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May 2, 2008

Weekend Creative : Mixed-Up Mini



Do you have bits and pieces left over from other projects that you don’t know what to do with?

My guess is that you probably do.

This weekend the goal is to use stuff you may already have on hand: bits and pieces of minibook pages and other good stuff. It’s a great opportunity to use up some of those supplies that have been waiting for a creative home.

Here’s a look at all the stuff before putting it all inside the album:


When I am telling stories with minibooks I don’t always use all the pages that come in the package. I use as many as I need to tell my story: sometimes there are too many pages + sometimes not enough. I began to notice a collection of mis-matched minibook pages and larger chipboard pieces piling up (and you know how I feel about my piles) and started thinking of ways I could use them.

Sometimes I use the leftover pieces on layouts such as this (featured in Life Artist):


[ chipboard tabbed pieces from Fancy Pants, white pen from Sharpie ]

But most of the time they just sit in a pile or in a basket. And that’s not very creative.

Today we are celebrating mixed-up stuff and layers of pages.

The concept is simple: grab a bunch of pieces from minibooks or other scraps from your collection of stuff and bring them all together in one album. It’s a super simple process of punching holes (and/or trimming off current holes + punching new ones to fit the current album) and trimming certain pages to fit within the covers.

My front and back covers are thick acrylic file folders from D Reeves Design House.

Take a peek inside:


I am thinking my album may be a book about purpose.


Remember that frame from Tuesday’s Three Things post?


[ sheet of Grungeboard from Tim Holtz ]


[ circle page designed by my friend Loni + printed on a Silhouette ]


[ white grid page from Scenic Route minibook ]



[ Scenic Route chipboard people ]


File folders that were stitched together. I trimmed one page all the way down to less than an inch to create a space for the holes to be punched.


Don’t forget about pieces from transparent albums [ Clear Scraps scallop album page ].


[ Fancy Pants large chipboard tab page ]


[ black tabbed piece from Scenic Route ]



[ the back of a 7gypsies chipboard album ]




[ Cosmo Cricket black scallop album ]


And you can always cut pieces of transparency or thick patterned paper to fit as well [ patterned transparency from Hambly ].


I will probably paint the chipboard pieces once I figure out a specific concept for this album. Maybe I will paint them all white? Most likely it will be something neutral…or maybe not. Maybe it is time to get a bit riskier and move away from white, cream, and brown?

What story will you tell in this mini? What is one you have been waiting for?

I am thinking this concept would make a cool foundation for a travel album/journal for documenting a trip, or it could definitely work as a start for a December Daily if you are thinking about doing one of those for the holidays this year. 

Have fun and use up some of those things you already have on hand. The perfect time is now.


  • 51.
    sue Treiber said…

    you have all the best scraps!
    I love the circle page. I would buy that!

  • 52.
    VDALTON said…

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 53.
    margie said…

    love this…
    reminds me of my gratitude journal…
    finding new things to be grateful for these days!
    LOVE you…
    kiss kiss

  • 54.
    Deb said…

    Could this be “Green” Album? :) Thanks for the help!!

  • 55.
    René said…

    I’m excited to rummage through my stuff and see what I can add! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • 56.
    Ashely Schultz said…

    I love this Ali. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 57.
    Marcia Bettich said…

    How cool are you using up all your little pieces of junk lying about!! One day, I’ll have to go through my stuff stash and do the same. Or maybe, I’ll make a miniAlbum for Lukas out of all my bits – since he’s always trying to steal from my stash :) ) Great WeekendCreative! You’re the best – as always!

  • 58.
    annette said…

    Excellent ideas, Ali! I have a basket that I vow to use before the end of the summer. Gets those brain wheels turning. Thanks!!!

  • 59.
    kelly said…

    FUN. I have been “forcing” myself to use scraps and it’s been REALLY fun and feels so much more eclectic… like me, I guess. It challenges me to be more creative and mix and match what I have. It’s been fun to find new ways to incorporate the new with the old… have a great weekend. it’s raining here all weekend. Perfect scrapping weather.
    Also, saw recently that CK will be coming to Hartford, Connecticut, for the first time this fall. Will you be joining???

  • 60.
    PAM said…

    A couple questions…First, how did you do that circle page on the Silhouette? I have a Silhouette and would love to know how you did it!
    Also, you mention using a Sharpie white pen often. I have wasted plenty of money on white pens, only to find they don’t write well (the ink breaks up a lot and isn’t consistent). In your opinion, are Sharpies the best?
    Thanks so much!
    PAM (Michigan)

  • 61.
    Ally W said…

    This album is so fun!! I love that you are always making me look at things a little differently :) I can’t wait to make my own.

  • 62.
    Ruth Pannell said…

    Hi Ali
    You must have been reading my mind… I just started a new journal to use up scrap supplies and just started putting all sorts of things together and loads of doodling and postcards received in the mail and loads of spaces for journaling and find it has been really helpful instead of having a store bought blank book with lined pages. You can see my book in transition with Anthropologie inspiration on my blog:
    I can’t wait to see yours and everyone elses as they evolve. It’s great to use us all the scraps to an artistic effect, isn’t it?

  • 63.

    I love how your able to put unique minis together! You rock!

  • 64.
    Lanette said…

    oh so Inspiring! I have so many odds & ends, collected from packaging, etc. and now they will have a use. Maybe a book about the odds & ends of life (the things that are good & bad all at the same time). Thanks for the motivation.

