Three Things : Textured Paper


Last week I visited one of my favorite scrapbook stores: Scrapbook Fever in Salem, Oregon. While there I picked up a few new things, three of which were textured papers. These are so hard to tell how cool they are online, but trust me, there's some really good texture happening here.

Spirit Red Polka Dot Felt from Creative Cafe : This is literally a piece of felt vs. a sheet of paper. It is imperfect (which I expect for a thicker piece of velvet with white dots) and I think that is one of the reasons I was attracted to it. Right now it is in my Christmas stash waiting to be used this holiday season.

Doodlebug Beetle Black Chenille Cardstock : I am thinking this one would be perfect for some of my Halloween projects. The texture reminds me a bit of those velvet paint sets - black and white where you color in with the colored pens. This would also be cool on the cover of a minibook.

Bazzill Dotted Swiss Cardstock : Just the perfect amount of texture here. Feels lightly embossed. And hey, it's polka dots. Most likely this is coming soon to a store near you. (The dots are much closer together than the above image showcases - that is a close-up look at the dots.) I picked up a few sheets of this texture in white and beige and am just adding it to my background cardstock stash.


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15 thoughts

  1. jenny

    2008-09-23 01:22:18 -0400

    cool papers...gotta love texture!

  2. MandyK

    2008-09-23 01:41:09 -0400

    Ilook forward to the Three Things post every week.Love the texture papers they are on my shoppoing list for the LSS.Love the idea of them for mini album covers.

  3. emilyt

    2008-09-23 02:18:57 -0400

    Those are really interesting. I saw paper yesterday at my lss from Little Yellow Bicycle, Halloween pattern that had a fuzzy spider web. It was cool! I'd love to check out the chenille one. Love your 3 things posts. I look forward to them!

  4. alexandra

    2008-09-23 02:32:30 -0400

    Lovin' the dots!!

  5. Linn

    2008-09-23 02:45:26 -0400

    I like the idea of storing tone on tone patterns with your background cardstock. I'm still having trouble organizing my paper in a way that's most useful.

  6. Jen

    2008-09-23 04:18:14 -0400

    You've been tagged! :)

  7. All Moments Remembered

    2008-09-23 04:35:19 -0400

    Yummy goodness!!!
    Congrats on doing the cloth diapers!! I did it with all four kiddos. Only used the throw away kind when traveling.
    Hope you are feeling beautiful being pregnant!! :)
    Life has become insane busy on my end. 4 kids one busy online store and now a brick and mortar!! Loving every single minute of it!!! :)

  8. Sandee Allen

    2008-09-23 06:30:32 -0400

    Ali, I really need to ask this question. Are you planning on doing anything more with your group on CK? We haven't heard a peep from you in such a long time! :(

  9. jennifer evans

    2008-09-23 11:38:50 -0400

    Since I live in Salem too, I would have to say that a trip into Scrapbook Fever is far overdue! My twin sister just went in on Saturday and came home with the same Bazzill cardstock. She called me on the way over to my house saying, "You won't believe Bazzill's new line!!!!" She's right, it's awesome!

  10. jessica

    2008-09-23 11:57:07 -0400

    you better have had pietros when you were there!!!

  11. Wendy Kwok

    2008-09-23 14:06:29 -0400

    I am a fan of polka dots... love the 3 things you listed here...

  12. caro

    2008-09-23 19:28:26 -0400

    Not sure if you use this expression in American English: these dots are "just up my Alley!" fantabulous!
    (especially since my fave daisy d, red polka dot is no longer..)

  13. Mieke Duyck

    2008-09-23 19:58:58 -0400

    Another try to post a comment..
    Love this textured papers, since I am a passionate quilter too, I just love to touch en feel papers & fabrics!
    Inspired by your book: planning on making a minibook with a recycled strawbag on the covers...

  14. Mieke Duyck

    2008-09-23 20:01:25 -0400

    ...and it finally worked to post! Super! :)

  15. Cel C.

    2008-09-24 04:26:09 -0400

    I so looove textured papers! Especially those polka dot embossed ones. I actually have a hard time using them up!

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