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[ from 2005 ]

From 2005 through 2007 I taught a class at Creating Keepsakes University called A Week In The Life (the project is also highlighted in my book Life Artist). These were album classes that focus on documenting everyday details over the course of seven consecutive days. The albums themselves are definitely up there on my list of favorites.

Even though I am not teaching the class any more I want to do the project again.

Things in my life are much different right now than they were a year ago. I want to make sure I capture some of those little things - the way things look in our house, how I am feeling, our growing family (and the last few months of life as just 3), what Simon is up to, etc.

Consider yourself invited to play along. Next week will be content gathering week. From Monday through Sunday I will be using my camera and gathering "bits of life" to add to my album. The following week I will be putting the album together using supplies I have on hand.

Look for more details to come tomorrow including the categories I will be using and a list of photos to consider as you go through the week.


I also wanted to take a minute today and welcome my newest sponsors: Clickin Moms, A Million Memories, Stampin With Steph (Stampin Up), and

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor send me an email for more information.


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