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October 28, 2008

December Daily Album : Part Two


Now comes the fun part: selecting + organizing + numbering pages.

One of the things I aim for in this album is variety: sizes, textures, colors, edges, etc.

For this album I cut a bunch of pieces 6 inches x 9 inches and arranged them inside the album (or as close as I could get with some circle + die cut papers). You will cut yours to whatever size makes sense for the book you are using. After putting them in I did other things: tearing, cutting smaller, creating decorative edges with the Fiskars Threading Water Punch, etc.

Next, as you will see below, I added numbers to each page.

For me, this book is less about decoration and more about documentation. What that means is that when the time comes in December to add my words and photos I will not spend a lot of time trying to figure out what I want to add product-wise. I don’t have any plans to spend more time each day than it takes to upload and print a photo (here at home), write up some journaling, and adhere it into my book (and maybe add one embellishment or a couple word stickers). I don’t want this album to take up more time than necessary during the holiday season. Again, I want to be present and experience the season and do a bit of documentation as we go along.

I like to do documentation as we go along, rather than after the holidays, because I find that I have a tough time remembering what were the specific important or poignant or endearing or special parts of the day months after the fact (sometimes they are comments in passing or very simple things that end up meaning the most). Instead of “we went to see Santa today” I want the journaling to be more personal and real: how did Simon react, what was special about the moment, did he say anything silly or wonderful, what made it unique from last year, etc.

Those are the things I want to capture in this album.

As you will see below this is all about keeping it simple. Don’t spend too much time deciding where to put the numbers or journaling blocks. Get it done. When December rolls around you will be working with what you have in front of you rather than starting from scratch. Making it work is a creative task in and of itself.

Day One:


[ Clear Scraps XL Deco Acrylic Page (cut in half + used the second half for Day 18); Ali Edwards December Daily Photo + Journal Overlays ]

Day Two:


[ Scenic Route Kraft Photo Mattes; random playing card tucked behind the tabbed photo matte ]

Day Three:


[ Art Warehouse Mistletoe Ledger; Ali Edwards December Daily Photo + Journal Overlays; Fiskars Threading Water Punch (for decorative edges) ]

Day Four:


[ Hambly Climbing Vine Antique White Transparency; Tree: Art Warehouse Noel Epoxy Sticker ]

Day Five:


[ Baseball card page protector cut to size; Every Jot + Title Red Circle Numbers ]

Day Six:


[ Creative Cafe Dark Red Polka Dot Felt; vintage circle 6 card; American Crafts Ribbon #57604 ]

Day Seven:


[ Paper Source Red Envelope; American Crafts White Subway Foam Thickers ]

Day Eight:


[ Art Warehouse Mistletoe Transparency; #8: Every Jot + Title Red Circle Numbers ]

Day Nine:


[ Heidi Swapp Overlay Dots; Ali Edwards December Daily Photo + Journal Overlays ]

Day Ten:


[ Art Warehouse Mistletoe Dot Die Cut Paper; American Crafts White Subway Foam Thickers ]

Day Eleven:


[ Making Memories Flocked Vellum Snowflake Paper; still needs a number ]

Day Twelve:


[ Making Memories Flocked Dot Papier Rouge Paper; #12: Every Jot + Title Red Circle Numbers ]

Day Thirteen:


[ Random Chipboard Piece; Scenic Route Berkley Red Letter Stickers ]

Day Fourteen:


[ Heidi Swapp White Moments Clock Overlay; #14: Every Jot + Title Red Circle Numbers ]

Day Fifteen:


[ American Crafts Bushels of Fun; Jenni Bowlin Studio Boy Icons Printed Journal Ticket; American Crafts Black MOMA Remarks Letter Sticker Book ]

Day Sixteen:


[ Paper Source  Pocket Envelope; Scenic Route Berkley Red Letter Stickers; Tree: Art Warehouse Noel Epoxy Sticker ]

Day Seventeen:


[ Unknown Music Paper; American Crafts Mumbo Jumbo Black Letter Stickers ]

Day Eighteen:


[ Clear Scraps XL Deco Acrylic; Ali Edwards December Daily Photo + Journal Overlays ]

Day Nineteen:


