Three Things + 1 : Word Stickers


Classic favorites today: word stickers.

I am always on the lookout for basic, life-focused word stickers that can be used on any number of layouts/projects. I tend to reach for the ones with universal themes most: life, travel, home, adventure, family, memories, etc. They are great for mixing together to create new phases or sentences or for intermingling between handwritten or computer journaling (see sample below).

Narratives 12x12 Cardstock Stickers

Travel Advisory 97% Complete Stickers

Making Memories Word Fetti

7gypsies 97% Complete Stickers

Here's a layout example using word stickers from Life Artist:


[ The background for this layout is a 12 inch x 8 inch photo printed at Lines were drawn on the photo using a Slick Writer and a ruler. Heidi Swapp clock overlay was trimmed to fit on the left side. ]

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  1. jonipossin

    2008-03-11 04:13:58 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    How do you store your words and word stickers?? My letters are stored in several large divided plastic containers... but words...??? I'm using them in collages and mixed media work and I need a way to organize them or... they won't get used. Any tips??
    Thanks for your wonderful posts and your Life Artist book. I started out a scrapbooker and am now exploring a variety of areas of art. I owe a lot of my inspiration to you and all that you share and your encouragement.
    Thank you,

  2. Catherine

    2008-03-11 04:23:39 -0400

    Thanks for the inspiration today! I love word stickers, but always forget to use them in my journaling. My goal today has become to create a layout using some of the thousands of 7Gypsies word stickers that I have... Thanks! :)

  3. Marge

    2008-03-11 04:24:17 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I agree - I LOVE word stickers. I have the complete set of 7gypsies97%complete stickers, and use them all the time! - I got them a while ago on QVC for a really good price. Those who like them should check and see if they're still available.

  4. jen

    2008-03-11 04:50:00 -0400

    Yeah, i so love word stickers, especially related to such life themes as travel, life, photos, quotes...thanks for sharing and drawing attention to this lovely LO...i love the book Life Artist too. It's been so inspiring...

  5. kili'smom

    2008-03-11 04:54:34 -0400

    simply beautiful.

  6. Jolene George

    2008-03-11 05:05:57 -0400

    Your creativity and energy always amaze me. You inspire so many with your talent and open heart. I'm so glad you share. :o)

  7. lisamcg

    2008-03-11 05:08:05 -0400

    Ditto ditto ditto.
    Word stickers (esp those 7 gypsies ones) are probably my favorite scrapbooking item to use. :)

  8. sue

    2008-03-11 05:17:38 -0400

    I will keep reading to see when you leave for CKU-CHGO. I am a TA there so if you want any different CHGO food let us know on the blog and we'll bring some. When my cousin lived east coast she couldn't get Fanny May Chocolate or Maurice Lenell cookies so those were good treats to get. SUE B>

  9. Nicky Anderson

    2008-03-11 06:49:16 -0400

    Love it Ali, the word stickers are great and just add that little something.
    Love the page.

  10. Allison K

    2008-03-11 06:53:55 -0400

    Ali, you are always such a source of inspiration. Can't tell you how much I love this layout. Might have to scrapbook today.

  11. Bree

    2008-03-11 07:47:28 -0400

    word stickers = simple
    simple = good

  12. LorI P

    2008-03-11 08:03:15 -0400

    Hi Ali, I just flipped through your 3 books last night, and love the creative rush I get from them! They just make me want to sit and MAKE SOMETHING! Love your work. Thanks, Lori

  13. Julie

    2008-03-11 09:01:41 -0400

    Hi Ali, I have huge collection of word stickers - I just love them. But I struggle to use them on a layout so its always great to read articles with tips and tricks on using them :o)

  14. Deanna

    2008-03-11 09:07:03 -0400

    This isn't related to your post, but I thought of you while reading Wired magazine's March 08 issue. There is an article concerning autism and the new research surrounding it. I thought you might be interested and wanted to tell you. I hope this post isn't too weird from a total stranger.
    You inspire me and I read your articles and posts all the time. Thanks for all you do.

  15. Miriam (Australia)

    2008-03-11 10:15:56 -0400

    love how you used the word stickers, gorgeous layout :)

  16. Melanie

    2008-03-11 11:47:55 -0400

    I love that layout! I have wanted to use a photo before as my background - but never was sure how to make it work - THAT is the look I wanted but didn't know it ... if that makes any sense. You know, I would never think to crop the big photo that way to have a background to journal on - or if I did, I would not even try it for fear of it being stupid looking. Just keep inspiring us! I love your style - it is just so fantastic how you use things. In fact, seeing how you use things, you don't need the embellishments. You just make it look great .... okay, I will stop gushing - but again, thanks so much for just showing us things and ideas and techniques.

  17. Nat Love

    2008-03-11 14:55:33 -0400

    Hi Ali
    like you I love word stickers but have trouble remembering what word stickers I have. Is there any system that you use that make it easy to find the word you are looking for?

  18. Veronica K.

    2008-03-11 16:04:54 -0400

    All my favorite stuff. Love them. Own them. Use them lots. :)

  19. Sue

    2008-03-12 01:33:31 -0400

    What a cute layout of Simon! Love it. Also love word stickers. They are just fun and who doesn't like fun?

  20. Deb Wisker

    2008-03-12 02:50:10 -0400

    Your favs became my favs when I sat through your classes in Danbury! Those are the word stickers I always have in my stash and take to crops!

  21. Michelle Simmons

    2008-03-12 11:53:29 -0400

    I absolutely LOVE this layout, and the way you used the word stickers. I'm still trying to simplify my style...I could totally use this.

  22. Liz Ness

    2008-03-13 04:42:44 -0400

    OH BOY! One of my major weaknesses, too! Love 'em so much!

  23. Jackie

    2008-03-13 11:28:58 -0400

    What a beautiful layout and great idea to use the photo for the background. Love it!

  24. Wati

    2008-03-17 22:00:40 -0400

    i have those stickers...and it really inspire me now! thanks Ali :)

  25. Lorena

    2008-03-22 17:52:43 -0400

    Love the clock layout... you are such an inspiration!

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