  • 65.
    Mae said…

    I’ve been wanting to do a mini scrap album but just couldn’t get going so to celebrate NSD I’ll be making one. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  • 66.
    {leah} said…

    Love this… was pushing some of these type things around this past week thinking hmmm… don’t want to throw away, but what can I use them for? Thanks!

  • 67.
    Erin M said…

    Looking forward to seeing the final project!
    Thanks for all the pics.

  • 68.
    sue said…

    One of my National Scrapbook Day projects is to clean off my work space. I’m pretty sure I have a mini album like yours somewhere in the stacks of ‘stuff’ just laying there. Great idea and thanks!

  • 69.
    Chris said…

    What an awesome book. Fantastic idea to create one with lots of bits of leftovers. I’ll definately be making one of these SOON.
    I’ve posted an NSD challenge on my Blog to make Cards for Soldiers. If you think it’s a good idea. I’d love for you to promote it!

  • 70.
    Alison L. said…

    Love it! I am going to give it a try with some vintage goodies this weekend. Happy NSD!

  • 71.
    Anne said…

    I love it that in the midst of what can become a consumption-oriented observance of “National Scrapbook Day” (at least I can take it as an excuse to shop!), you came up with this great re-use/ re-purpose idea! Thank you for the inspiration and example of thinking greener as we create!

  • 72.
    Renae said…

    Oh wow this looks so cool. I want to make one. Unfortunately i dont have cool leftovers. I have daggy left overs.

  • 73.
    christie said…

    Thanks for the inspiration! Seriously…I looked at this post last night and then took a gander at my desk and started gathering up leftovers and putting them in an album!
    Check it out if you like (it’s called this woman):

  • 74.
    Mary Kozak said…

    OMG! another fabulous album book by Ali. i looooove this. i love the scrappy look and i am so jealous of anyone who actually has the “leftovers” to make this. i would actually have to go buy all the different pieces, and then it wouldn’t be leftovers and would be expensive, LOL. besides if it doesn’t come at michael’s i don’t have access to it. wonderful book, can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • 75.
    Heather Main said…

    Hey Ali!
    Great idea I started my own mixed up mini at my local NSD crop. You can see the start of it on my blog, I am hoping to add more pages, some journaling and embellishments soon.

  • 76.
    Lori said…

    Is there somewhere we can purchase that circle page template from Loni for the Silhouette????? I am DYING to have it!

  • 77.
    Alexa said…

    Can’t wait to see what you do with this! Love it! Just uploading mine to the flickr group, thanks for the inspiration. This was definately a good process for me!

  • 78.
    KimberlyM said…

    Wow, this is the coolest thing! I love it!

  • 79.
    Nora said…

    Very cool mini-album:)
    Do you think it’s possible to upload that circle-page-file so we can dl it and use it on our own Silhouette? It was very cool and I would love to be able to cut one out to use on my layouts:)
    Also: I just read all the words+photos-post and I just wanna say thank you for all the great tips and inspiration!

  • 80.
    Nora said…

    Hm..that comment that says it’s from KimberlyM is what I wrote – and my comment turned out blank. Dunno what happened there :/

  • 81.
    TriciaH said…

    Hey Ali. Just curious, do you have anymore of this complete? I would love to see it.
    Thanks! TriciaH.

  • 82.
    katey said…

    this is so amazing!!!!

  • 83.
    ::sylvia:: said…

    I’m a newbie at mini books and just LOVE this one! Where can I find the mini-tab top pages? Thanks!

  • 84.
    Sunday said…

    Great idea… thanks for sharing that, my readers will love that idea… will link!! Thanks

  • 85.
    tara doherty said…

    what a great idea…so in line with using what you have……i love this

  • 86.
    Sarah-Jane Fergusson said…

    This is fantastic. I have been looking for ideas like this for a book for my best friends birthday I will include photos of us as kids and us now and writ little coments on the back of the photos.

  • 87.
    Tammy said…

    I’m re-reading this post and wondered – what ever happened to this mini? Did you post the final product? I’d love to see where this idea took you creatively! :) Thanks, as always, for the great ideas!

  • 88.
    toptourist said…

    Hi there this book is just great, i have done a similar thing with my 365 project I am only using my scraps from my scrap box which is sorted into colours. However often i pull out a piece of pp or cardstock that has already been scalloped or cut into a funny shape or edged or has had a shape punched out but i use it for effect It is a great way of using leftovers
    Thanks for sharing this album idea it is fantastic
    toptourist ( Janet ) from Australia

  • 89.
    Celly said…

    Lovely idea ! Thanks so much for sharing !

  • 90.
    Kirsten Reed said…

    I would love to see your finished project – will you post it? Thanks for the great idea!

  • 91.
    Lee-Anne said…

    oh look. you are just too ridiculously clever.
    i came on to the net to get some inspiration (my 3 year old is asleep and i have a few hours to spare :) you were my first stop tonight and you have provided. this is great. thank you :)
    -Lee from Down Under

  • 92.
    Jill said…

    Our son celebrates his 5th birthday this year (he was born on 5/5/05). I just decided that I’d like to over document his every move this year. While searching for ideas I found this one. I love the idea of going all random and just using things already in my SB room. Thank you ten times over for all of the inspiration you have provided to me and so many others. God has big things planned for you Ali!

  • 93.
    Cathy said…

    Thanks for sharing. I put together a mini in memory of my father in exactly the same way. A fabulous tribute and a project which helped me work through my memories and the grieving process. One of my favorites actually.

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