[ Making Memories Skinny Stripe; Circle Sticker: Art Warehouse Christmas Cardstock Stickers; American Crafts Black MOMA Remarks Letter Sticker Book; "Merry:" Unknown ]

Day Twenty:


[ Jenni Bowlin HOME Bingo Card (may be replaced with one from her holiday collection coming soon); Circle Stamp: Savvy Stamps ]

Day Twenty-One:


[ Baseball card page protector cut to size (end up with four pockets); American Crafts White Subway Foam Thickers ]

Day Twenty-Two:


[ Art Warehouse Die Cut Mistletoe Text; Ali Edwards December Daily Photo + Journal Overlays ]

Day Twenty-Three:


[ Heidi Swapp Overlay Dots; Tree: Art Warehouse Noel Epoxy Sticker; American Crafts White Moma Remarks Letter Sticker Book ]

Day Twenty-Four:


[ Making Memories Artisan Solid Die Cut Paper; Scenic Route Berkley Red Letter Stickers ]

Day Twenty-Five:


[ Art Warehouse Dear Santa Hollyberry Paper; Scenic Route Berkley Red Letter Stickers ]

These albums get more stable (vs. just a piece of patterned paper as a page) when photos are added. Some photos will cover the entire page, some will be cropped and arranged on top of the patterend paper, and others will be added in as pages themselves. Most of that will depend on what happens on that particular day. Take a look at last year’s album to see completed examples.

Edited: Feel free to leave questions in the comments today. I will address them in a post tomorrow.


Am I skipping Thanksgiving?

Someone asked in the comments yesterday if I was going to do anything for thanksgiving/November/gratitude-related and the answer is YES. I am hoping to have more information and details on a great project for you soon! I mainly just like to get this one out and done with early on as I have lots more projects planned for the lead up to December (you can see the holiday projects I did last year here).


This is part of a series of posts on creating a December Daily Album. All posts can be found here.


  • 1.
    christen said…

    what do you do if you have a day that you really don’t do anything special/holiday related?

  • 2.
    sue said…

    I love this album! Thanks for sharing. I’m thinking about doing a similar album for Thanksgiving and recording everyone’s feelings about what they are thankful for. Add a photo of each person and call it my Blessing Album. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  • 3.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    Thanks Ali – looking at albums this morning and trying to figure out if I will make my cover – but time to get ready for work.
    Have a great day!!
    Nicky from Canada

  • 4.
    jenny said…

    Love it! Great start! Thanks for listing your resources.

  • 5.
    JLS said…

    This could be just the thing to get me going after taking a haiatus from scrapbooking for over a year. I love the holiday season, and if we start having children within the next few years, it will be awesome to be able to look back on our child-free years, to see how things change. Thanks for the inspiration. Time to dust off my papers!

  • 6.
    Mary Frances said…

    thank you for all your inspiration – love the idea, doing one for Nov (thankful) and one in Dec for Holiday stuff!
    Great – feel like I am getting things accomplished and I haven’t even taken a photo yet!!!

  • 7.
    anne_l said…

    Thanks for sharing the inside look of your December Daily album. It is giving me a strong inspiration to do one for my family.

  • 8.
    Molly said…

    that’s it! I’m doing this. I know from experience that it’s easier to create things IN THE PRESENT than trying to re-create it later. I’m in.

  • 9.
    Margarita said…

    Ali, do you glue the pretty paper to a thicker page? I don’t understand how a page, lets say Vellum, can hold a picture and a journal since is so thin…
    Rookie here…

  • 10.
    HeatherC said…

    This is so unbelievably cool — I am going to make one too!! Love it.
    Question — About last year’s album. Did you make up Periwinkle Penguin? What a great idea.

  • 11.
    Sara said…

    I love it! Can’t wait to get started!!!!

  • 12.
    Malea said…

    I can’t wait until my album that I ordered gets here! I’m so ready to start assembling everything. Thanks for the inspiration and helpful tips along the way!

  • 13.
    Danielle said…

    I love this album and I’m considering doing this project along with you because I absolutely loved the week in the life project. I am a little concerned about starting though because we are going away for a week in December over Christmas any ideas how to make it easy even when traveling? Thanks!

  • 14.

    this is so CUTE!
    i just got all the new Art Warehouse christmas goodies yesterday and plan to use them for an album similar to this! they are ADORABLE!!!!! thanks for sharing! i just LOVe your work ali!

