3 Things : playing with printing + a giveaway


Staying in the theme of words + photos this week I wanted to experiment with a couple different inkjet printing surfaces. I took that photo of Chris & Simon and the tie and printed it on each of the following using my HP Photosmart D7360:

[ Warning : any of my experiences below could very well be operator error. ]

WorldWin Inkjet Printable Translucent Vellum : Quick and easy. Great result. See sample below. It's been awhile since I last used vellum and it was fun to reintroduce it into my supplies. Definitely want to play with it more: thinking about layering with transparencies and text and photos.

EQ Printables Peel & Stick Fabric Sheets : love the idea of this. My first issue is that the paper got stuck in my printer (grumble). Round two, stuck again. What seems to be happening is that the fabric is peeling back and getting stuck inside the mechanisms of the pinter. I am thinking to myself as I go through this process: how long do I mess with this before I just quit? Round three, stuck again (and yep, I am trying different settings as I go). Ok, after a couple more tries (and the passage of half-an-hour) I am done trying - I am not enjoying the process and there is no simplification happening here. It's such a bummer - would love to see how this would work with my photo. I may try again on another day. Anyone else tried this and had success? Tips?

Grafix Rub Onz - Create your own rub ons. Super cool idea. I wanted to see if this would work with a photo + some words...and at least in my case it was a challenge. This is a multi-step process that includes printing, then placing adhesive paper on top, and then adhering your image to final paper. The real challenge is getting the adhesive paper onto your image without bubbles. The second challenge is in the choice of the paper you rub on to. I tried it on textured cardstock and it didn't seem to work - it just tore the paper. I will probably try this whole process again to see if I can make it work.


EQ Printables Peel & Stick Fabric Sheets (notice the pulled up edges). [2] Photo printed onto WorldWin Inkjet Printable Translucent Vellum - I wanted to see what it would look like with the KI lace cardstock in the background (right now it is just held on there with a paper clip). [3] My attempt at using the Grafix Rub Onz onto cardstock (this could have been part of the problem - maybe it needed a slicker surface for it to adhere) - all it did for me was rip the cardstock. [4] The original photo printed on photo paper.


And now, the giveaway:

3 readers will receive the following from The Papermill Store/Worldwin:

• 1 pack 27 lb WorldWin Inkjet Printable Translucent Vellum
• 1 pack 40 lb WorldWin Inkjet Printable Translucent Vellum
• 1 pack 12x12 WorldWin Doublemates Cardstock
• 1 pack 12x12 WorldWin Rouche Cardstock

For more information on The Papermill Store/WorldWin, check out their blog here.

For a chance to win this selection of papers leave a comment below with your favorite photo tip or what you want to work related to taking photos. Winners will be drawn tomorrow at 5pm Pacific.


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  1. Emily

    2008-05-07 08:47:00 -0400

    Love the vellum idea.Emily

  2. emily plemons

    2008-05-07 08:47:13 -0400

    i want to do the whoIe printing on fabric thing but you are making me nervous about AIi!! HA! HA! :)

  3. Sam F. in Seattle

    2008-05-07 09:01:54 -0400

    My favorite photo tip is to take extra pictures--from different angles, w/ or w/o flash, zoom in, zoom out, just experiment. It really helps me change perspective, and see things in a new way when I actively experiment.
    But it is definitely key to be "ruthless" with dicarding the excess photos, and I love your rule, or guideline, of not needing more than 5 and usually less than three!

  4. Wendy

    2008-05-07 09:03:53 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I often use my printer to color copy patterned paper or fabric to include on my pages and as the envelope liner for a card.
    Would love to win, but especially love your blog!

  5. Christina in MI

    2008-05-07 09:07:34 -0400

    My best photo tip, since Ali already mentioned not using the flash, is to fill the lens with your subject. Get up close and click away!!!

  6. Shelley

    2008-05-07 09:10:10 -0400

    I'm just figuring out how to use my camera so my shots aren't either orange and/or blurry, so I'm probably not the best person to offer tips - any great shots that I've gotten have likely been by fluke!

