Back to life.

Being home is such a good thing.

This morning I took Simon to school, exercised, grocery shopped (been gone a LONG time it seems as I exited with eight bags), and am now settling back into work. Ah, regular routines.

The past couple of weeks have been all about reinvigorating my creativity. I focused on expanding. I wanted to learn some new stuff and remember what it was like to be a student and simply enjoy the process of taking it all in from beginning to end. Right now I have all these ideas swimming in my head and I am planning to take some time today to gather up all my notes and make sure that I move forward with implementing some of the ideas.

There are so many things I want to say about this past weekend at Donna's Inspired event. My absolute favorite part was hanging out with my sister. I loved watching her in the classes - she is one of those people who works super fast in class to get her projects done. This was her first artsy/crafty event - I think I really just loved having her experience a little bit of my life with me. She and Paolo and Angela and I had so many laughs and shopped way too much at the Random Arts booth. Basically it was beyond cool to be able to experience everything with her.

The classes were all fantastic. Kal, Claudine, Christina, Stephanie, Tena, and Jennifer are wonderfully laid back instructors who really are there to encourage their students to find their own personal creative place. I love that I learned something different in each class. I especially loved the hand-stitching done in Christina's class and working with alcohol inks in Tina's class and working with fence materials in Jennifer's class (will post it when I am done). I was also really into the photo-transfer mini workshop with Jane from Random Arts.

The entire event had such a great vibe. From the handmade name tags to the cardboard programs to the pretzels to the drinks, Donna, Bill and their team did an amazing job of creating something very special.

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