  • 15.
    Julia said…

    Ali, thank you so much for sharing your album and making it so easy to see the projects you did last year. I was recently thinking of all of the wonderful and fun things you did last year. Thanks again.

  • 16.
    gina said…

    I woke up today and enjoyed a few quiet minutes under the still warm comforter thinnking about how I will approach this project. Yes, I have 27 other things on my plate at the moment. Yes, we already have a lot of other holiday traditions. Yes, it is my busiest season at work. But also…YES, in 20 years we will pull this book from the holiday box and remember the nooks & crannies of one holiday season. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  • 17.
    alexandra said…

    You are a wonder! Always something amazing to offer – thanks for sharing!

  • 18.
    Gayle said…

    Wow! Thanks so much Ali for letting us peek into your awesome album. I can’t wait to see the other projects. This really gets me into the holidays!

  • 19.
    caro said…

    Hi Ali, this year’s album is a tremendous showcase, of the beautiful “papers” available… LOVING the polka dots, the variety of date numbers and the layered look thru’ the transparencies. THANKS for the early peek!

  • 20.
    Jen said…

    Great pages! Love the different sizes and the mixed in transparencies. Looking forward to when you start filling up the pages. =)

  • 21.
    Viki said…

    I really like the idea of a daily album.
    Sort of like the book “The 24 Days Before Christmas” In the book they do something special each day in December leading up to Christmas.
    Being the packrat that I am, I’m thinking that old Christmas cards would make great pages.

  • 22.
    Dori said…

    Thanks so much for listing all of the products you used to assemble your amazing album. It makes the whole process much easier for me. :) You really inspire me! Thanks again.

  • 23.
    Crystal LaDoux said…

    Hi Ali, Last year you gave us a recipe for muffins that you made on the 4th of December. I think they were Angel food muffins, I can’t remember and would like to make them could you please email me and let me know where to find the recipe.
    Thank you
    Crystal, Fountain MN

  • 24.
    Shelly said…

    Thank you for inspiring me to begin this project early. Every year I join in Shimelle’s class (and I love that)but I only end up completing maybe half of the entries because I get bogged down trying to create something pretty. I spend all my time playing with the papers and embellishments rather than documenting the memories.
    This year I will follow your lead and make up my album/journal ahead of time. Maybe I will have better luck completing it.
    Thanks for the idea.

  • 25.
    Anne Alley said…

    It looks amazing!! I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

  • 26.
    T-Lou said…

    You have no idea how inspired you make me. If only I didn’t have to work so I could scrapbook non-stop. one day I will get this all done and I’ll be awesome like you. :-)

  • 27.
    Wendy Kwok said…

    Wow.. yours is such an inspiration. Sometimes, I get afraid if the pages and elements i added in are not the same… does not have this ‘uniform’ look. Maybe i am trying too hard for it to be perfect.

  • 28.
    noell said…

    I just went shopping yesterday for my holiday papers and I sure wish I would have seen that Art Warehouse transparency!!! I love it!
    This may be too time consuming, but when you start doing and posting your pages in December, I would love it if you could post the uncompleted page with the completed page. It seems like last year I was sometimes curious as to how your page ended up the way it did–it would be interesting to know your process as you figure out how to make the stuff from each day work with the page you had available.
    I realize part of the reason of this project is for simplicity, so that may be more than you will want to do during that month–but in case you have time, maybe you can do that, at least for some of the days! =)

  • 29.
    Rianne said…

    Thank you!
    Such inspiration, and I can use lots of “old” stuff which finaly can be used.

  • 30.
    Mary Jo said…

    You are so gosh darn talented!! :0)
    I love how you circled the 20 on the bingo card for day 20.

  • 31.
    NancyD said…

    You put so much work into each of your blog posts, and it is much appreciated. This December Daily album is very inspiring–I’m not planning on making a holiday themed one, but now I’m inspired to make an “everyday” one. Thank you for your always beautiful blog!

  • 32.
    Kimberly said…

    I’m curious, did you buy anything new for this album or did you just use supplies you had on hand?
    It’s an amazing album. So creative and festive.

