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July 1, 2008

Three Things : On The Road


Creating “on-the-road” mini travel books is one of the things I enjoy about travel. Most of the time I grab a blank mini book, a glue stick, and scissors and I am good to go. It’s also a reminder once again that we really don’t need that much stuff to record our memories.

Tonic Studios/Tim Holtz Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors
: these are super duty scissors that can cut through just about
anything. They aren’t huge which is nice for taking with you while

7gypsies 5×7 File Folder Album : I continue to be a huge fan of 7gypsies mini books. This envelope album would also be great for storing all the stuff that tends to accumulate over the course of a trip: tickets, etc.

Uhu Glue Stick : I am a fan of this one that goes on purple and then dries clear. It’s nice to be able to see where all the glue is actually covering before sticking something down.

Check out my March 2006 Studio A column in Creating Keepsakes for more on scrapbooking on the road.

Also check out Photojojo’s Ultimate Guide To Road Trip Photography.


  • 1.
    Anilu Magloire said…

    Those are the best scissors ever!!!
    I am gonna try to make my Disney album while still there.

  • 2.
    Kari said…

    I would really like to know your process here. Do you actually put the album together in totality on the trip? Do you get pictures printed along the way and sit down every night to put it together? Do you mostly journal? What do you have in hand when you come home and what do you still need to do later?
    I’d love to do this, but I’ve never been able to settle on the logistics in my head enough to make it all work.

  • 3.
    houston said…

    I am addicted to those TH scissors! You always have great picks for the three things!

  • 4.
    Johanna said…

    I recently discovered your “scrapbooking on the road” article when browsing the available pdfs – and just in time! I was thinking of putting together a “honeymoon travel scrapbook” as a wedding gift and your article was just the right kick-off. I finally ended up with a much nicer gift than I had envisioned, as I was just so into putting everything together that I made some stamps out of bottle corks and used these to decorate the book cover and a hand-sewn pouch which simultanely served as the gift wrap for the whole set.
    I put together a small envelope full of pretty paper scraps, bits of parchment paper and some “found objects” like one of these notes found in fortune cookies and a bright green customs duty tag which came with an oversea parcel one day as a starter-kit to experiment with. I included your article for the newly-weds, too – thank you for your truly inspiring work!
    Greetings from Germany,

  • 5.
    Jen said…

    Ali – your timing is perfect. We leave Friday for a two week vacation. I have a plastic project folder filled (and I do mean filled) with supplies to try my first travel scrapping. I don’t have an album I cut a bunch of 6X6 white squares (and a few other colors). Packed a few stamps (made my own mini set pulling from all my clear stamps set – wish I had your travel one) and pre-cut some travel related die-cuts from my Cricut and Big Shot. I’m really excited to try this.
    Also, we adopted an army soldier recently so I made a sign that says “HI from” and the plan is to have our picture taken with the sign in all the memorable places we go in Northern CA, and Southern Oregon (river rafting on the Rogue – we’ll see how the waterproof point and shoot does) and then send it to him so he knows we were thinking about him while we were on vacation – kind of corny but if it gets a laugh in Iraq it will be a good thing.
    Thanks for all the inspiration. I never would have attempted a travel album without your influence (in your CKU classes and on your blog). Thanks again for sharing your experiences and talents.

  • 6.
    Heather V said…

    Thanks for posting this! Came at the perfect time because I’m making a list of things to carry with me on our trip this summer.

  • 7.
    Amelia Bowden said…

    Ali, your stamps are sold out already… in 8 hours!!! They are so nice, you should make more acrylic word stamps :)

  • 8.
    Katie said…

    I love your simple approach!
    We don’t have any big travel plans so I am going to use this idea for my kids summer camp albums.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 9.
    Teena said…

    Yeah, loved that column! The Amsterdam trip seemd to be very cool. Maybe I will do a minibook on the road for my vacation, too! Gret idea!

  • 10.
    tammy b said…

    thanks for the tip on the album…i was just going in search of a good one today for our beach trip in a couple weeks. thanks for all the info on how to do this, i’m really gonna try this time!

  • 11.
    Debbie said…

    Love your blog, you need to stop by my blog, you have a gift there. Debxx

  • 12.
    Erin said…

    SOOOOOOOOOOO bummed that your stamps are already sold out. Will they become available again? I hope so, because they are awesome looking!

  • 13.
    lacy said…

    When you are working at home what is your favorite adhesive to use for photos?

  • 14.
    sue said…

    I will have all of those items when we go to Florida next month! We’re headed for a week in a cabin in Wisconsin next week so I will be working on cards and my daughter’s wedding album.

  • 15.
    Liane said…

    Thanks for your continuing inspiration Ali!

