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September 28, 2008

Ready, set…

My camera battery is charged, my notebook is ready, and I am getting excited about starting to document my week bright + early tomorrow morning.

A couple things to note as we get started:

1. Flickr Group : I started a Flickr group for anyone who is interested to share their photos + then your resulting projects over the next couple of weeks. You can find the group here: Document A Week In The Life

2. Over the course of the week I will be posting ideas/thoughts/etc about putting the album together along with samples of the photos I have taken each day. It's possible (and likely) that I will have more than one post each day.

Thanks for all the enthusiasm! I am excited to see so many people interested in this project.


A complete list of posts related to the week in the life project can be found here.


  • 1.
    Erin said…

    Awesome! Thanks for doing this!

  • 2.
    Alana said…

    Can’t wait!

  • 3.
    Jennifer said…

    Getting my stuff together as well! Really looking forward to doing this project.

  • 4.
    Beth S. said…

    Thanks Ali! I’m not a scrapbooker but am really looking forward to this project. I’ve got my camera ready and anticipate my first photo around 5:42 when the first kiddo wanders in to snuggle. :)

  • 5.
    leaca said…

    I have not been a great scrapbooker lately but I think I can handle this one. I love mini albums and I think that is what I will do with this.
    Thanks Ali.

  • 6.
    pen said…

    really looking forward to this!

  • 7.
    Kate said…

    This is fantastic. Can’t wait to see all the action!

  • 8.
    Rebecca Harper said…

    oohh. this sounds fun

  • 9.
    christine said…

    I’m actually starting this TODAY!

  • 10.
    Tanya said…

    I am so into this! I started yesterday!

  • 11.
    MeEmMom said…

    I am so excited! I started today so that I could do a calendar week. My friends thought I was a little strange a few times, but it was fun anyway!

  • 12.
    tracey said…

    woot! girl, I am on fire. yay!

  • 13.
    Delia said…

    Hi Ali,
    A quick idea for a project like this. I’ve just finished doing a similar project for the month of September. Every day I got everyone in my family to tell me the three best and one worst things about their day and included them on each day’s page. It is a really lovely record. I especially love the different takes we each have on the same events. It is also a great way for finding out what is going on in kids’ heads. Thanks as always for sharing your wonderful work.

  • 14.
    Melissa C said…

    STARTED TODAY!!! My husband is even helping! so excited!!!!

  • 15.
    Suzie said…

    I am so excited to do this! My camera is also charged, and I have a journal ready to go.
    Thank you for challenging us to do this, what an adventure!

  • 16.
    Heather V said…

    I’m going to go check out flickr now and join.
    I’m excited to give it a try. Just got a fresh battery for my camera and I am ready!

  • 17.
    Maryangella said…

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    I started taking notes as well of pictures.
    I cannot wait to see the end result.

  • 18.
    rachel carlson said…

    i’m SO excited! batteries are being charged, supplies/book ready to go…thanks ali for the inspiration!

  • 19.
    Betsy said…

    I’m excited and gearing up for the weekly project as well! I just explained to my husband what I’ll be doing this week and he was really excited!

  • 20.
    Christine said…

    Okay – I tried the 365 day project and lasted 10 days (pathetic, I know). I’m going to give your week project a try. I have the camera, the journal, and envelopes to hold the “stuff.” I have a crazy week ahead of me and my biggest obstacle will be to try and slow down long enough to snap the pictures!! Wish me luck!

  • 21.
    sarah said…

    I started today, and I have my twin sis playing along too :) I probably took about 50 pictures! I’m off to write in my journal and gear up for tomorrow! I can’t wait to read the ideas of how to put it together.

  • 22.
    dena said…

    I am so excited about this little project….I have really been wanting to attempt something like this, and just did not know how and where to start. Can’t wait to now get started. Thank you for this post, with all the little tips to get it going.

  • 23.
    jennyg said…

    Started today. Having so much fun taking pics! Going to write now! :)

  • 24.
    Annette said…

    Can’t wait. I’m all set to go!!!!!!!!

  • 25.
    Carolyn said…

    I’ve been wanting to do this since Life
    Artist came out! Thanks for your great ideas and the opportunity to join in. What a great idea. I can’t wait to get going.

