Weekend Creative : March #2 : What's Your Message


Remember back to that first Weekend Creative? The prompt that weekend was about seeing and putting a word into a new context - taking things out of their ordinary environment and creating something new in the process.

As I was packing up some things for Simon to play with in the car on our long drive today I came across the mini Magna Doodle. I was thinking about living with words and what that means to me. I was thinking about the chalkboard I recently found at Goodwill and how much I am enjoying the words and concepts I have listed there in my office. I was also thinking about all the darn toys we have accumulated for Simon and how in reality he plays with just a few. Less is more.

In so many ways, from so many different angles, less really is more. 

What's your message this weekend, this day, this month, this minute, this year? Find a creative way to visually document a message, take a photo, and then tell the story either on a scrapbook layout, in a journal, on your blog, etc.

Or simply leave a message for your family members or yourself. What is is that you need to see today?

Art - and life - is about improvisation, discovery and awe. It is about leaning over the edge and staring deep into the abyss. It's about staring into our own inadequacies and, just as we think we might come up short, finding the answer that we need was there all the time. As we create we not only reveal Reality, we reveal ourselves.
[ Todd Henry ]

Posting about this tonight made me also think of this and this fantastic idea (that would be a great Easter weekend project as well) which also lead me back to this message and this one too.

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