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  1. Vincent Czepiel - allforautism.com

    2008-04-14 09:44:46 -0400

    This is a great kit for such a small donation to such a worthy cause. Thank you!

  2. Kim bolyard

    2008-04-14 13:28:35 -0400

    I am going to check this out....we just found out that my nephew has Autism. Good news is not the most severe...bad news is he is 11 years old and had been in special ed classes since kindergarten and seen specialist and doctors and they said he had ADD...no one ever diaganosed him for Autsim. I so worry that he made be to late. My sister is just now seeing doctors about it. I will be passing links on to her that share...thanks so much for doing that.

  3. kielz

    2008-04-14 23:58:27 -0400

    Dancing with the Stars has just finished tonight in New Zealand. Winner = Temepara George, a famous New Zealander. Chosen charity = Autism NZ. Yay!

  4. kielz

    2008-04-14 23:59:53 -0400

    Oops meant to say a famous NZ NETBALLER. :)

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