Three Things : Stuff I Still Love


The scrapbooking industry is really pretty crazy in the amount of new product that is continually coming out all the time. Today in Three Things I want to celebrate three of my favorite things that have been around a while, that are standing the test of time.

American Crafts Mumbo Jumbos : Large, classic typeface. Great for initials.

7gypsies Photo Turns : I love using these as directional items on a layout. Normally I use three if any to create a visual triangle of elements.

Avery Metal Rimmed Circle Tags : Ok, so these aren't technically a scrapbook product, but they are something I have been using since the very beginning and continue to use today.


Thinking back on these products made me remember other things I used over and over:


1. Mrs. Grossman vellum letter stickers & black alphabet stickers from Sharon Sonneff.
[ layout 2003 - and man I really used both those products over + over again ]


2. The old PSX Antique Type stamps & Liz King for EK Success Letter Stickers (thanks Shimelle). Every once in awhile you can find the stamp set ebay.
[ layout 2003 ]


3. SEI Vellum (and check out the metal circle tag where I took out the white inside).
[ layout 2004, © CK Kids Idea Book ]


4. I came across this one the other day when I was organizing my albums. Look, more metal rimmed circle tags and a random piece of fabric. I am still loving transparencies and rub ons (the white on the green cardstock is a transparency from Karen Russell, the black accents are rub ons).
[ layout 2005 ]

What products have you been using forever? Which ones do you miss?

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  1. Lisa

    2008-06-03 04:15:05 -0400

    Brads! There has never been a brad I didn't like to use! And, so it seems, ribbon.

  2. Lora

    2008-06-03 04:46:56 -0400

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and how much I appreciate the information and details you share.

  3. noell

    2008-06-03 04:48:42 -0400

    I've been using those metal rimmed tags forever, too. They should probably get a Medal of Longevity for so much danged usefulness, lol!
    I as just chatting with some others on 2Peas about classic font CM letter stickers...I still love them, even if they don't stand in the clique of scrapbook product popularity.
    Ali, do you ever miss using more products on your layouts like you did on these older pages? Or are you just relieved to feel the freedom not to?
    Seeing these older layouts of yours reminded me of a question I wanted to ask you because we're focusing on personal style on right now...
    Sometime after I read your first or second books and had become very familiar with your personal style of scrapbooking, I went to 2Peas and looked at the earliest layouts you posted there. I was surprised to see that, while there were some changes, you seemed to already have your style pinned down from the beginning. It took me many years of wandering before I found myself in scrapbooking, so it's always intrigued me to see people like you who know to be yourself (and know HOW to be yourself) from the start.
    Now that you've really reduced layouts to the bare bones, there are still those very classic Ali-moves that are present no matter how much or little product you use. But what I'm wondering is this:
    Do you feel like you've moved closer to "yourself" with the emphasis on photos+words? Is this more true to you than before? Or is it just the evolution of your and your scrapbooking--you were expressing yourself then and you are expressing yourself now?
    If you have the time/desire to discuss that, I'd love it if you did...either here on your own blog, or on, or maybe even as a call-in guest during my live show. Either way, as someone who was slow to find my on way of self-expression, I'm very curious.

  4. Carrie K

    2008-06-03 05:26:44 -0400

    i adore that layout with the green and the metal tags. its the first layout of yours i tried to scraplift...dang it was hard!
    so kudos on making it look effortless :)
    im still drifting in the what is my style wilderness so i dont have any "old favorites" right

  5. tara pollard pakosta

    2008-06-03 05:31:39 -0400

    Office Tags
    Chatterbox Patterned Paper--mainly the blues and greens LOVE IT> I will be SAD when I use it all up
    those teeny tiny flowers that come in the pack by JOLEES.
    that's all I can think of that's old......

  6. Leigh

    2008-06-03 05:36:46 -0400

    I totally remember when you were in your vellum letter sitckers/sonnets letter sticker phase! I remember thinking that you must have a TON of them. LOL.
    The big Ameriacn Crafts letter stickers are still a favorite of mine, too.

  7. Michelle Carrillo

    2008-06-03 07:22:29 -0400

    I found that I kept buying more and more of the cool, new stuff...and then never even got around to using it. my "new" method is to simplify and take it back to the basics...your style has been a great influence to me. So, we're back with basic rub-ons, patterned paper and cardstock. simple stuff that I can get DONE without too much thought.

  8. Becky Donohue

    2008-06-03 07:23:10 -0400

    Good heavens! Could that boy of yours be any cuter?! I think not! I know I'm off topic but I don't care. That boy is a doll!

