Three Things : Easter


Starting to think ahead and do some planning for Easter baskets. Looking for fun, colorful additions that are not necessarily all about candy. Here's three things so far:

Pack Your Bags : This year I am planning to skip the basket and go with a more fun +  functional suitcase (will be used to carry goodies on the airplane for spring break). Check local thrift stores or antique stores for vintage options. Paper Source also has similar suitcase boxes available.

Something to plant together : Chris thought of this cool new tradition to bring into our home this Easter: include a couple of packets of seeds (vegetables or flowers) as an activity to do together.

Customized Pencils from Sweet Papery : 25 pencils with your favorite saying or name printed right onto the pencil. Love this idea especially for a little guy who happens to love pencils. More pencils available here (through the main entry to her etsy shop).


Other goodies to include: books about Easter/spring/etc, toothbrush + mini toothpaste (a classic addition), and felted eggs (I really want to try to make some of these).

Speaking of Easter, Martha has a great selection of Easter crafts on her site. I also love all the ideas for dying eggs. In addition I am fond of the rubber band technique in this month's issue of Real Simple (couldn't find it online yet). Also considering trying some natural dyes this year - I liked how this person went with an overall experimental approach.

You can join in a free Easter Workshop through Martha's site here.

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  1. Melissa F.

    2008-03-04 07:21:24 -0500

    If your guy likes pencils have your tried the Smencils?! They have them at Container Store and other places/boutiques. They are #2 pencils made with recycled newspaper and smell great (guaranteed for 2 years). My kids love them.

  2. Cathy

    2008-03-04 07:38:58 -0500

    My guys really liked getting little gardening tools too when they were little. The little shovels and rakes are great...oh they make little work gloves too. You might also like to try pysanky eggs. We would leave them out on a table all month and the boys would stop whenever they had time and work on some. They can be really simple or incredibly complicated.

  3. forcryeye

    2008-03-04 08:26:58 -0500

    Darn, the pencil's are sold out. I have dyed my eggs with beets and coffee, and used the rubber band method...and it works, and is really fun! Love the basket idea...we are traveling as well, and I am not sure how we are going to do the Easter Bunny thing!

  4. Jessica

    2008-03-04 08:29:52 -0500

    Great ideas! Does Simon like Easter Egg hunts? My parents would hide jelly beans through out the living room and when I woke up Easter morning I would get to find them. I was bummed when my parents stopped doing it, I guess they thought I was too old, but I still am not.

  5. anna

    2008-03-04 09:20:09 -0500

    Speaking of dying eggs, i read a really neat article in Family Fun Mag today...
    They did resist dying or whatever the technical name is. they put leaves on the egg, wrapped egg in hosiery, then dyed the egg. The leaf and hose were removed, leaving a really cool "pattern" on the egg.
    here's the link:

  6. Tona

    2008-03-04 09:30:47 -0500

    Reading your blog brought back memories. As our son was growing up I always tried to use something other then a basket...cowboy hat, wagon etc. We also tried to keep candy just a part of it...Hot Wheel cars, pencils/crayons,sketch books, puzzles, etc. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I really like the seed idea. What a great way to get children interested in gardening, (my other passion), as well as a way to spend quality family time. If Simon is interested in gardening you might want to check out the book Roots Shoots Buckets & Boots by Sharon Lovejoy.

  7. kp

    2008-03-04 09:35:18 -0500

    LOVED the felted eggs. Went to the link, and realized the shop was just down the street from me! Called to make sure they still had the pattern, then went in to pick it up. They were on the phone, with someone else who had read about it in your blog today, and they were THRILLED. I love how one little comment can bring all of us crafters together, throughout the country, and help independent shop owners at the same time! I have already started on my first egg, and the woman who wrote the pattern has some other delightful felted goodies too.
    So thanks for the great idea and link! I would never have stopped in there otherwise.

