Week in the Life : Monday Photos + Words

Here's a peek at some of the photos I took today:




















Still have dinner and evening routine to go here on the west coast.

I also wanted to share the things I jotted down on my Word document today. Because I didn't leave the house I decided to do my story in a list format that literally followed my actions over the course of the day. Tomorrow my journaling will probably be different - and that will be just fine. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to approach this project!


1.    Alarm off at 6am. One snooze.
2.    Simon comes into our room + snuggles for just a minute.
3.    I get up, let Lily outside, give her two scoops of food, turn on NPR and some lights in the living + dining rooms, and put Simon’s bagel in the toaster.
4.    Take medicine.
5.    Start coffee. Pour OJ. Bagels pop-up. Spread the cream cheese. Vitamins on plate.
6.    Simon comes running out of our bedroom (I cheer inside for a happy wake-up).
7.    He tells me about something he saw on Elmo yesterday.
8.    Bagel with cream cheese and OJ are on the table.
9.    Simon sits down at the table and asks to be wrapped in a blanket.
10.    Chris pours cereal, gets paper, and sits down at the table.
11.    Simon giggles about Mr. Noodle licking his hand and wiping his hair like a dog.
12.    I grab clothes out of his closet and put them on the couch. Pants, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, underwear, socks.
13.     Simon finishes breakfast and puts on his clothes in the living room.
14.    Brushes teeth. Puts on shoes and stripped sweatshirt.
15.    We all go outside to wait for the bus. Simon is still giggling about Mr. Noodle’s dog act.
16.    It’s still dark when we get outside but over the five minutes we wait for the bus it gets light.
17.    Lily the dog is insane with her ball. I think she is the most excited member of the family in the morning. She gets the routine.
18.    Bus arrives. Simon climbs on and does the dog routine for Shelia the bus driver.
19.    Chris and I wave as they drive off and wave as they come back around after going through the cul-de-sac. We go back inside to start our days.

-    Check email.
-    Take shower. Make bed.
-    More email + start work. Establish to-do list.
-    Breakfast: yogurt with oatmeal cereal
-    Talk to Cathy on the phone.
-    Chris leaves for meetings in Salem.
-    Work on blog posts for the week.
-    Feeling the little girl move around in my tummy as I work away on the computer.
-    Turn off local NPR affiliate and change to OPB (more talk, less music).
-    Start working on TT sample.
-    Start load of cloth diapers. This is their first washing and they need to be prepped before the baby comes. Wash, wash, dry, repeat.
-    Work a bit. Check the internet. Work a bit. Check the internet. Wait for paint to dry on TT project.
-    Snack time: apple + string cheese.
-    More work. Finish second TT sample.
-    Lunch: chicken + tomato + cucumber sandwich. I usually read the paper or surf the internet during lunch. Today the paper felt “old” as the news of the day (failure to sign a bailout bill) had been happening so fast. Turned on CNN in the background.
-    Moved the laundry around. Piled some to fold onto our bed.
-    Back to work.
-    Feel like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Thank you baby.
-    Mid-afternoon. This is the time of day I just want to take a nap.
-    Uploaded some of my photos so far to Flickr.
-    Thinking about how I am going to put this album together.  Doing a write-up for my blog about the project for tomorrow.
-    Waiting for Simon to get home from school.
-    Feeling the baby move some more.
-    Hear the bus coming down the street and go outside to welcome Simon home.
-    Fix peanut butter cracker snack. Watch a bit of Elmo with Simon.
-    Take a little nap on the couch.
-    Simon finishes Elmo and is ready to go outside to play with the neighbors: light sabers + bike riding.
-    Chris comes home.
-    The evening routine begins.


That's all for today. So many awesome ideas in the comments section. Look for a post tomorrow morning that begins talking about possible ways to bring this together.


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63 thoughts

  1. Wendy in MD

    2008-09-29 17:39:16 -0400

    Awesome post! I just had to tell you...that sandwich with the cucumbers on it looks SOOOO good! :)

  2. Marilyn

    2008-09-29 17:40:47 -0400

    Ali, you are doing a much better job than me! I only got a few pics today and didn't journal anything! I will do better tomorrow. I joined the Flickr group, but my account is full :( so I am just sharing my photos on my blog. I am very excited about doing this project, I will do better tomorrow, I promise! Any suggestions to help an unorganized, fellow Oregonian? lol

  3. gardenymph

    2008-09-29 17:58:59 -0400

    Ali, thanks for the suggestions about sizing my pics to be uniform. I made them square and it really helped. :~)

  4. Helen

    2008-09-29 19:14:45 -0400

    Hi Ali !
    it's funny to see we have the same way of starting, I simply listed activities of the day, as I moved on, with one or two thoughts, mostly, short, short, long comments for the rythm. But i'm a bit upset that i didn't get the camera out as I often as I wanted, even if I did pick up stuff in my memorabilla-envelop.
    so let's go on for a new day !

