Hello Tuesday.


I love vacations where you literally do nothing but hang out at the pool.

That is what we accomplished last week and it was a great, wonderful thing.

I am actually just home for a bit today before heading to Artfest.

Planning to post more later this week.

33 thoughts

  1. Catherine

    2008-04-01 04:13:47 -0400

    Looks like Simon is having a wonderful time!!
    I wish I were going to Artfest! Im sure everyone will enjoy everything!

  2. lori p

    2008-04-01 04:20:26 -0400

    glad to hear that you had a wonderful vacation, good for you. enjoy artfest!!

  3. Terri

    2008-04-01 05:06:42 -0400

    Flashback. When the kids were small, I would always take them down to CA for spring break. Warm weather & a swimming pool, right on! It's needed after our winter.... now I'm really jealous with Artfest and Inspired coming up.... and I'm stuck in N. Carolina working! Fly clear across the country, will be 100 miles from Donna's front porch; and I can't make either event! Have a wonderful time and make sure to tell us all about both (and take pictures)- Terri

  4. Julie Howard

    2008-04-01 05:18:52 -0400

    Glad to hear you had a great vacation!!! Can't wait to see more pictures!
    Have fun at ArtFest!

  5. Erica Hettwer

    2008-04-01 05:45:57 -0400

    Have a good time being a student!! ;)

  6. Marty

    2008-04-01 05:46:55 -0400

    love those goggles! My boys have them too and the pictures are so cute and fun with them! And they also work well! Glad you had a great time. COunting down the days to our vacation - 24!

  7. Lauren

    2008-04-01 06:15:50 -0400

    LOL... what a CUTE pic!

  8. Cathy

    2008-04-01 07:29:54 -0400

    So jealous, I wish I could hang out by the pool all day. Can't wait for summer to finally arrive!

  9. Holly

    2008-04-01 09:43:24 -0400

    I love lounging at the pool too! I came across this magazine and thought of you instantly.

  10. Tona

    2008-04-01 09:45:35 -0400

    The kind of vacation you just took is the kind everybody needs once in a while to "recharge". Glad you had such a good time.

  11. sue Treiber

    2008-04-01 10:11:03 -0400

    absolutely the best!
    Enjoy the rest of it :)

  12. Heidi

    2008-04-01 10:27:26 -0400

    so glad you had time to recharge. but is it ever good to see you posting again ;) ha. Have a wonderful time at Artfest. Can't wait to see how it inspires you!! Heidi

  13. Jill

    2008-04-01 10:42:28 -0400

    I miss reading your blog, but it's great that you had a vacation. I need it since I hadn't been gone for a vacation in 4 years, but good thing I have a new job so I may take it next year, hopefully...

  14. Michelle B

    2008-04-01 11:08:47 -0400

    where did you go for spring break? Have fun at Artfest - can't wait to hear more about it.

  15. Scraptician

    2008-04-01 11:32:53 -0400

    So glad you guys had a great time!

  16. Wendy Bretz

    2008-04-01 11:33:21 -0400

    vacations are the best!

  17. Julie in Houston

    2008-04-01 14:22:45 -0400

    glad you and the fam had a nice vacation. i want one! cant wait to see what you did with your little mini album!

  18. kelly lown

    2008-04-01 16:32:21 -0400

    That boy looks like he is havin a ball!! Simon must have had some fun, swimming when most of us are praying for warm weather, LOL! I want to come...

  19. kelly libby

    2008-04-01 16:56:58 -0400

    http://www.worldautismawarenessday.org is april 2. Thought you'd find this interesting. I saw a fantastic commerical on tv tonight about this.
    Happy week back from vacation.

  20. Kim

    2008-04-02 04:25:30 -0400

    Artfest sounds so cool! Hope it's awesome.

  21. Stephanie

    2008-04-03 00:43:42 -0400

    Artfest, wow! Please let us know how it was and what workshops you attend. I would love to go to that someday.

  22. Débora Prass

    2008-04-03 13:18:16 -0400

    Sounds like a great vacaion! Hope we can hear more about it!

  23. Débora Prass

    2008-04-03 13:18:20 -0400

    Sounds like a great vacaion! Hope we can hear more about it!

  24. Christine Villacarlos

    2008-04-05 01:04:05 -0400

    Have fun at the artfest! That's a cute photo of Simon!

  25. Melanie Casey

    2008-04-05 11:27:51 -0400

    What a cute wee book - that would be so cool for many different themes. I can't wait to make one for my daughters kindy farm trip. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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