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Regular readers know about my affinity for the Marvy Giga square punch. It is probably my most used tool (next to the crop-a-dile). Punches tend to be a bigger ticket item but are in it for the long haul especially if you use them often. They are a tool that can be used over and over (and over) again - making it really worth the initial cost. Here's a look at two of my favorites and one new one.

Marvy Uchida Giga Square Punch : This is my all time favorite, most recommended punch. It is often advertised as a 3-inch punch (they measure it on the diagnol), but it is actually just about 2 1/4 inches across and down. I use this one all the time for photos and patterned paper squares. See examples below.

Paper Shapers Small Corner Rounder : Another classic. Another tool I reach for often that adds just a little touch of softness to the corners. I often use these on the four corners of a gathering (see the second layout below) to bring the whole thing together.

McGill Bracket Punch : This is a fun new punch that I imagine would get a lot of use around here as well. Love that they can be mixed and matched and would be fun to play around with some patterned paper.

Here's one of my all-time favorites from 2005 using the Marvy Giga punch (I think it's time to do a new one of these):


And another one that uses both the Giga punch and the corner rounder:


[ from Life Artist: Notes from Today stamp from Catslife Press.]


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