I am thankful for the time I spent this past week resting, relaxing, rejuvenating, chatting, laughing, watching, walking, listening, and eating on the Oregon coast with an amazing collection of creative, inspiring, blogging women: Andrea, Jen, Karen, Kelly Rae, Andrea, Mati, Myriam, Jen, Brene, Jen, Alex, and Tracey.

I am cleaning out the refrigerator.

I am planning new weekend creative projects that will begin again in September.

I am listening to Simon tell me stories about his time this past week with Grandma + Grandpa.

I am going on a hunt with Simon for a new purple light-saber.

I am restocking the fridge + picking up some fresh flowers at the grocery store.

I am keeping the laundry going.

I am thinking about signing up for one of Aby's online organizing workshops.

I am feeling better and coming out of that early-mid pregnancy fog + sickness.

I am looking forward to a weekend at home with Simon + Chris.

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