  5. erin yamabe

    2008-09-29 19:51:21 -0400

    hi friend.
    love your shares. your photos. loved your cku week in the life album workshop a few summers ago. was just looking at the album last week. totally need to do another one. with you would be ideal.
    wishing you much joy and peace.

  6. Daniela

    2008-09-29 20:20:38 -0400

    I would love to do this. I am now going through my emails and trying to catch up. We are traveling and on our way home. I will start taking photos when we return. I wrote down all the wonderful photo ideas....

  7. Cathy

    2008-09-29 22:44:57 -0400

    I've had such fun the last three days documenting my "boring" life in pics... I actually now start to plan things to do just to take photos. Love the one of your coffee cup... will definately try that angle.
    I'm using my blog as my notepad... then I can keep everything in the same place.

  8. Susi from Germany

    2008-09-29 23:29:14 -0400

    I was struggling whether I should take part in that project or not, because I have tons of other photographs to scrap. Well, I made up my mind, so I Ihave been taking pictures since this morning, although I am one day "late" :-).
    It's fun! I'm just not putting down as much information on a notepad as Ali does. I'm fine with that though.
    Thanks for the inspiration, girls!

  9. Marianne

    2008-09-30 00:02:03 -0400

    I love this! I started yesterday - check out my blog www.mariannepollock.typepad.com. My photo's seem a little more boring than Ali's but I guess we all think our everyday is rather boring! I am in Australia, we are in Spring - beautiful weather, it makes me feel great.

  10. Sarah

    2008-09-30 00:25:28 -0400

    Ali, I took that same picture of HuffPo! I think this is going to turn out to have been a very interesting week to record.

  11. Grace

    2008-09-30 01:23:31 -0400

    You know what's hard, Ali? As I look through my pics or as I take them, I start to 'evaluate.' Does this ever happen to you?

  12. brooke

    2008-09-30 01:55:20 -0400

    love your pics, especially your made bed. Love making the bed here, just sets the tone for my day! Where did you get your lovely pillows?

  13. dr berry

    2008-09-30 03:09:21 -0400

    WOW!! Whatta day... Thinkin' about jumpin' in on this, seems to be a super super idie. Your idies are great and organization seems to be key.
    I will start with just takin' pics through out my day- then blog a list of that days events. Then come back later & do my album.
    I believe I will do this on my tinies birthdays. Sounds like a great way to document a special day also.
    Thanks for all creativity makes me wanna skip work & play!!!***

  14. Nichole

    2008-09-30 03:27:46 -0400

    Ooh, I love those itty bitty prefold diapers!

  15. Lisa Jackson

    2008-09-30 04:09:45 -0400

    Feeling the girl? Feeling the GIRL? So EXCITING!!!!
    Big hugs to you sweet girl!

  16. Crystal

    2008-09-30 06:45:38 -0400

    yay, cloth dipes :)

  17. Maureen

    2008-09-30 10:22:29 -0400

    Love that sleepy boy at breakfast, but the whole lot of the daily is just great. I've never used my timer, so this week...there will be a go at that technique.

  18. Natty

    2008-09-30 10:44:40 -0400

    hey i lvoe this project, i had fun documenting yesterday, i decided to just take pictures and write words in the word file like you're doing and then just using my blog to get the pictures and words together for the time being.. thanks for the inspiration:)

  19. Rosa

    2008-09-30 14:20:46 -0400

    I love reading your blog, I haven't in a bit you look totally cute with your belly, I didn't know you were having a girl, that's such a blessing i am happy for you, hugs, Rosa.

  20. Deanna Koenigsberg

    2008-09-30 20:25:42 -0400

    you are going to LOVE your GMD! They are the best.

  21. Asha

    2008-10-01 02:52:49 -0400

    You should try going on a non-liberal website sometime, you'll be shocked at what the truth is. Spin.

  22. mother clucker

    2008-10-02 02:47:57 -0400

    Ha! I just spent this past monday prepping orange GMDs, too!

  23. meg

    2008-10-02 05:22:47 -0400

    I have never scrapbooked a page in my life.. but this project you are doing has really inspired me to do this! I love your pictures, each picture really does tell a story. So I think that I'll start... next week since it's now Thursday.
    I'm in love with the pillows on your bed. Can I ask where you got those at? Beautiful!

  24. Ed-Rei Coetzee

    2008-12-03 07:10:25 -0500

    HI ALI !!!! I love your work !!! I am so stuck How do i get back on track and get insiration ? I feel like my foto s are not good and to much and what idea to make or create with foto s i have ???

  25. Megan

    2010-04-19 16:33:38 -0400

    all I have to say is How did I miss that you are pregnant??

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