  7. Cami Haveman

    2008-05-07 09:11:59 -0400

    What I want to work on as a photographer is taking better photos of people. It sounds simple - but my candids of people all look the same. I know I should take multiple photos in the same setting, but at a party for instance - how can I get the shots I want without looking like the crazy person with a camera?

  8. Georgina Carvallo

    2008-05-07 09:23:50 -0400

    Taking photos is part of my everyday, but I don't have a professional camera, so I take my pictures the best I can, but since I discovered Lightroom my photos are so much better than ever! It's so easy to use and you always have professional results with simple photos, I think is one of my favorites tools right now.

  9. Lynn

    2008-05-07 09:59:24 -0400

    Best photo tip...be ready and take lots of photos! With a 4 and 1 year old I get lots of blurry ones so I take a ton to get a few good ones!

  10. Sherry Mescher

    2008-05-07 10:14:33 -0400

    My photo tip is... practice and then practice some more. I am trying to learn photoshop... Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. DonnaC

    2008-05-07 10:30:12 -0400

    A couple of tips (not original but...)
    1. Really get to know your camera and it's options. I took a 'know your camera' course and it really opened up a whole new world.
    2. Take lots lots of photos
    What I would like to do is capture more of the 'moments in time' that happen and then are suddenly gone - i.e. building a cushion fort, kids cartwheeling, etc.

  12. amber

    2008-05-07 10:49:39 -0400

    My photo tip is get closer and squat. I take lots of pictures of my son who's 3 years old and 3 feet tall so I try to get down on his level and get close ups so he's not drowning in the background.

  13. Kimberly

    2008-05-07 10:56:47 -0400

    Awesome site. Great giveaway.

  14. Sara

    2008-05-07 10:59:07 -0400

    My favorite (and only) photo tip is to turn off your flash.
    My dad just told me a story today that I'm going to have to turn into a scrapbook page. Thanks so much for all the tips and inspiration.

  15. Denise L.

    2008-05-07 11:06:02 -0400

    Thank you for sharing all of this information this week. It is inspiring,as well as informational. Color me grateful!

  16. Julie Reincke

    2008-05-07 11:08:36 -0400

    I love the paper you are offering as a giveaway. Thank you for everything you do.

  17. Mary M.

    2008-05-07 11:12:19 -0400

    My favorite tip is trying different angles when taking pictures. Go high of low.
    Thanks for your inspiration, Ali.
    Mary M.

  18. michelle howard

    2008-05-07 11:14:03 -0400

    My photo tip is every now and again print some photos in black and white. Love yor work Ali.

  19. Lori Salyer Hudson

    2008-05-07 11:25:42 -0400

    I want to work on getting more spontaneous shots of my kids. I want to capture real emotion. My tip - pay attention to the whole frame of the photo. You don't need to crop things out if they are not in there in the first place.

  20. Teresa

    2008-05-07 11:52:57 -0400

    I use a disposable camera. But I get my photos on a cd. I want to learn some different things I can do with these.

  21. Chris

    2008-05-07 12:02:50 -0400

    I'd like to work on being invisible as I take photos. I have way too many photos of people smiling into the camera. I want to capture the natural activities and not the forced "smile for the camera" poses. I guess I need to train my family to ignore me and my camera! Thanks for the terrific inspiration.

  22. Kelly

    2008-05-07 12:12:31 -0400

    Once again you inspire me to tell my stories and challenge me to try new things. Thank You!

  23. Bethie

    2008-05-07 12:15:12 -0400

    i love the inspiration i find on your blog.
    my fav. photo tip, dont leave home without spare batteries:) i really dont like it when i'm in the middle of taking photos to find my bastteries die on me

  24. Leea

    2008-05-07 12:25:24 -0400

    My tip would be make sure to have extra batteries and memory card! love the ideas this week thanks!

  25. Natasha Findlay

    2008-05-07 12:28:20 -0400

    No flash! thats the way to go just soaking up the natural light thats all around us. My camera has a hidden flash that pops up when it is in use. Therefore when I go to use it, which is almost never, I have to remind myself to take my finger off the pop up part.
    Love reading your blog. Great ideas and tips.
    Thanks for sharing once again.

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