Spring Break 08.


Spring Break is here and the 3 of us (the e3 reference on the album above) are ready for a little travel + rest + relaxation. It won't be long before Chris is back into full campaign mode for the fall election and things will be that much more hectic. This seemed like our best chance to get away together just the three of us (with no other agenda besides hanging out).

For a little on-the-road travel documentation I put together a small mini book (4x6) this morning to take along on our adventure. It's a new one from D Reeves (loving the very cool white look - it's a pure white rather than clear) and my plan is to use brochures and found papers along the way for the pages. I also packed a small Kodak printer to try some photo printing on the road.

[ album: D Reeves; foam letter stickers: American Crafts; chipboard circle accent: Scenic Route ]

Keeping the additional supplies simple again: scissors, hole punch, rolling adhesive, glue stick, and a pen.


I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. We got a kick out of the comments yesterday regarding Chris' white shirt. It just happened to be the one he had on and it stayed clean the entire time. There wasn't much splashing in the dyes - a fairly quick and easy little egg coloring session. But yep, he was brave.

As a couple of you noticed and mentioned in the comments yesterday, Simon was totally into it this year (vs. no interest last year). He had a great time dipping the eggs into the dyes and placing them back into the cartons. He also loved re-hiding (and re-hiding and re-hiding) the eggs yesterday afternoon for our friends that came over to celebrate Easter with us.

Have a wonderful week!

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