A must-watch about life.

Have you checked out TED yet (Technology, Entertainment, Design)? I am pretty sure I have linked it from here before. Maybe to this one?

Their mission is to simply spread ideas. And I am all for continuing life and creative education.

Stephanie linked me to this talk by Jill Bolte Taylor: it is definitely worth your time to check it out.

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  1. Karen

    2008-05-01 05:58:16 -0400

    Ali, thanks for sharing that link. Strokes run in my family (mother & grandfather) & I lost my best friend two years ago to a brain aneurysm. Jill's words about her experience were riveting, & I never would have heard them were it not for your blog. Thanks.

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  2. Lisa

    2008-05-01 05:58:29 -0400

    Ive been trying to watch that clip since I heard Oprah talk about it on the New Earth Aftershow, and havent been able to get it to work for me. So I read the transcript, awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Paulette Sarsfield

    2008-05-01 07:21:56 -0400

    Oh.my.goodness. I studied anatomy & physiology and NEVER looked at our brain function this way. I have a child with hemiplasia & NEVER looked at brain function this way. I am speechless & so grateful. Thanks Ali, once again for sharing...

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  4. O

    2008-05-01 07:28:30 -0400

    Jill's story is so powerful--thanks for sharing this.

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  5. Amy

    2008-05-01 07:43:07 -0400

    Thank you Ali...you continually guide me to things that make me grow, creativity, spiritually, and personally. Amazing lecture!

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  6. noell

    2008-05-01 07:51:32 -0400

    My husband and I have watched many TED's. So cool.

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  7. Kelly

    2008-05-01 12:34:37 -0400

    My husband loves that website. He has been encouraging me to check it out for over 6 months. Now maybe I finally will :)

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  8. jennifer pebbles

    2008-05-01 16:58:03 -0400

    I love TED!! That whole site keeps me riveted on an ongoing basis. Such smart and caring people, it's a treasure they share it with us.
    I watched Jill's speech a month ago, and I cried, cried, cried! So moving and so hopeful.

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  9. Kimberly G

    2008-05-02 02:52:22 -0400

    great ideas to ponder...perhaps I can use this in your prompt for creative weekend. I love you foundation of white, cream, and brown.

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  10. Carla

    2008-05-02 03:38:03 -0400

    Jill Bolte Taylor's talk was amazing. i think it is totally in line with what Eckhart Tolle has been teaching as well. Enlightening.she's going to be on Oprah next Monday.

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  11. SmilynStef

    2008-05-03 01:41:36 -0400

    I had to smile when I saw this (since I am a Stephanie who has been sharing this post with my friends ... but not the Stephanie in your post). I mentioned to my husband several weeks ago that I realized when I'm in my studio creating (right brain) all of the work chatter in my head stops (left brain). I've tried all sorts of meditative techniques over the years to stop the chatter, but none have worked like getting immersed in creating. Then when I watched her video, it all made sense.

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  12. Anne

    2008-05-03 12:21:55 -0400

    Great talk! Her observations of how captivated she was by the sensory experiences mediated by her right brain reminded me/ made me wonder if that is how people with autism perceive the world. (Waves of sensation, not knowing where their own physical boundaries are relative to the energy around them, etc..) So interesting to hear that experience described by someone who understands the neuroscience so well! I will definitely be sharing this link. Thanks!

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