I am thinking about projects today.

Looking for my list (or, ahem, lists) that I have been keeping which details my thoughts on what I want to do next: projects, art, organization, and long term stuff. Anyone else like me and have way too many places you stash lists? Just a few minutes ago I counted six blank notebooks that have about 10 pages full of different stuff in each one. Seriously, one would be good.

I'll just put that on my to-do list to tackle today.

Finishing up my CK column for August. Picking up the piles of stuff that have accumulated during the past three weeks. Working on another issue of the newsletter (it has been way too long). Keeping the laundry going. Getting the rest of those layouts in albums. Writing a FAQ for this blog. Thinking about drawing and working with fabric and painting. Considering a garage sale.

I have pretty much fallen off the wagon on the 365 project. Considering doing some smaller 30 day photo projects like Amanda did a few months back. I like the idea of focusing on something specific and making a project out of that idea: like choosing a color, or macro shots, or found typography, or Simon's current antics. Andrea is great at that sort of thing as well. 

What's your current project? Or what's at the top of the list for your next one?

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