  • 16.
    Anne Alley said…

    Wow, that stamp set went FAST!! The Cocoa Daisy kits look factastic, it was really hard to pick and choose.
    We used those Tim Holtz scissors at a scrapbook store where I used to work, and they are the best! They really do cut through just about anything!! :)

  • 17.
    Becky said…

    I’ve never been able to actually do everything on the road, but I have always wanted to try. :) Becky

  • 18.
    Nicole said…

    I loved that article and have made two travel albums using your ideas. It’s great. I spend about an hour each night, after the kids have passed out from exhaustion, recording the days happenings and then when I get home, I fill up the rest of the pages with photos from the trip. I finally have travel albums from two fun trips.

  • 19.
    BethW said…

    Had the scissors for about 6 mos.-the best ever. Now I want that cool ruler of his.

  • 20.
    Stephanie S said…

    I had to go buy that 7 gypsies book and from there it led to a bunch more stuff on twopeas! Aahh! I’m outta control…

  • 21.
    Kimberly said…

    It is hard not to get tied up in all the goodies available out there, but if you really get down to it, the journaling and the photos are the most important things to capture your memories. Thanks for the great ideas, my vacation is coming up next week, and I think I’ll take a cue from you and give this a try!!!

  • 22.
    Stephanie S said…

    Out of curiosity – why do you take a glue stick verses a two sided adhesive?

  • 23.
    Carole Hepburn said…

    those are the best scissors EVER !!!

  • 24.
    Maggie said…

    These travel albums are what got me started on “Ali”. Love the simplicity and functionality. REMEMBER so much more about our family trips now even though I seldom finish my vacation books!
    Today’s quote on your blog is a lot to think on: “Mary Cholmondeley : Every year I live I am more convinced that the waste of life lies in the love we have not given, the powers we have not used, the selfish prudence that will risk nothing, and which shirking pain, misses happiness as well. No one ever yet was the poorer in the long run for having once in a lifetime ‘let out all the length of all the reins’.”
    The older I get (34), the more I value what the author calls “prudent love”. That calculated, sure, disciplined, practiced, intentional, balanced, wise love that grows over time. THAT is truly an unselfish love.
    I need more of that kind of love! Thanks for making me think, though backward!

  • 25.
    Monica Humphrey said…

    I was just telling my oldest son the other day that I needed to fix up a small take along scrapping kit with me for just every day use. It never fails I am at my mom’s house or run into some one and need to scrap something..or just need a pair of scissors. Great tip Ali. Thanks.

  • 26.
    Carrie said…

    Do you try to integrate your travel journal into your full-size scrapbook? I’ve always kept a travel journal and found it useful to refer back to when making my scrapbook, but I would love to find a way to integrate the two. I like the idea of bringing a few tools along to make the travel journaling process more creative!

  • 27.
    Christina C said…

    Hi Ali, I have a question about scissors and travel. Do you ever take scissors on the plane with you on your trips?
    I know there are regulations, but do you have a particular reccomendation? (I never check baggage, so most scissors are out). Thank you!

  • 28.

    Hey Ali, I just bought your book life artist yesterday. I cant wait to start new projects.
    I went to Windy City Scrapbooking yesterday for the first time and they told me you were there. Thats pretty cool.
    Will you be at your booth at CHA on a Sat.? In Chicago this year.
    If so I cant wait to meet you.
    Have a Happy 4th!

  • 29.
    Vanessa Voss said…

    simple and inspiring, thank you :)

  • 30.
    betsy sammarco said…

    Hey there Ali! I’ve always loved your scrapping-on-the-road-types-of-albums. And I’ve got all the stuff – very little stuff – to do my own in August!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  • 31.
    Angela said…

    I love your travel albums. I did one when I went to Ireland in April. It turned out great!! I even got me a portable printer. I loved having everything done by the time I got home from my trip. I was also very aware of taking pictures just for the album. You rock Ali!!

  • 32.
    Marilyn said…

    Ali, the pictures of your recent trip to Chicago with Simon and Chris are so right on that no words are needed. I felt like I was on the swing and looking up at the buildings. Simon is one little guy with tons of personality, it’s written all over his face, especially that little smile that extends to his eyes. I did join the club where I get the kit and pre-ordered the add-ons, and it seems it was a good decision! I have no plans this year, but have vacations from all over the world yet to scrap.
    I enjoy many SB artists and their works, but You are the only one that truly inspires me to step outside of my comfort zone. I have downloaded digital “stuff’ to attempt my first page. I don’t have a clue, but you said anyone can scarapbook digitally. I fall into that category! I have your digital CD’s, not sure how to use them, but that is okay!!!! You are a rock star and tell Simon we love astronauts here in Houston! My favorite vacations are a mixture of go and see combined with peace, calm no interruptions of the beach. The beach is my favorite. Tell Simon I hope to meet him one day. He is my hero!

  • 33.

    I do the same! There are so may things to find for cutting and pasting!

  • 34.
    kate said…

    I just found your blog and I love it! I do a lot of digital collages and stuff in my day job. But this idea is great for my upcoming road trip, thanks so much for the inspiration!!

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