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August 25, 2008

Sharing Your Story : New Book Giveaway

To celebrate the release of my new book Sharing Your Story: Recording Life’s Details With MiniBooks (which began shipping last week), my friend Jill at Idea Books For You is giving away 5 copies.

In addition, Jill is offering 10% off Sharing Your Story plus your entire order (excluding shipping) from Idea Books For You. Use coupon Code: ba576d.

To be entered into the drawing leave a comment below and let me know about your favorite minibook project or about one you are planning to create. Comments will be closed at 8pm Pacific TONIGHT (Monday) and the winners announced shortly after.

[Look for the final installment of my Scrapbooking Q & A series to come on Wednesday.]


  • 1.

    I’m so looking forward to this new book! I’m always inspired by your projects and I’m sure this will have me plotting and planning tons of new minis! I’ll be going to Disney World in a few weeks and my plans are to to a mini book for the vacation…just something to keep out and remind me of the fun.

  • 2.
    JoLynn said…

    I’m just starting a mini-book about my “Summer Adventure” I took with my daughter to a Dave Matthews Band Concert!

  • 3.
    Tammy said…

    I have two favorite mini books – one I made of school portraits of me and my sister, the other of family portraits we had taken. I made one copy of these for myself and another for my sister and I love that they will be able to be passed on to our kids!

  • 4.
    Shannon S said…

    This looks like a fabulous book. I currently am waiting on it with my order from Cocoa Daisy, but would love to win a copy for a friend that scrapbooks. I want to work on some mini travel books.

  • 5.
    Teresa said…

    My favorite mini book is the “Down on Grandpa’s Farm” book I made for my son. I used the words to the children’s song and added photos. He loved and so have his 2 brothers. We can sit and look at all the animals on Grandpa’s farm and sing the song.

  • 6.
    Conni said…

    I am planning (with a capital P) to duplicate your 25 days of Christmas mini albumn from last year!! If I plan NOW I’ll be able to do it LOL. I loved the idea of everyday traditions all thru the month of December!! Thanks for the insiration daily….thanks for the chance to win!!
    Have a great day!

  • 7.
    Raegan L said…

    My favorite mini book is one I did of a Mother/daughter trip I took with my mom & sister! It was a perfect long 4 day weekend! :) I love your work Ali! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • 8.
    heather jarrett said…

    the favorite mini book I’ve made lately was one I made for my husband for Father’s Day that showcases the relationship he has with our 3 sons. He loved it and I love that it’s so real and tells how much they love each other.

  • 9.
    Wendy Antenucci said…

    I am planning on making a mini book about our homes we’ve had over the years and the years to come. Can’t wait to get ahold of your new book!

  • 10.
    Sara said…

    I’m creating one right now about a road trip I took for my 30th birthday. Lots of fun!

  • 11.
    Chris SB said…

    Hi there!
    Congratulations on the new addition to the family!
    My favorite mini album, so far, would have to be one about summer where I used a coffee sleeve from Starbucks and made my own little book. Including using a “mini golf” pencil to hold it together.

  • 12.
    Dixie said…

    I would love to win this book! I plan on doing a mini book of things that are important to me. Things I’ve received from my parents, my husband’s parents. I want it documented so my son will know where each piece came from.

  • 13.
    SarahJB said…

    I am going to make a mini book about my oldest daughters high school graduation and her college journey.

  • 14.
    Joanne said…

    Hi Ali…one of my favorite mini books is the one I made for our neighbors when we took care of their golden retriever while they went on vacation. I entitled it “my vacation at Camp Hodges” and took pictures all throughout her visit. It turned out fantastic (if I say so myself)….they loved it!

  • 15.
    {vicki} said…

    My favorite mini book is one I did for my husband a couple years ago and gave it to him for valentine’s day. Tears game to his eyes as he flip through the pages and journaling.
    Can’t wait to get you book!!!!!!!!

  • 16.
    Lora said…

    I love minibooks. I am working on a minibook entitled “Lessons for my children”
    Tomorrow is a new day.
    Forgive and forget. Life’s short.
    Treasure your friends.

