Halloween MiniBook 2007


[ all product information listed below ]

This is a Halloween minibook for 2007 that I began last year. Some of you may remember the cover which was used as a demo on working with beads and glaze for Method Playground. You can read the step-by-step here.   

As many of you know, I don't scrapbook in any specific order. I don't feel like I need to finish up Halloween before I can do Christmas, etc. I am more interested in being inspired by the story or the photos and feeling motivation to be creative. There's no guilt, just a nice list of projects I want to do when I have a chance (and when inspiration strikes).

If you are into minibooks or looking for more concepts and ideas to
inspire you definitely take some time to check out my latest book: Sharing Your Story.

First step in the process for this minibook is to assess the photos. I had a ton from last year and I had no plans to include them all in this minibook. I went through all of them (all printed 4x6 with white border at scrapbookpictures.com) and figured out some general categories/stories I wanted to make sure I included.


I separated the photos into the story categories and jotted down my list. Stories/topics included house decorating/pumpkins, trying on costumes, deciding on being a vampire, cookies, getting ready for the big night, car ride to Jill's, Halloween night + decorations.


From there I cut my patterned papers to size (the same size as the interior acrylic pages) and adhered them back to back because I knew I was going to need more pages than came with the acrylic album. I actually did not know exactly how many I was going to need yet so I cut a few more than I really needed.


[ specific papers will be identified in photos below ]

Here's a look at my finished Halloween minibook with product information included:


[ Clear Album: Picture It/Page Frame (listed as 6x6 but it is actually larger); Die Cut Patterned Paper: Narratives Cream Tab ABC Cardstock Stickers; Cobweb Rub On: Hambly Spooky Halloween; Felt Skeleton: Making Memories Spellbound Halloween Collection; Chipboard Letters: Heidi Swapp Center of Attention; Glass Beads: JudiKins: Glaze: Diamond Glaze ]

The Spooky Halloween Hambly cobweb rub ons came out last year and I stockpiled a few sheets because they were a cool set I could see myself using on this project and in the future. This is one of the things I have always thought is such a bummer in this industry: things come out and then they are simply gone. A bunch of the products I used in this album are from last year. Products that I picked up because I loved them but they are now not available anymore. Luckily, the Spooky Halloween Hambly cobweb rub ons are still available on their website.

Click on the photos below for a larger version.



[ Glitter Tree: Making Memories Spellbound Glitter Foam Stickers; Happy Halloween Stamp: Catslife Press ]

One of the things I wanted in this album was to maintain some of the transparent pages and not cover them with photos and a bunch of stuff.


[ Felt Bird: Making Memories Spellbound Halloween Collection; Circle Accent: Making Memories Die Cut Journaling Stickers; Patterned Paper: Making Memories Black Glitter Dot Spellbound Paper; Word Stickers: Making Memories Halloween from 2007 ]


The general foundation for this album is really simple: white border photos with a strip of journaling along the top. Journaling was printed onto white cardstock and the top two corners rounded.


[ Patterned Transparency: Creative Imaginations Harvest Moon Spider Web; Felt Pumpkin: Making Memories Spellbound Halloween Collection; Rectangle Accent: Making Memories Die Cut Journaling Stickers; Spider Web Rub On: Hambly Spooky Halloween ]


[ Transparent Skeleton: Making Memories Spellbound Glitter Clears; Patterned Paper: Doodlebug Crushed Velvet Cardstock ]


[ Patterned Paper: Making Memories Halloween collection 2007; Felt + Button Accent: Evalicous ]











After it was all done there was one very happy camper around here...one who LOVES costumes and Halloween. He loves the photos and another thing I noticed was that he was really touching and feeling the textures of the paper and the felt accents. Cool.



HOLIDAY NOTE: For those of you starting to think about creating a December Daily album, I will be diving into mine and sharing my process next week.

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  1. Catherine at Design Editor

    2008-10-24 07:36:13 -0400

    This is so cute! I love the transparent pages. It's all helped with the cute little vampire!

  2. MandyK

    2008-10-24 07:51:56 -0400

    Awesome mini!As always the pictures of Simon are precious he us getting so big.Excited about the December Daily adventure this year since we are preparing to try something new during the holiday season this year.Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sarah

    2008-10-24 08:43:47 -0400

    Oooh that's so neat!