  • 26.
    miss h said…

    I started Saturday. Typing lots on my blog everyday to keep a record of all the “happenings”. Thanks for the inspiration. Now I have to figure out which album to use…

  • 27.
    Jen said…

    I love this idea and can’t wait to try it out along with you! Whenever I see the many loads of laundry or bins and bins of summer clothes to go in the attic til next year I often think: I should be taking photos of this. This week, I will!! Jen

  • 28.
    Kim said…

    Some awesome tunes to listen to while posting your stuff this week! :)

  • 29.
    stephanie cunningham said…

    I started last night!!! I am really excited to do this

  • 30.
    Cara said…

    Ali – quick question – is the first week (aka THE week) just photographing, collecting and writing? Or do you also put together the page(s) each day?
    I’m really excited to have something new to look forward to each day this week. Can’t wait to start!

  • 31.
    O said…

    I’m in :) I’m already doing a 365 Project and on the 12th of each month I participate in 12 of 12 so this new challenge is right up my alley. I take a bunch of photos each day so I look forward to really having something to do with them. :)

  • 32.
    Aia said…

    thx ali, the group is a wonderful idea. i started my project today, and it is so challenging to remember the camera all the time :) really looking forward to this journey!

  • 33.
    Ali said…

    Cara – just photos + stuff this week :) . It’s enough to focus on that!

  • 34.
    Leea said…

    I started yesterday, thanks so much for doing this its fun to think outside the box, plus document what I do in a week, sometimes I come home from work and feeling like I didn’t do anything huge…but still am exhausted…now I can document it …Thanks ….

  • 35.
    rachel whetzel said…

    Sounds like such a fun time!! I’ll be starting tomorrow with you!

  • 36.
    Denise Hubbard said…

    What an awesome idea! I am SO EXCITED and can’t wait to get started Monday!

  • 37.
    Lisa said…

    Sounds great! I can’t wait. The closest I’ve come to something like this is a journal I’ve been writing in for the month of Sept. Since it was my birth month and because we had family visiting, I thought it would be fun. I’ve been writing the highlights of the day, or what we did for the day, a quote I read and really liked, and also a few recipes that I tried and liked. I think I’ll go back and add pictures.
    Anyway, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • 38.
    Elizabeth said…

    Thanks Ali for this idea…I am ready for tomorrow, can’t wait. I think this is just what I needed to get me back into a Creative spirit. Yay!

  • 39.
    PJ said…

    Great project!
    To be on the safe side with this (as a working mum i’m often short for time) i already started taking pictures last Saturday! So i got two days covered already!

  • 40.
    paula said…

    I love Delia’s idea – that sounds like something cool to add.
    I started today (it’s monday in NZ) and the hubby is into it as well. Fun!

  • 41.
    Sharon said…

    Thanks for the inspiration. Have started snapping today.
    Sharon (UK)

  • 42.
    Cathy said…

    I’m on day three already and having such fun taking pics of all and sundry (even the cup of coffee I made this morning… hehehe.)

  • 43.
    Jessica Turner said…

    I started Saturday! Check out my blog to see some of my pictures from the weekend.

  • 44.
    Jessica Turner said…

    I started Saturday! Check out my blog to see some of my pictures from the weekend.

  • 45.
    Stacy said…

    Hi Ali,
    I’m so excited to do this project along with you this week! Thanks again. :)

  • 46.
    Johanna said…

    I started today :) I have been practicing to take pictures of the mundane for the last few days though, the peak was reached when taking a shot of my dirty dishes piling up!

  • 47.
    Mabel said…

    What a creative and fun idea, starting today! =)

  • 48.
    heidi y said…

    I joined last night. This should be lots of fun! Neat to take a peek in other’s pix.

  • 49.
    Becky P. said…

    Thanks so much for this! I started on Saturday and at first I kept worrying that I was forgetting something or not doing it the “right” way…then I remembered that this is my project and however I do it is the right way! :)
    I’m headed over to check out the flickr group–again, thanks so much for giving me the motivation to do this…

  • 50.
    Verbena said…

    What a fun project! I have never taken my camera with me to the dentist’s office, but today I did. When I asked after my check-up was over if I could take pictures for this project, my dentist donned her gloves and told me to get in the chair again while my hygienist took pictures! Also, I have to admit…..I have never taken a picture of my kitty’s litter box, but cleaning the litter box every morning is part of my daily routine!!

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