Three Things : Frames


Frames create homes for photos, accents, and words. I love things that I can put things in. They come in all sorts of material including acrylic, chipboard, and paper.

Clear Scraps Scallop Circle Frames (see layout below) : I love these. They work great as a frame on a page (I attached mine with brads) or they would work really well layered onto an acrylic album. 

Paper frames from My Mind's Eye : You could totally make a whole little book using these frames with photos or transparencies in the middle. In the middle photo above I placed a piece of Hambly transparency in the middle and adhered two frames back to back. I am going to be adding mine to my weekend creative project coming up this Friday.

Kelly Panacci Chipboard Medley (Sandylion) : Cute circle chipboard shapes that can act as frames or as a home for another embellishment. I like that there are words printed right onto the chipboard.

Here's a look at those Clear Scraps scallop frames in action:


[ supplies : patterned paper: Basic Grey, Making Memories; scallop circle frames: Clear Scraps; circle cutter: Creative Memories; other: stitching, silver mini brads, cream paint, typewriter, date stamp, 3D foam squares ]

25 thoughts

  1. melissa deakin

    2008-04-29 07:02:19 -0400

    always so inspiring.
    i love when you share the 'three things' on Tuesdays.

  2. lori p

    2008-04-29 07:53:05 -0400

    i love three things tuesdays!! i am really liking the clear scraps acrylic pages as frames!! too cute. thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Erin

    2008-04-29 08:06:01 -0400

    super cool ideas--but what else do we expect from you? haha-thanks for MORE awesome ideas. Erin :)

  4. tara

    2008-04-29 08:21:40 -0400

    such a treat to see an ali layout today!! they always inspire me and put a smile on my face too! -tara

  5. Jen

    2008-04-29 08:34:57 -0400

    love those clear scraps frames! so cute and clever :) :)

  6. sue Treiber

    2008-04-29 09:11:29 -0400

    all three are cute but I love the scallop frames!

  7. Nanie

    2008-04-29 09:13:38 -0400

    Wow I love those clear frames ! They look great, and your LO too !

  8. Mary

    2008-04-29 09:29:02 -0400

    The link to Clear Scraps is not working for me...could you fix it? SO, SO, CUTE!!!

  9. {vic}

    2008-04-29 09:41:54 -0400

    Can't wait for Weekend Creative!!!!!

  10. Molly

    2008-04-29 09:46:32 -0400

    do you know what I love about you, Ali?
    Well ... we don't have time for that whole list right now -- but one thing's for sure -- you have a way of taking a product I might otherwise overlook and you utilize it in a fresh way that fits just right. It's like you come with me to the scrapbook fitting room and say "here try this on."
    Always a pleasure.

  11. Artful Yogi

    2008-04-29 11:07:13 -0400

    Very nice layout, indeed. Love how you use the old school typewriter, paper, and date stamp. Simon is always so darn cute in the photos!

  12. Ali

    2008-04-29 11:21:22 -0400

    Links to Clear Scraps are fixed :).

  13. Nicole

    2008-04-29 11:38:00 -0400

    Hey Ali! I'm a designer for Clear Scraps and I can tell you that their shapes and albums rock! They stand up to direct maching stitching, inking, hole-punching, embossing and even hand-cutting! So fun to see that you played with them! Love them on your lo! :)

  14. Cherie

    2008-04-29 11:46:43 -0400

    Cool. I really like those circles!

  15. Patrice

    2008-04-29 12:49:22 -0400

    Hi Ali!!
    I'm acquainted with the gals who developed the Clear Scraps line! They are just awesome, creative scrappers! I was in their store today when a friend called them and said you blogged about their Clear Scraps product! So very cool!!!
    ps: please come visit them - they rock!!

  16. Beth in Wisconsin

    2008-04-29 15:24:28 -0400

    I looked for the Sandylion chipboard but didnt see it. I love those!
    I looked on Sandylion and on
    Any other suggestions?

  17. Beth in Wisconsin

    2008-04-29 15:28:03 -0400
  18. Julie Howard

    2008-04-29 16:37:19 -0400

    How awesome to see the Clear Scraps frames on your blog. I also design for them, and I just LOVE their products. And Jackie and Janet are awesome.. They are thrilled that you are using their product (I was in the store when they got the call about the Ben Franklin class)
    Come see us at CHA in Chicago - it will be fun.

  19. Nicky Anderson

    2008-04-30 01:10:08 -0400

    Love the frames and the layout is awesome. Cannot wait for weekend creative!!
    Nicky Anderson

  20. emily

    2008-04-30 03:19:48 -0400

    love those clear frames! I have yet to see those in any of my lss. now I can't wait!

  21. alyssa

    2008-04-30 10:17:51 -0400

    Love, love, love the typing on ledger paper. Kind of makes its own frame. Not that the clear frames don't totally rock too. It's all good. :) Thanks for sharing!

  22. Rubber Stamps Fanatic

    2008-05-01 06:34:57 -0400

    just love the clear scallop frames. very cute! thanks for sharing.

  23. Gina

    2008-05-02 17:31:40 -0400

    Oh, how I miss Ruthie B's, oh how I miss the tomato soup! We lived out that way for a while and now we don't.
    Man-love the layout and the memories. Thanks for always inspiring!

  24. Gina

    2008-05-02 17:31:59 -0400

    Oh, how I miss Ruthie B's, oh how I miss the tomato soup! We lived out that way for a while and now we don't.
    Man-love the layout and the memories. Thanks for always inspiring!

  25. Cynthia

    2008-05-03 17:15:37 -0400

    What Gina said!!! I miss Ruthie B's!! I love the Tomato soup and the lavendar sprinkled on the table, discovering a treasure, and a spending a quiet moment or two with Ruth!

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