Weekend Creative : February #5 : Ad Inspiration


I opened up my new issue of Domino magazine today and saw this ad.

The text reads: Are people who discover the priceless things in life looking harder?

A couple observations about this ad:
1. It grabbed me because it looked blank. No photo. No supporting text. No color.
2. I had to look twice to read the type + then had to squint hard to read ©2008 Mastercard.
3. I really like the look of the very light grey on the white. I love white on white.
4. I love the oversize type that stretches across both pages.
5. I applaud the sparseness. So many ads try to stuff as much as possible into the space.

Here's the prompt for this weekend: Take inspiration from this ad and create something with it: a scrapbook layout, a canvas, a photograph. Maybe you'll take away the inspiration of white on white (or a color on top of the same color), maybe it's the oversize type that stretches across a spread, maybe it is a layout without photos, or maybe it is the idea of discovering the priceless things in life. Take something from this ad and make something of your own.

And in case you'd like to share your weekend creations with others check out the Flickr weekend creative group.

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