  • 33.
    kreativekate said…

    I love the Clearscraps acrylic, but how do you cut it? Can you post a comment or email me at

  • 34.
    Penny B. said…

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS Ali! I so want to get started on this now. :)

  • 35.
    Krystyn said…

    I am loving this project-since we are on a uber tight budget, I made my cover with chipboard from the back of notepads. I covered them with Bazzill Parakeet (my fave) and am using up some OLD chipboard numbers I had..finally got around to painting them. I hope to do this entire album w/o buying any new product.

  • 36.
    Donna. said…

    I am LOVING the step-by-step directions. Your projects are always so amazing.
    Have you (or are you) going to have a book with a similar step-by-steps? I have Sharing Your Story, but I would really like something to cover step-by-step instructions.

  • 37.
    Keely said…

    Ali, I think it is great that you are providing photos and instructions for these great projects on your blog!! You are such a great source of inspiration for scrapbookers. Thank you for everything you do.

  • 38.
    Candi Tardio said…

    great album again this year :) )))
    thanks for sharing your great ideas with us!

  • 39.
    jonipossin said…

    I love, love, love your album! I worked on mine last night and this morning and now need to reorganize the pages and get the dates on the pages.
    I cheated a bit because a stuffed tomte (elf) I ordered from Finland arrived yesterday. I saved his tag, and the customs declaration from the envelope and tucked them in a small green and white checked envelope I had. I glued that on a page and left space for a photo of the Tomte when he is placed in the red chair by the fireplace with a sprig of holly and a ribbon tied to the chair. And a few lines for “his story”… how he happened to come to live at our house (even though this happened in October, I want to remember it all). The lady who created him gave him the name Melker and wrote a note on an enclosed Tomte post card. I punched holes in that and put it in the album too.
    Wisc. hugs!

  • 40.
    Michelle said…

    I thought I’d make it easy and just use only pics + your December overlays on pics w/journaling on the opposite side. But NOW I want to create, create, create…like how your used the overlays w/stitching for soon-to-be journaling. Cool. . . Thanks for our everyday blogging during projects—I live for it now! So…WHO inspires you these days???? ;-)

  • 41.
    Flo W said…

    Thank you so much for all your ideas and so lovely work. I am french and I receive your newsletter by Bloglines and it is each time a pleasure. Please continue and have a good time before Christmas time.
    Best regards.

  • 42.
    Heidi said…

    WOW! Each page is going to be such a treat! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, you have a serious rockin knack for putting things together! Guess that is why you’re you! :)

  • 43.
    Jessica Stoops said…

    Love this album. I nodded my head about being in the present. I need to keep it simple. So Ican document and complete it. What other albums would work? Jess

  • 44.
    Terri said…

    Help! If you set up your book ahead of time, how do you know that you’ll have a horizontal photo that will fit on say December 2nd and a vertical on December 3rd?
    To clarify: if on December 2nd, you take a vertical Santa photo but it won’t fit on your pre-made December 2nd page, what do you do? Just put it on a different day?
    Thank you!

  • 45.
    Ali said…

    Hey guys – just a note that I will answer questions in a separate post tomorrow.

  • 46.
    Lisa said…

    Gorgeous book, Ali, super fun too! Now you have me all excited to get started on this project, but I really should finish my other projects first…I’m trying to work on Christmas presents and do Cathy Z’s DYL class and…
    So much to scrap…so little time :)

  • 47.
    Marilyn said…

    Thinking about those with no kids at home, this a a great album because there is so much during the holiday season- family and friends you don’t normally see, grown kids visiting, college kids at home, office/workplace decorations & parties, cooking, baking, making & wrapping gifts, writing/recieved Christmas cards,making decorations & decorating, tree buying, shopping, decorations around town, snow and outdoor seasonal photos. It really works for everybody.

  • 48.
    Jean said…

    What an amazing and wonderful project! So it looks as though you start out with one page per day… but end up with multiple pages per day. Do you make extra, non-numbered pages ahead of time, or do you do some extra pages each day of December, so that you know they are the correct format? Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful album idea!

  • 49.

    Great album!!!
    Can’t wait for your other projects!!!

  • 50.
    Susan said…

    Hi Ali,
    Loved your inspiring December Daily album! I was wondering what kind of adhesive you use for vellum and the Creative Cafe Dark Red Polka Dot Felt. I’m looking forward to creating our own December Daily album and thanks for the nudge.

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