  • 17.
    abs said…

    Hi Ali,
    I cant wait to read your latest book!
    I got married in June and would really like to make some mini books about this – including one about my bridesmaids and how much i love each one!
    Abs x

  • 18.
    cathy said…

    My fav minibook so far was done out of the plastic cd circles that cover stacks of blank cds…I made the music of our lives. Chipboard and plastic circles that listed each member’s favorite songs and then the last page was an actual cd (in a sleeve) that had our fav songs of 2008. :) I think I will really appreciate that in 20 years!

  • 19.
    Jeanelle said…

    My all time favorite mini book I have created is Stacy Julian’s Colorful You. It is itty bitty but it makes me sooo darn happy.

  • 20.
    Cricket said…

    what a cool book, would so love to win this one! My favorite mini has to be of the trip I took to Cambodia in January this year..the experience was so amazing and it was wonderful to be able to “relive” it while creating the mini!!

  • 21.
    Kristy said…

    I am currently making a mini book on all the funny/cute things my son says and does. Just random little things but ones that always make me smile.

  • 22.
    vanessa said…

    I am full of anticipation over the new book-can’t wait to see it!
    I have a basket full of mini’ of my faves is one I did about DH & my wedding day!

  • 23.
    Chris said…

    my favorite one is from your last book. It is using the 4X6 index cards with the alphabet on them for a minibook. I altered it a bit, and used the month cards and I am doing a month to month book with my newborn baby…thanks Ali…love the inspiration and opp to scraplift!

  • 24.
    Jennifer said…

    I’d love to create a mini book to document my pregnancy!

  • 25.
    Christina H. said…

    My favorite one that I have done was inspired by one that you did in the May 2008 CK. I did one of the Bo Bunny word books “LOVE” with enlarged photos for my husband to take with him when he travels. Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  • 26.
    Heather Grimm said…

    I’m planning to create a minialbum on the different pets I’ve had throughout the years and the lessons they’ve taught me.

  • 27.
    Jessica Stoops said…

    My favorite mini book was a week in a life of my son’s life. I have many ideas for other mini book I want to make, I would love to get my hands on your book, Jess

  • 28.
    Diane said…

    I have a mini album that includes my children’s Santa photos each year. What makes this extra special is that 6 years ago my 6 yo son passed away so I have photos of him with my eldest daughter (now 16) at the begining of the album and photos of my eldest daughter and my two little girls aged 2 and 4. I love having my 4 children in the same album as I cant have them in one photo.
    I am planning to do an album with photos of all 4 on the same page on their birthdays!
    Thanks for everything you share with us on this blog!!

  • 29.
    Nicol said…

    We just found out we are expecting baby #4. I have never documented a pregnancy before and would like to do a mini book about it since this is definitely the last!!

  • 30.
    scrapfin said…

    I love making mini books!
    I am working on My 10 Favorite Memories of Summer 2008 mini book.

  • 31.
    Karyl said…

    I’ve been teaching legacy journaling workshops and minibooks are the best way to get people started as they tend to be less intimidated by the process when they can start with just a little bite of the elephant! Your ideas are wonderful and I can’t wait to see your new book!

  • 32.
    Grace Hester said…

    My fave minibook was created for my then-toddler daughter to help her learn her Spanish numbers. I used the Maya Road chipboard book and printed numbers and the words in Spanish, then used stamps and photos to create the number of objects corresponding to the number.
    A minibook I am planning to create soon will be for the last zoo trip we took. We have so many photos from it that I won’t be able to squeeze it into a scrapbook page so the minibook is perfect for this purpose.

  • 33.
    Courtney Gregory said…

    My favorite mini book I’ve made is on I did for my husband for his first Father’s Day. I plan to make another one very soon after our family vacation to the Texas coast.
    So excited to get your new book, even if I don’t win it here!

  • 34.
    tinkster said…

    My fave mini book idea was in…life artist I think. I made a little album with my daughters favourite things- people and places and wiggles, I’m sure you did something for simon. She LOVES it…turns the pages and recites the list. I made it on wooden coaster sized circles and its built kid tough- few embies, LOTS of pritt to hold things on. Its over a year old and still going, i make a new page for it every now and then.

  • 35.
    Danielle said…

    Oh cool!! I love your books!!
    My favourite mini book is the only one I’ve ever made for myself – me & my family this year. It’s was a Mother’s Day gift for me. I’m forever making stuff & giving it away.
    And now I’m inspired to have a basket full of my own projects for me!!

