. If you get a chance, I wanted to ask you something off the blog/posting. Can you shoot me an email.

  • 83.
    Penny said…

    This is simply gorgeous! I plan to shamlessly scraplift this in its entirely. :-) Thanks for another fun and easy project.

  • 84.
    Heather Main said…

    Beautiful as usual :)
    I used that laser cut paper on a mini album for Valentines day but I never thought to paint over it!

  • 85.
    lori p said…

    thank you ali for such a wonderful mini book, complete with ALL of the instructions. what a nice treat!! thanks for constantly inspiring me & always giving me something new to try!! love this!!

  • 86.
    Amber Lee said…

    Ali love the inspiration, had a blast with you girls on Thursday. My version is up on my blog. Have a great week!

  • 87.
    donna jean said…

    thanks ali– i cannot wait to try this new book! i just ordered th ehambly pages!!! yeah!!
    donna jean

  • 88.
    Rebecca said…

    WOW. This is awesome. I never would have thought to do that with the cardboard and paper. Can’t wait to try it!

  • 89.
    Christina L said…

    This is such an awesome way to do an album! Would never think to do the repetition as you did with the textured pages!

  • 90.
    Laura Casey said…

    I haven’t done many mini albums…but I really adore this one ! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 91.
    Laura Casey said…

    I haven’t done many mini albums…but I really adore this one ! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 92.
    Laura Casey said…

    I haven’t done many mini albums…but I really adore this one ! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 93.
    robindiane said…

    Beautiful mini album.

  • 94.
    Coco said…

    I’ve never done a mini album, but I sure like this one. Just might try to make one!

  • 95.
    kelly lown said…

    Thanks for including a link to my shop in your blog,… somewhere… a fellow etsyian told me you did, LOL!
    Darling album and your son is growing into such a fine looking young man!

  • 96.
    Wendy Kwok said…

    hi Ali
    I sooooo want to do a album like this.
    May I know where to get the cardboard? Can I use card stock instead?

  • 97.
    Nichole said…

    Hi Ali! Thanks for the inspiration here. I created a mini book last week making the cover similar to yours. I loved how the technique made my cover look! You can see it here if you like:

  • 98.
    Jenn said…

    This is simply beautiful! Definately giving this a try!!

  • 99.
    Jenn said…

    This is simply beautiful! Definately giving this a try!!

  • 100.
    miranda said…

    Thank you Ali for this cool mini workshop!

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