Week In The Life : Monday Morning Thoughts


I forgot how much work (fun "work" of course) this project can be once you get going. The first day is always the most challenging - it gets easier as you get into a groove as the week goes along. I've taken a bunch of blurred shots this morning since it was still pretty dark when we started our day - needing to get out my tripod tomorrow morning or add on the external flash.

Received a great message from my friend Carrie this morning as we were talking about the project, "I think it's important to embrace this even amid life's imperfections...It's easy to say, 'Well, life isn't perfect right now, so my week isn't worth documenting.'  Not true."


Don't beat yourself up if you miss something. If you forget your camera. If your day isn't how you hoped it would be. If you don't write anything down. Hello life, right?

One of the things I am remembering that I love about this documentation process is the awareness of my surroundings that I begin to have again. For awhile, it has been hibernating. I am excited to welcome it back.

As for my writing so far, what is working for me is to have a Word document open on my computer to jot down thoughts/activities as they happen.


Just a note: I am answering questions in the comment section this week as we embark on this project together. Feel free to leave questions and suggestions.


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