Hello Friday.


1. No specific weekend creative today. Hoping that many of you will be able to play with your week in the life albums over the weekend.

2. Thanks for the excitement regarding the stamps yesterday. They should be back in stock and appearing in local and online stores soon!

3. Jessica Sprague (one of my favorite instructors) is teaching and offering a free, one-week class on her site (jessicasprague.com) on the topic of collecting stories you want to tell. It's called Stories In Hand. You don't have to be a scrapbooker to take this class. You don't have to be a digital scrapbooker to take this class. You just need to be interested in collecting your own personal stories in an organized fashion (love that idea). Registration begins October 20th. Here's the class flyer:


4. Sharing some more awesome week in the life projects (I have loved seeing these come in a bunch of different languages - keep them coming as you get into the creative/crafty phase):

From Susi:


From Sue:


From Michelle:


From Lisa (love how she is using pockets for her printed calendar each day):


From Maica:


From Rhonda:


From Hillary (8x8):


From Marie:


5. Coming next week: look for a week in the life follow-up, a Halloween mini-album (documenting 2007), Halloween product ideas, new Designer Digitals and more.   

6. Have a great weekend. We are savoring the season around here. It is really starting to get chilly in the mornings while we wait for the bus for Simon. I am doing lots of cooking (which began during my week and hasn't really stopped since - last night it was cranberry-pumpkin cookies) and lots of budgeting/looking at our finances (getting our "house" in order). Chris calls it "nesting gone awry" even though I know he is happy to have me doing these things. I am very much loving being here at home.

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  1. Nicky Anderson

    2008-10-10 03:07:12 -0400

    Nesting gone awry is just fine - any nesting is good. Days are cool and crisp here and so dark when Brody's bus comes. Very excited about Jessica's class.
    Getting ready for our thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, lots of family, food and fun.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Heather

    2008-10-10 03:16:18 -0400

    Wow -- each idea seems better than the last one! Just goes to show that there truly is no right or wrong way and that each of us really does have a story to tell! Thanks again for doing this project with us Ali -- you are awesome!

  3. Jonnelle

    2008-10-10 03:16:26 -0400

    I love looking at all of the different albums, thank you for sharing them!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. LesleMora

    2008-10-10 03:17:23 -0400

    Loving all the 'week in the life' examples. Great inspiration!

  5. iowajewel

    2008-10-10 03:43:29 -0400

    well i am one of the lucky ones, i got all 3 of your stamps ordered before they sold out! being a night owl paid off as i was up late on the computer and put my order in as soon as i saw they were for sale! you know Ali i can't thank you enough for making them. i have been a stamper since the early 1980's and i know these will be some of my favorites!

  6. Lauren N.

    2008-10-10 03:53:56 -0400

    I'm definitely going to sign up for Jessica's class. It sounds really neat. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  7. jenny

    2008-10-10 03:56:06 -0400

    Love seeing how other's put together their albums! Goodluck with the budgeting. Have to say that I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan. Check out his site for budgeting advice: www.daveramsey.com

  8. SueB

    2008-10-10 03:58:10 -0400

    These are ALL so wonderful. I think I'll start over. I'm thinking of focusing on my word for this year (another idea I got from you) which is "learn".

  9. Susanna

    2008-10-10 04:17:09 -0400

    have a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. I had the absolute joy of meeting DONNA D. 2 weekends ago at a scrapweekend in Parksville , Vancouver Island BC.(CD and Kah-Mei were there aswell, it was amazing) She is so so sweet ! I hope i will meet you someday soon as we are practically neighbours !!!
    i just had to share that with you:)
    take care, Susanna

  10. Aia

    2008-10-10 04:20:41 -0400

    ahh, the nesting phase...puts a smile on my face...have a good weekend, hope to have some pages to share next week :)

  11. Marie Moser

    2008-10-10 05:25:04 -0400

    Thanks for sharing my LO Ali. What a pleasant surprise to see it here. So Happy!

  12. Melissa Rydjeski

    2008-10-10 05:36:42 -0400

    Do you have suggestions for enlarging the journaling area for the 12 x 12 page? Parts of the day of the week in your handwriting lean over the lines, plus there are vertical lines that don't stretch. Thanks for letting me know.

  13. Charmayne Bowling

    2008-10-10 05:47:08 -0400

    I have really loved this "week in the life" project. Thanks for always motivating me to do something new.
    We trying to get our "house in order" too. Cutting back and paying off debt-feels good!

  14. Kim

    2008-10-10 07:35:34 -0400

    I spy the book, "Breaking Dawn" from Marie. Awesome book...could not put it down, even with pink eye. Enjoy! Love everyone's work!

  15. Tiffani

    2008-10-10 08:44:23 -0400

    Do you know of a source for "bulk" quantities of 12 x 12 craft-colored cardstock for scrapbooking? In the past I have found Wausau brand cardstock in this color at Kelly paper in the 8 1/2 x 11 size, but have recently switched to 12x12 and would like to be able to buy it more economically than a page at a time.
    I really liked a while back in one of your posts/articles/books (?) that you mentioned sticking primarily with a few basic cardstock colors to simplify your scrapbooking.

  16. sandee

    2008-10-10 10:08:36 -0400

    Great ideas..I am waiting for my pics to return and I can't wait to get started on mine.....of course by the time I do you will be onto other adventures..lol

  17. Steph

    2008-10-10 14:18:24 -0400

    loving that scrapbooking is making its way all around the world..... loving the German layout! not only is it a favorite language of mine (as a former German teacher!), but it's a wonderful layout! :)
    hoping that you're well, Ali.

  18. Shannon in WA

    2008-10-10 17:51:25 -0400

    I always find myself wanting to stay home and do domestic things in the fall. Good to hear I'm not the only one.

  19. Janie

    2008-10-11 04:11:10 -0400

    All of these pages are wonderful! I'm enjoying seeing the different ideas of everybody!

  20. Hillary Chybinski

    2008-10-11 11:05:42 -0400

    Ali - OMG I am so honored to have my project pictured here. . .thank you. I have a question - do you do a "dedication" page? I have a spot where I could do that - or like an introduction or description. . .not sure. . .

  21. Emma

    2008-10-11 13:36:55 -0400

    Finally finished my week in the life project. Very different to the ones I have seen here.
    take a look at
    Keep up the great projects

  22. Amy

    2008-10-12 05:30:00 -0400

    Love the sunflower picture!
    Enjoyed looking at all the pages people have shown you.
    I finished my project today. Here it is:

  23. Aggie

    2008-10-12 08:18:53 -0400

    Hello Ali,
    I would like to thank you for being such a great inspiration to many people and to me, most especially.
    I am a digital scrapbooker and I have finished the Week in the Life Album. I kept it simple using your products at DD plus one kit (templates help as well -- a TON!). I decided to print it out as a Shutterfly 8x8 Book. It was the cheapest and easiest way for me.
    Here is my blog post about assembling the book:
    And here is the finished Shutterfly Book:
    Thank you Ali!
    I hope you have a great week ahead!

  24. Cherie

    2008-10-12 14:09:38 -0400

    I finished mine!!
    Thanks for the great ideas!

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