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On the heels of the release of my new book I wanted to share with you three of my favorite minibooks:

1. D Reeves Design House 3-Ring Acrylic Album Style File : This is the album I used that is featured on the cover of Sharing Your Story. I actually love that Diane's albums don't include the interior pages...leaving me to use up other things in my stash for the interior pages. I used a bunch of her other albums in the book including this one (4 inches x 6.5 inches - great for photos) and this one (also used that one for my December Daily project last year).


2. 7gypsies Envelope Album : 7gypsies albums have been a favorite of mine since they began making them. Remember the ones that came with a bunch of different bits included (like little envelopes and such) - I loved those. It is pretty easy to add those things in yourself to personalize your albums even more. The envelope album is one of my favorites becuase it is a great choice when you have a story that includes lots of journaling (it can be printed out, folded up, and placed inside the envelope for safe keeping). Here's one of those albums in action from a few years ago (letters from my Mom). And here's an entry about taking the spiral binding apart and putting it back together again.


3. Maya Road 8x8 Binder Album : This is the one I used for my Evolution class this past year at CKU. I added in a bunch of additional elements (to compliment the chipboard pages). Love the ease of the 3-ring. Add transparencies, photos glued back to pack, envelopes, etc - anything you can punch a couple holes in to keep them inside the binder. The circle chipboard coin holders are from Pinecone Press and can be found here.


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