  • 36.
    KateinCleveland said…

    I am currently working on a mini book of my Christmas ornaments! There are so many stories attached to each one. Some were gifts, others purchased during my travels, some made in kindergarten by my nieces and nephews, and a couple of them were passed down from my mom. Every year when I take them out to put on the tree I get this overwhelming flood of memories. SO, I thought I’d capture pictures and stories of each in a small album.

  • 37.
    miss h said…

    I like making minibooks about the kids that are given to grandparents (don’t live close). Thanks for the chance of winning a copy of your latest book.

  • 38.
    Lynn said…

    I have done 4 mini-books so far and by far my favorite is the one I did for my husband with a picture of each of our kids the day they were born and they day I made the mini-book. It was for his birthday and at the time he was traveling so he could take it with him in his laptop case.
    Marion, OH

  • 39.
    Connie Tacazon said…

    School is starting today! I’m planning a mini book of my children’s school work. I’m not too sentimental so every year (my oldest is in 3rd grade now), I take pics of the best pictures, stories and artwork. Sometimes I even take pics of good test scores and special teacher’s comments. I keep printing these pictures in wallet size photos but find that a collage in a 12×12 doesn’t always do it justice. A mini book is the perfect solution!

  • 40.
    Sharon said…

    After a particularly difficult couple of months earlier this year I decided to create a mini book that helped me to look for the good in everyday. Each day I documented at least one good thing everyday for a whole month.It may have been a coffee with a friend or an unexpected hug. At the end of the month I was able to reflect on how much good there was in life and I became a lot more positive.
    Thanks for the chance to win the book.
    Sharon x

  • 41.
    Carissa T said…

    i would love one of these books!!
    i am planning on doing a mini book recording the feelings we have had over the last year for
    our baby girl who was born 3 mos early. It was tough but sooo rewarding!!

  • 42.
    Melissa C. said…

    My favorite mini-book I have made is for my mom. Her and I took a trip to Colorado in May and had the best time. I wanted to thank her for a wonderful time and let her know how much I love her, my family means so much to me and as I get older I want to spend as much time with them as I can. Memories with my parents will always be treasured!!
    Thank you very much for all your inspiration! Getting a glimpse into your creative mindset is very helpful in my own work!

  • 43.
    Karin Botha said…

    Oh Ali, i simply adore your books, they are practical and usefull and nice to have.
    My favourite mini album is called “Roots”, based on a spiritual book i red by AW Towzer, Roots of the Righteous. I made this art Journal for my boyz, to tell them about the wonderful truths in this book.
    That is my favourite

  • 44.
    Debi said…

    Congrats on the new book, can’t wait to add this to my AE collection :)

  • 45.
    hanna L said…

    I am planning on making a mini book that highlights are favorite activities of this summer – those little moments that are so wonderful but can easily be forgotten as time moves on.

  • 46.
    Kristen said…

    I love making mini-albums. My favorite is one of tiny scenic shots from our trip to China. It’s in one of those tiny 7 Gypsies coin albums and it’s called “Little Pieces of China.” I also made a kindergarten book for a friend’s daughter that turned out well.

  • 47.
    Mandi said…

    This is a great giveaway!!! I purchased my mini book in July and have been trying to figure out what I wanted to “document”. I’ve finally decided to duplicate your 25 days of Christmas. So I’m jotting down ideas for my 2008 Christmas photos.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win your book.

  • 48.
    melissa f said…

    love mini books and would love to get this book!
    Melissa F.F.

  • 49.
    Sarah said…

    5 copies? If I could be so lucky…
    I have one book that I’ve started that I hope to complete soon. A book documenting my brother’s wedding. From the engagement, the girl’s day at the spa, the men’s golf outing, to the honeymooon. All those moments that the couple doesn’t usually get captured.
    Recently I completed two books for my mother and MIL for Mother’s Day. They were both the same with pictures of each family. Grandkids, and kids. Those were my first offical books. They enjoyed them so much.
    A little tip from that experience.
    I did full page photos with patterned paper backing…I used my small Xyron machine on all the photos, stuck them to the paper and trimmed them down. No peeling pages there!

  • 50.
    Kristen said…
    Couldn’t figure out how to add this to my post above, but here’s a link to my mini-albums…