  8. Stacy

    2008-03-04 10:16:24 -0500

    great ideas. since our 21 year old son just got married this year (only child) i want to do something for the 2 of them together. this year i will be making their easter basket a clothes hamper and filling it not only with great personal and fun stuff, but also that practical stuff that newly weds need.

  9. carolk

    2008-03-04 10:36:24 -0500

    Martha needs to put YOU on her show!! : )

  10. angie

    2008-03-04 11:05:33 -0500

    Kind of off the Easter topic, but did you see the cute Simon Says poster on the Land of Nod site? I love all the vintagey type items for home decor and really love when I see my owns kids names on things. Parker, Holden and even your Simon are not as common names as one would think!

  11. Rebecca

    2008-03-04 11:43:20 -0500

    Love these ideas! Thanks!

  12. Hillary Chybinski

    2008-03-04 12:08:58 -0500

    Thanks for sharing Ali - I found a great 4x4 raised bed at Plow & Hearth for $60. . .I'm planning to get that for my 7 YO and start a little garden together.
    All the best -

  13. Tara

    2008-03-04 12:22:23 -0500

    What cute ideas! on the pencil topic.. I just thought I'd share a cute tutorial I found today for "photo pencils"
    Happy easter treat hunting!

  14. melanie

    2008-03-04 12:56:32 -0500

    Amazingly, the Easter Bunny always brought art supplies to our house, maybe not so amazing when you consider all those cool eggs he makes. A great annual replenishing of colorful fun arty stuff.

  15. Laura

    2008-03-04 13:46:29 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    Since you have a little guy that loves pencils, you might check out the idea on Photojojo for customizing pencils with photos. (
    Endless possibilities...
    Laura U

  16. Steph

    2008-03-04 14:02:50 -0500

    Love the suitcase idea. I've been wanting to do something more "usable" than baskets. Thank you for the constant inspiration.

  17. Cathy D

    2008-03-04 14:40:24 -0500

    Those littel baskets are absolutely adorable and such a great idea. I'm actually recycling the easter basket from last year (she's barely 2 so I'm sure she won't mind lol), and the seeds are a great touch because it's something you can do together and watch it grow as he grows. You always have the best ideas, thanks for sharing.

  18. kelly purkey

    2008-03-04 15:10:04 -0500

    thanks for the martha link... so many fun ideas there!

  19. Molly

    2008-03-04 15:11:35 -0500

    great ideas! Lilian Vernon has personalized pencils as well, not in that color range however. Another idea is Madlibs. Remember those? I loved those as a kid.

  20. Kristin

    2008-03-04 19:37:11 -0500

    GREAT ideas for Easter Ali! :) Simon is sure to love them :)
    Also wanted to let you know that I am having a big giveaway on my blog, so if you have a moment, stop on by. :)

  21. Ruth Pannell

    2008-03-04 20:34:17 -0500

    Go to this link:
    It's a Photo Jo Jo site and shows you how with just 12 pencils you can create an image of your own photo with just srips of paper and a glue stick wrapped around the pencils. It's supercool. I think this would be a winner for you and Simon. It's not hard to achieve by the sounds of it, just three photos printed on paper strips wrapped around the pencils. I love the idea.

  22. Kori

    2008-03-04 22:38:15 -0500

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I also found this great knitter who shared her pattern for knitted eggs. They look cute so of course I had to start knitting some!

  23. Dawn

    2008-03-05 06:48:25 -0500

    I love the seed idea! I am totally swiping that one...I have been trying to come up with fun and meaningful things to put in my 5 year old and 1 year old's baskets. So hard to find things that truly tie in with the real meaning behind Easter, but I love the seeds idea. You might also want to check out the latest Family Fun magazine...they have the most adorable yarn birds and nests to make! I just went to JoAnn's yesterday for styrofoam eggs and yarn. Can't wait to try them out.

  24. Kip

    2008-03-05 23:51:54 -0500

    Ali- where did you get those alphabet stamps towards the end?

  25. Rachel

    2008-03-19 12:46:33 -0400

    Cute ideas...
    Here's the link for the rubber band technique on,21770,1711861,00.html

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