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  1. jamie

    2008-06-21 02:49:05 -0400

    i love your word+photo philosophy. it is really what it is all about. but i love love it i think when you get a little 'fancy' with your l/o's and your personality as well as emotion of the story shows through.
    thanks again!

  2. noell

    2008-06-21 02:58:13 -0400

    Mmmm, love these colors, Ali.

  3. jennifer

    2008-06-21 03:00:46 -0400

    man, he is really quite adorable! love the paint on paper. don't know why i haven't taken the time to "play" with that yet! great lo. enjoy the weekend.

  4. sue

    2008-06-21 03:55:09 -0400

    Sweet photo of Simon and I love the layout.

  5. Jana

    2008-06-21 06:47:16 -0400

    Great use of paint---love how it shows the texture of the paper. Sweet photos too!

  6. Holly T

    2008-06-21 07:19:28 -0400

    Love this LO...love the paint, the trim, the calendar...and the precious pic.

  7. Hayley

    2008-06-21 11:32:30 -0400

    Great pic and GREAT LO, I love it!!!

  8. Heather Crawford

    2008-06-21 14:54:18 -0400

    Hi Ali..wasn't sure where to leave this request..lol..I am LOVING your new stuff over at Designer Digitals..will you be sharing some different ways/examples to use them..would love to see how you picture them used or how you would use them...can't wait to buy some, but I want to see some examples, mainly of the overlays and the word brushes..thanks!!

  9. Mellisa

    2008-06-21 15:01:57 -0400

    Forget the layout (although it is beautiful) but WHEN ON EARTH did your little man get so big? Your sweet Simon is losing his 'babyness'. :-)

  10. Vanessa

    2008-06-21 17:56:37 -0400

    Beautiful layout for a great cause! I love your work, Ali! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration... You are an amazing artist :-) I cannot wait to get my July Cocoa Daisy kit and add-ons to do the travel album (I'm planning a Caribbean sailing vacation in Aug and want to prepare it before then!). So exciting!

  11. christie

    2008-06-21 19:38:10 -0400

    Absolutely love the photo of your son!!!
    Your layout is super too! Love it!

  12. lisa

    2008-06-22 06:02:25 -0400

    I have been catching up on your blog today. I am getting all weepy (I am pretty sure this has to do with pregnancy hormones). I jus want to thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration. Not just about scrapping or art, but on simply enjoying the most important part of life - family. Your blog just makes me appreciate life everytime I stop by. Thank you!

  13. Tina J.

    2008-06-22 09:21:32 -0400

    That boy gets cuter every time I see him!
    Tina J.

  14. Kirsty

    2008-06-22 12:33:27 -0400

    you dont need me to tell you that Simon looks so grown in that picture. So knowing and impish.
    He shares a total 50% likeness of you and 50% of his father - no escaping that fact at all.
    Plus he has lashes to DIE FOR!
    I pay £18 a tube of mascara every month and he gets them for free. Now where is the justice???!!!

  15. candi tardio

    2008-06-22 13:22:29 -0400

    great photo of simon :)

  16. Paola Norman

    2008-06-22 14:52:04 -0400

    Simon looks amazing in this photo. He looks like he's grown so much this past year..amazing how time flies.

  17. Lori

    2008-06-22 16:32:03 -0400

    Great Photo - Simon seems to have grown up overnight!!!!! He is a handsome dude!!!

  18. Becky

    2008-06-23 03:12:47 -0400

    I love the textured look of the paper & the calendar element!
    :) Becky

  19. Lezlie

    2008-06-23 05:21:42 -0400

    such a handsome boy! My son has that same look when he's up to no good. ;)
    awesome layout!

  20. Tess Davis

    2008-06-24 18:47:13 -0400

    Ali, This photo of Simon took my breath away. I have a son just about the same age, and I've been following your blog for quite a while now. It's been so fun to watch your little guy grow up, and to see those beautiful eyes just reminded me of how my son has also grown - something I'm both sad and excited about. Thanks, as always, for sharing you and your family with all of us. :) Tess

  21. kimberlee

    2008-06-25 05:30:39 -0400

    Wow... what an amazing picture. That is one that really grabs your heart. :)

  22. rein

    2008-06-25 23:23:04 -0400

    What a great LO!

  23. Rebecca

    2008-06-26 11:30:28 -0400

    What a handsome little guy!


    2008-06-26 13:53:11 -0400

    He is such a cute kid!

  25. Ronda P.

    2008-06-27 15:18:32 -0400

    I can't believe how big he looks...older. Wow! I hope you get a well deserve break. Love the kit and can't wait to get mine in the mail!

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