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August 29, 2008

Designer Digitals Update

Here's a peek at some of my newest products in the Designer Digitals store from the last few weeks:


2007 + 2008 + 2009 Brackets Title & Journal


Hello Today Journal Cards


Hello Life Labels


School Words No. 1 Hand Drawn Brushes


School Words No. 2 Hand Drawn Brushes


Layered Template No. 24


Summer Title And Journal


Hello Summer Hand Drawn Brushes

Have a great holiday weekend!


  • 1.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    Love them – gotta get photoshop elements. Still holding off on the new computer – but can’t wait much longer. Can’t wait to get into the digital.
    Thanks always for your inspiration.

  • 2.
    Elizabeth said…

    Hi Ali,
    I’m a newbie and kinda intimidated by doing anything digital…but I love, love, love your templates/digital designs elements. Are your programs compatible with Mac computers…(I do have Photoshop CS2 and a bunch of other programs, still learning how to use them though) but would love to dive right in creating with your templates.
    Thanks a bunch for all your inspiration.

  • 3.
    Carole Hepburn said…

    These are marvelous – you have wonderful handwriting ! Have a great weekend !

  • 4.
    melanie louette said…

    These are totally gorgeous and I’m dying to try them, but DD doesn’t take Paypal! :(

  • 5.
    Erin said…

    I’d LOVE to see these as stamps as well for those that don’t do digital! Any plans for doing this? Erin :)

  • 6.
    anna said…

    they look great!

  • 7.
    Becky Swisher said…

    Ali, So far I love taking the plunge into hybrid scrapbooking. Are these newer title blocks formatted for 12×12 or can I resize them for 8/12x 11. I am still on the learning curve…

  • 8.
    jennifer said…

    Cute stuff! Am enjoying the new book! :)

  • 9.
    Leanne Friesen said…

    I am wondering how many pictures do you keep in an average month. I also am a big deleter, but there is still 400-700 pictures in one month that i want to keep, and it feels like a lot as I print them all, So just curious if I am totally insane, or if it is somewhat a normal amount.

  • 10.
    lacey Khoury said…

    I just got your new book and I love it!

  • 11.
    Melanie J said…

    Love the new designs–especially the journaling cards and the labels. Now I just need to start doing digital :)

  • 12.
    Lusi said…

    Love these Ali :)

  • 13.
    Diane said…

    Hey Ali
    I live in Australia and would love the Summer Tile blocks but r season are different. Can the text be changed?

  • 14.
    Shelly Kettell said…

    They look great! Some day I’ll get into the digital part of it!

  • 15.
    jennyg said…

    Love the overlays and brushes. I am mainly a digital scrapper at the present time, but have a real itch to work with paper again. I just finished reading your blog post on hybrid/digital scrapbooking and was totally inspired. Bought some of your cool stuff at Designer Digitals. Can’t wait to get started!
    ps…Ordered your new book last week…can’t wait to read it! Excited about creating mini books Thanks.

  • 16.
    Marilyn said…

    Hi Ali,
    How are U feeling these days? This is the best part of pregnancy, the 2nd trimester. I have so many of your digital products and still have not attempted one digital or hybrid page. I cannot seem to take the plunge. What do I do> Someone find me and give me a nudge. What is the first step?
    Ali, what does layered template mean? And do I need all of them since I don’t know how to use one. I must admit to owning most of them!!!! Im sure there is a 12 step program for me.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Don’t forget my offer?
    I just love your style!

  • 17.
    leslie o. said…

    Hi Ali… I’m recently venturing into scrapping digitally and have found your templates and overlays very helpful. Some of my favorites are The Story of Today overlays. Could you consider doing a monthly overlay? Those would come in handy especially when wanting to document stories beyond a day.
    I know a handful of people doing the photo a day project. A variety of weekly or monthly templates for that would also be really neat and useful.
    Always looking forward to your new items on Sundays!

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