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With the new baby, is there any travel in your future? Have you thought about doing online classes?
Posted by: Amanda Susan

I have decided to stick close to home for the rest of my pregnancy this year as well as all of next year. Taking a break from traveling is the best decision for myself and my family at this time. Read below for information on online classes.

Thanks for this opportunity to pick your brain and congrats to you and your family on your new addition. I have heard that you are no longer doing CKU for now which I was bummed about, but completely understand. I loved your album track at CKU Orlando last year. Do you foresee yourself doing any online classes?
Posted by: Jilly

Yes, definitely. This is something I am in the process of working on right now. I had three-four classes planned for scrapbook stores next year that will most likely become online classes/downloads. Still working on the details and will post more information on my blog down the road. Most likely these projects will not include kits but links to products and complete supply lists.

Have you ever thought of doing a retreat
yourself, similar to Donna Downey's inspired event? I would so fly
anywhere in the US for that!!!

Posted by: Heather Prins

This is not something I plan on doing at this time or in the near future.



What are your favorite scrapbook sites to visit???
Posted by: Kelli

The ones I visit most often are Two Peas in a Bucket and

Will you ever do a page of Simon singing for us at CKC Portland? There has to be someone who took photos and sent them to you. One of those little recording boxes with his voice would be incredible. I'll never forget that moment.
Posted by: Michelle D Oregon


That was such a great experience. I have done a page on that called The Power of Song (appears in Life Artist pg. 121) and someone else did one for me as well with photos they had taken.

My question maybe sounds silly but... In Spain scrapbooking is unknown, but I suppose that in USA sometimes you meet someone that doesn't know about it, never heard about it, never heard the word scrapbooking. How do you explain it in a few words ? What do you exactly say to show how wonderful is it ?
Posted by: Maica

This definitely comes up in the US - I am often in conversations where people have either never heard of scrapbooking or have an immediate image come to mind of what "scrapbooking" is all about. These days I explain that what I am really doing is telling stories with words and photos and that for me it has become less about the products and more about the documentation of our daily lives.

This is not so much a question, but a request. I love seeing your layouts and generally enjoy all the photos you post. I am wondering if you could post them so that when you click on them, they open in a larger size. I believe you can do this when you attach the photos with Typepad. I would love to see your layouts in more detail, they are so awesome!
Posted by: scrappinseminole

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to remember to make this adjustment in the future.

Do you ever let Simon help you while you create?
Posted by: Kerry

Every once in awhile he gets interested in playing with some stamps, but most of the time if he is in my office he wants to play on the computer or watch a movie on the computer.

Any more KOTM that you are designing for CK, if so when?
Posted by: scrapfin

I don't have any plans to design more KOTM's. Right now I am focusing on Designer Digitals products, my Studio A/CK column, and working on some online projects for next year.

I wonder if you ever feel you show too much personal info when you submit your layouts in different magazines, blogs and forums? I'm thinking about Simon mostly as he isn't old enogh to understand or approve of it? Don't get me wrong, I think the sharing of this stuff makes your layouts unique and inspiering and that you have spred lots of information about autism but still. I have a four year old son, adopted from China and of course, I mostly scrapbook about him. But sometimes I wonder if I have the right to submit my pages about him, to tell the world all about him and what he will think about it one day when he is old enogh to understand that lots and lots of scrapping girls all over the country know about all the crazy stuff he did as a child. I do not submit any pages about his adoption or background, it feels too private. What are your thoughts about this?
Posted by: Maria in Sweden

This is a good question. I think my hope through everything is that Simon will be able to recognize that the work I do is all about celebrating him. In many ways, through sharing his story, he has been lifted up by so many more people than we could ever have imagined. A community of people cheering him on through his growth and development. My guess is, as he gets older there will be ups and downs related to how he feels about my work and we will deal with those things as they come up.

I also don't share all our stories. There are certain ones that are just for us or that don't need to exist in out in public. In addition none of my pages poke fun at him, intend to embarrass (such as naked photos or inappropriate stories), or put him down in any way. Most are simply celebrating the life he is living from day to day.

What did you do "for a living" before you got started on Scrapbooking?
Posted by: Johanna

I worked as a graphic designer right up until the day Simon was born.

Will you continue to write your Studio A-column for CK during the pregnancy and after? Your column is the reason why I subscribe to the magazine!
Posted by: Maria in Sweden


Could you post your crop playlist again...or hint as to where its located on this blog?
Posted by: heather mccollom

Here you go: CKU/Week In The Life/Evolution Class Music.

Not a question, just a comment. I have noticed Creating Keepsakes has used stock photos including on the cover (if I read it right) from Corbis and Getty. Ths is a dealbreaker with me with CK. There is enough talent in the crafters world of good photography to not rely on stock photos just to make a glossy magazine. Your 2 cents if you are interested in offering it.
Posted by: Mary Kate

To be honest, I hadn't given much thought to this at all. Over the years I have been more annoyed with the "journaling" they put on the cover layout rather than paying much attention to the photo. I emailed Brian Tippetts, CK Editor in Chief, to get more information on the cover photos because I was thinking that they have been using more non-stock photos on the cover than in the past.

Brian wrote me back at let me know that out of the last ten issues, only two have used stock photography on the cover.

He also included the following information, "We love photos sent in by our readers and would prefer to use those. Unfortunately, even though we have made the request, we receive very few submissions and mostly from the same people. Also, because our covers are very theme specific, we may receive pictures of kids at the park during summer, but really need a winter picture. We would love to see more photos from our readers and they can send them to [email protected] with “cover photo submission” in the subject line."

One thing to keep in mind if you are submitting photos for the cover is that the magazine works about six-months ahead - during the summer we are working on fall and holiday issues and would need those sorts of photos at that time.


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