  9. Kristen

    2008-06-03 07:32:13 -0400

    Three Things!!
    These are always some of my favorite posts, Ali!

  10. Carrie

    2008-06-03 07:40:56 -0400

    Ah, the memories... those layouts took me back in time. :)

  11. Sarah

    2008-06-03 07:41:42 -0400

    I love paint! I paint anything I can put my paws on. Paper, cardboard, metal, transparencies- you get the picture!
    Rub-ons!! Who doesn't love those?! They go anywhere and everywhere.
    I also love to use a piece of cardboard as my 'page'... Most recently I cut up the top of an Office Depot box lid to make a page... Tore off some of the brown backing for a more worn look, painted it (of course) and did my layout on top. Turned out better than I imagined.
    Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  12. mary walmer

    2008-06-03 08:29:55 -0400

    Hero Arts has some fabulous alphabet stamps that are comparable to the PSX set.

  13. Kelli Johnson

    2008-06-03 08:49:52 -0400

    Heidi Swapp rectangular sticker letters, I finally got turned on to those beauties and they were discontinued a month later. I'm so behind sometimes! But I've never found anything that I like better since. :(

  14. Kayla Richards

    2008-06-03 08:53:10 -0400

    I LOVE Heidi Swapp's chipboard letters -- the kind where you get 4 sheets in one pack. I am actually to the point where I am freaking out because they are not making them anymore -- and I use them on almost EVERY layout. I think I have bought 72 packages total of those ... literally!

  15. Scraptician

    2008-06-03 09:08:29 -0400

    Definitely love those mm rummage rub-ob letters. I also reach for ribbon on a regular basis. And I love journaling tags - thanks for the prompt.

  16. Mary

    2008-06-03 10:36:27 -0400

    I find myself using my corner rounder punch, small alphabet stamps, and brads all the time! I, too, love looking at your "older" LO's! TFS

  17. Amanda N.

    2008-06-03 13:24:39 -0400

    Ribbon and my sanding block...

  18. kimberly Ackerman

    2008-06-03 17:15:22 -0400

    I love buttons, ink, sandpaper, and just about anything from the Narratives line by Karen Russell (I miss her fortune stickers- they looked like little fortune cookie papers and had cool quotes on them- I have a small stash of them that I am using on special projects.)

  19. jamie

    2008-06-03 17:34:57 -0400

    rub ons...and mostly mm rub know the ones you can't get anymore? sooooo sorry to hear they are doing away with the letters... i have used those for years. the card making size packs i have used over and over again in many of my projects. they are making me sad doing away with such a classic staple.
    off topic...i am loving your simple style. and while i love it for myself and may use it still on occasion, i am in a place of what i call 'full' layouts. lots of layers and texture...not foo foo...but just seeing what more texture can be added. i laugh at myself...cause i know it's just a phase, and i am having fun with it. gotta love this art form.

  20. Helen

    2008-06-03 22:54:00 -0400

    it's so true we' see new products day arfter day, and finally we almost always come back to our first " love"s, mine are rub-ons-black-classic typeface ones, and quickutz "abigail" font; it's so easy, they are big enough, but as they are narrow, you can figure long words on a LO,i simply love these !!

  21. Asha

    2008-06-04 00:31:57 -0400

    I went to Big Lots the other day and they had tons of the American Crafts Mumbo Jumbos, no black though and rub on side kicks and all the embellis in the cans, felt, chipboard and foam. I had a field day! The ranged in price from $1-2. If you have one near you, check it out.

  22. Sue

    2008-06-04 01:14:19 -0400

    I just received your new issue of AEzine. It looks like a good one with lots to think about and a lot of great links. Thank you for putting this out. Your creativity is a big inspiration to me.

  23. jenn shurkus

    2008-06-04 01:16:16 -0400

    hey ali ;) i totally remember that layout with the key tags... it actually inspired one of the pages in a mini book i made for my dad for his 50th bday :) back a few years ago LOL

  24. Heidi Bell

    2008-06-04 23:27:46 -0400

    well I still love my foam alphabet stamps and MM acrylic paint. I use them all the time for titles because it is so quick and easy. Paint is so forgiving. Much more so than ink!

  25. Gayle

    2008-06-05 02:32:44 -0400

    7gypsies rub-ons. Nary a layout goes by without at least one 7gypsies rub-on. I have piles of them and have rebought and rebought and rebought . . .

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