Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day


[ more from Halloween on Monday ]

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day (oh you know there is a day for everything)!

Designer Digitals is running a one-day sale TODAY ONLY (now through Saturday, November 1) for 15% off your purchase. No special code is necessary.

Here's a couple suggestions you may want to consider:


Loving Life Word Art


2007 + 2008 + 2009 Brackets Title & Journal


25 Days of December Photo & Jounal Overlays


Holiday Title & Journal Blocks


Harvest Cardstock + Patterns


Flowers No. 1 Stamps + Brushes


Fall & Halloween Hand Drawn Brushes

27 thoughts

  1. Angela W

    2008-10-31 16:37:19 -0400

    Ali, do I have to have a photo editing package to be able to use these lovely digital words and phrases? Would I just be able to save them to print out to attach to a page?

  2. Kay Gregory-Clark

    2008-10-31 16:53:58 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    Even though I just ordered several things last week from DD (& Randy did swap out that file for me so I'm really a happy camper), I have to take advantage of this sale. Just ordered the Daily December overlays & some other items. Thanks for the tip--& the inspiration. I'm gathering my Christmas stash & trying to come up with a design/plan.

  3. Susanna

    2008-10-31 16:54:27 -0400

    ali, please help me... i am totally loving all the overlays and amazing word brushes and have figured out how to load them with photoshop element 6 using my pc, ... but i cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the colour of the individual words, am I even able to??? PLEASE HELP ME,
    Susanna xo

  4. Ali

    2008-10-31 17:58:01 -0400

    Hey Susanna - it is super easy. Go here for a great tutorial: http://spraguelab.squarespace.com/blog/2007/3/23/photoshop-friday-2007-12-re-coloring.html

  5. Wilda

    2008-10-31 18:39:51 -0400

    Love your pumpkins! I'm obsesed with pumpkins around this time of the year. Those are lovely!

  6. Christina

    2008-10-31 19:58:01 -0400

    Totally love how those drilled pumpkins turned out!

  7. Erin

    2008-10-31 22:31:36 -0400

    Hi Ali...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see these in stamp form for those that don't scrap digitally. I just purchased your other clear stamps with Technique Tuesday, received them yesterday, and love them. It would be wonderful to see more!

  8. Angela W

    2008-11-01 03:20:20 -0400

    Do I have to have photo editing software in order to use these digitals?

  9. Heather

    2008-11-01 03:28:07 -0400

    Oh yay! Love how the pumpkins turned out! What a cool idea. Definitely remembering that one for next year :)

  10. Camille

    2008-11-01 04:47:34 -0400

    ya know, i just love all your new digital stuff you're cranking out. LOVE it!!
    but....... have no clue whatsoever how to digitally scrap.
    i'd most likely snatch this up in a second if i did! = )

  11. Ali

    2008-11-01 04:55:06 -0400

    Erin - more stamps are coming from Technique Tuesday :).

  12. Ali

    2008-11-01 04:58:16 -0400

    Angela and others...for some of these digital products you do need Photoshop (for the layered templates most specifically). Others (like the words and overlays which are .png files) can be opened in Word and printed out, but I am not sure you can re-color them.

  13. Susanna

    2008-11-01 05:45:20 -0400

    thank you for your help ali. can you believe it after i posted this i sat at my computer determined to figure it out and was able to find the colour palette and it worked! I love the link you sent me will be checking it out. I never thought I would get into the digital side of scrapping, but i think with photoshop its just so amazing and i love addding words to photos... i just shopped at digital scrapbooking and bought almost all your words...
    hope your little guy is feeling better. my son is almost 7 and after about 20 houses announced : lets go home! :)
    its a long day for these little people!
    love and light
    Susanna xo

  14. Ali

    2008-11-01 06:05:41 -0400

    Awesome Susanna :). So much of all the digital + Photoshop stuff for me has been figuring it out as I go along. Part of the process.

  15. Michele H.

    2008-11-01 06:09:05 -0400

    WOW! Love those digital brushes. I wish I was digital literate :)

  16. Lisa from celebrate CREATIVITY

    2008-11-01 08:06:10 -0400

    Nice digital brushes and the pumpkin drilling is a great idea.

  17. Deborah

    2008-11-01 09:43:34 -0400

    Gotta get into some of the digital scrapbooking, but not quite there yet. A question about your pumpkin with large holes...I drilled mine but had to clean out the drill part after each hole which took a long time (had to unscrew everything, dig out pumpkin, screw it all back together again). Did you find an easy way to do that? Thanks again for your blog and all inspiration!

  18. Anne Alley

    2008-11-01 14:45:19 -0400

    The pumpkins look great! And I love the autumn themed stuff.

  19. Jen

    2008-11-01 14:53:53 -0400

    I see you used your drill on your pumpkins. Very nice job! They are lovely!

  20. Cary

    2008-11-01 22:46:45 -0400

    Love the pumpkins. What a great autumn photo. Don't you just love when a plan comes together. Ali, GREAT JOB!

  21. Debbie Comish

    2008-11-02 01:05:04 -0500

    Have really been enjoying all your digital offerings at Designer Digitals - thanks. I have tried several times to find the painted circle backround paper that you featured in the CK Sept 08 issue but with no luck. Not sure if I am just not navigating the new site properly or it is no longer available???? If it is still available do you have a link? Thanks again.

  22. Grace Tolman

    2008-11-02 09:55:29 -0500

    Hello Ms Ali,
    I definitely agree that there's a day for everything and I like this one for sure. Great designs.
    Anyways, I'm inviting you to check out a "gratitude" challenge I'm doing in my blog. You've always been an inspiration to me when it comes to some insightful journaling and thought you might be interested in participating. If you can't, I understand, I know how busy you are.
    so here's the direct link- http://tolmanchronicles.blogspot.com/2008/11/gratitude-challenge.html
    hope you can play along.
    Grace Tolman
    Norwalk, CA

  23. Keri B.

    2008-11-02 14:27:11 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I was so excited to see you start designing for digital scrapbooking. I love your stuff and plan to ask for gift certificates to Designer Digitals for Christmas so I can buy ALL of your items. In honor of National Digital Scrapbooking Day, I did buy a few of your items yesterday.
    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and being such an inspiration. I've been able to create many birthday presents for my friends by using your digital designs.
    Keri B.

  24. Gemm

    2008-11-02 23:11:17 -0500

    Love your digital brushes!!!

  25. Libbi M.

    2008-11-03 16:01:35 -0500

    Hi Ali! I purchased some of your words and overlays which are .png files and I can't seem to open them in my Microsoft Works Word Processor. I was able to cut and paste one to my Microsoft Works Word Processor program but alot of the image was distorted. Can you or anybody else help me please? Thank you :-)

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