Three Things: Numbers


In honor of tax day here in the USA, here are three cool products featuring numbers.

Around the Block Lucky Number Big Metal Brads : I picked these up last weekend - perfect classic typeface in a size that feels just right for the cover of a minibook. Planning to use these on a project today.

Making Memories Magnetic Date Stamp Kit : As I was cleaning out the drawers in my office recently I came across this set and remembered how much I loved it. One of the big things I like about it is the year dates go back to 1980. It's a great set for going back and telling stories from the past.

7gypsies Numbers ATC Rub Ons : Another instant classic set of numbers. And again, my emphasis when choosing products for my projects tends towards versatility. I love that I can pick these up and use them on lots of different things rather than just one layout.

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  1. Trina

    2008-04-15 06:37:07 -0400

    Love the numbers, Ali! Especially the Around the Block that they are a brad! Would make them super easy to use. Where did you find them? Haven't seen them around yet. Look forward to seeing the project you have planned with them for later! Please share! Was also curious about whether you are working on a new book about mini-books? Thought I heard mention of that once before but not sure where! I'd love to see that!

  2. Erin

    2008-04-15 06:52:17 -0400

    I love number items as well-they can be used on any project, and I love versatility as you mentioned. I'm a sucker for different number"fonts" just as I am for letters!

  3. Campagnolo Emeline

    2008-04-15 07:11:16 -0400

    Thanks for all these awesome ideas Ali! I also wanted to thank you for the "Alis's font" that I found on CK magazine and that I used many times on my lay-outs!

  4. essensevibez

    2008-04-15 07:18:30 -0400

    funny you put this on your blog because i just boght number clear stamps and another pack that had the days of the week and months on them...i'm going to have fun playing with them this weekend at a crop...thanks for sharing...and as always i love your work..!..continue to "encourage and inspire those who enter your life..."!

  5. lori p

    2008-04-15 08:08:11 -0400

    love the class that you are going to be teaching. any way that those not in the area can see the whole album?? love the focus on numbers today!! woo hoo, our taxes have been filed and we have already received our return. no last minute for us!!
    have a great day!!

  6. sue

    2008-04-15 10:48:20 -0400

    I look forward to your 'Three Things'. I love numbers and these are great examples. Thanks.

  7. jamie

    2008-04-15 11:48:32 -0400

    do we get to see your project with the around the block numbers? been missing your creative nuances.

  8. Willemijn Maljaars

    2008-04-15 14:36:19 -0400

    Hey Ali!
    I am curious what inspires you about the Ghandi quote! Isn't God divine? How can we find him in people? Does that mean you don't have to look for Him in different ways either?
    Just some stuff to think about!
    Take care!

  9. Erin Nusbaum

    2008-04-21 14:32:21 -0400

    I love all your amazing ideas Ali! You are such an inspiration!

  10. Chriss J

    2008-04-21 23:56:10 -0400

    Tax day-urghhhh! My accountant did not finish our paper work until the 15th! Stress! Fortunately we are getting some money back due to humongous medical bills! Yea-Paper money for paper! Have you ever listened to the Diva Cast, Podcast? They are in Itunes. They just did a show on Autism. Great & funny ladies.
    Ali-keep up the great inspiration. I love to read your site.

  11. kimmie

    2008-04-22 00:48:14 -0400

    oh they are fun! I am always looking for numbers!

  12. Emily Hoadley

    2008-04-22 01:20:44 -0400

    Really love the big metal numbers, they have such a clean, fun shape! Always look forward to your 3 product picks, it inspires me to go through my stash and start using!

  13. tracey

    2008-04-23 15:03:57 -0400

    I absolutely love the colors of your acylic album! .....And the way you used it the same color palate througout that book was really cool! My favorite idea on your home page is how you stitched the ribbon to create a border on your top layout; very creative!! Thank you for inspiring all of us to think outside the box!

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