One Little Word : 8 Month Update


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Each January for the last few years I have chosen a word that has been my focus for the upcoming year (here's the posts about my word for 2007 and 2008). The simple idea is that a single word can be powerful. It can bring about change, propel you forward, slow you down, help you focus, make a difference in your life, etc.

I usually take some time in the middle of each year (or a bit later) to reflect on my word and what action or inaction has come about since January.

My word for 2008 is vitality.

And just like most things in my life, it's a work in progress.

I chose this word thinking of it as a healthy word. I wanted something that could help me focus on eating better and exercising and living more healthfully overall. I struggle with this in so many areas: time, energy, motivation, etc. What I really want is to just feel good - strong and vibrant and open and full of life and not weighted down physically, mentally, or emotionally.

This week I am reconnecting with my word. I lost it there for awhile. Today I am thinking a lot about the daily choices I make regarding food and exercise and stress. I am planning meals. I am walking. I am making some additional work changes and adjustments (especially related to travel over the next year). I am taking action.

Focusing on vitality has an even deeper meaning and importance for me now with this new little person on the way. 

Back in January many of you shared your word for this year. Here's a reminder link to that list (and I am sure there are a few missing): 2008 list.

Have you done anything with your word this year? Has it faded into oblivion or lived near the surface or been on your mind daily? Has it impacted you one way or another? Do you need a new word or has a new one surfaced as the year has progressed? I would love to read if you are being challenged by your word or celebrate with you if you are having successes.


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