  4. Kay Gregory-Clark

    2008-10-24 09:53:45 -0400

    Ali, how do you do it?! Love all the "how-to" steps & pix along the way, w/finished album.
    Now, my dilemma: I just purchased some overlays for "Week in the Life" since I was on vacation earlier this month. I've tried to read back through all the posts, but have no doubt missed some Q/A & comments. I mistakenly downloaded the 12x12 "Story of Today" from Designer Digitals & I rarely scrap that size; mostly 8.5x11 or minis. Can I exchange it OR can I resize it without blowing the words out of proportion? THANKS!

  5. Marty

    2008-10-24 10:01:42 -0400

    so simple and so cool
    i can totally do this. love that feeling. thanks.

  6. Maria

    2008-10-24 18:36:19 -0400

    love love love...you're the best...

  7. Kelly

    2008-10-24 19:13:00 -0400

    This mini-book is so cute! I love it, and I'm not really a mini-book gal. This makes me want to have a look at your new book (I brought the other three on impulse and am loving them all).

  8. Susanna

    2008-10-25 04:20:03 -0400

    Ali, another great mini-album!
    You were the Mini-Book of the Week at Card of the Week.com. You can see the original post here: http://www.cardoftheweek.com/2008/10/scrapbook-sat-2.html.
    I did use a picture from your post, with links back to the site and the original post. I hope that is OK. Please feel free to email me if you need me to change anything.
    I also have an “I was featured” on badge for you if you want it :D

  9. Anne Alley

    2008-10-25 07:01:43 -0400

    What a beautiful book! And those Hambly rub-ons are fabulous, I love how you used them.
    Can't wait to see your Christmas album!

  10. Peggy

    2008-10-25 09:08:54 -0400

    I want to be like you! Thanks so much for the awesome inspiration!

  11. Hajira

    2008-10-25 14:12:45 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    I love the Halloween mini book. As usual you do a wonderful job of combining beautiful visuals with a strong yet simple story. Because I'm just now finding time to carve our pumpkins, I was struck by the great photo of the smiling pumpkin. Thinking of copying that face. (I love the nose!) But I'm wondering how you get the carved cuts so clean and straight? I use one of those serrated kid-friendly carving sets but that means the cut lines are jagged. Also, how do you light the inside of the pumpkin? Do you use candles or electric pumpkin lights? (Not scrapping questions but you have great overall style so thought I'd ask.) Thanks!

  12. Kine

    2008-10-25 22:05:41 -0400

    I love the Halloween album. I'll be doing a mini from this years Halloween. I have to admit though, that my favorite detail from this post is the little R2D2 :)

  13. ArtsyMama

    2008-10-26 03:29:34 -0400

    Love your album. Thanks for the kick start. I just posted my Autumn Memories mini-album for this year on my blog!
    Have a great week!

  14. Ashley

    2008-10-26 16:37:13 -0400

    What a gorgeous album!

  15. alex

    2008-10-26 22:36:27 -0400

    Fantastic album Ali! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  16. JudyS.

    2008-10-27 13:11:32 -0400

    Hey Ali-Luv,Luv,Luv this album....great photos especially luv Simon as Dracula, great Jacko Lantern too!!! Have fun on Friday.

  17. Jackie

    2008-10-27 21:08:02 -0400

    what an awesome album Ali! OMG! I'm loving those cobweb rubons!

  18. Latharia

    2008-10-28 02:15:50 -0400

    Wonderful album ... and thanks for the reminder to keep it simple!!!

  19. Jennifer

    2008-10-29 07:34:04 -0400

    love the album Ali! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to scrapbook...the papers and embellishments are so fun.
    And I love the last pic where R2D2 is sitting on your desk LOL :)

  20. Beth Perry

    2008-11-02 01:05:37 -0500

    Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love, love your mini album!

  21. mimiey F.Y

    2008-11-14 14:41:10 -0500

    wowwwwwwwww!! i love ur halloween project.... superb work!!!

  22. Cinzia Loosemore

    2010-10-14 14:36:39 -0400

    I love this holloween project!!! Great keepsake!

  23. Michelle

    2010-10-14 15:40:17 -0400

    This is the cutest book. I have never worked with the clear books. I would love to be brave and try it, but I don't feel like I'm creative enough. This book is so cool.

  24. Carrie

    2010-10-14 16:20:08 -0400

    What I love about your stuff so much is that it looks as cool today as it was two years ago when you made it. Not dated at all. Just classic and awesome. :)

  25. Danielle Wilson

    2010-10-15 12:40:32 -0400

    Can you please tell me where you got or how you made those index prints in the first frame. I need to do that so bad and cannot find anywhere to do it. LOVE the mini album too BTW
    Thanks in advance.

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