Hello Friday.


1. No specific weekend creative today. Hoping that many of you will be able to play with your week in the life albums over the weekend.

2. Thanks for the excitement regarding the stamps yesterday. They should be back in stock and appearing in local and online stores soon!

3. Jessica Sprague (one of my favorite instructors) is teaching and offering a free, one-week class on her site (jessicasprague.com) on the topic of collecting stories you want to tell. It's called Stories In Hand. You don't have to be a scrapbooker to take this class. You don't have to be a digital scrapbooker to take this class. You just need to be interested in collecting your own personal stories in an organized fashion (love that idea). Registration begins October 20th. Here's the class flyer:


4. Sharing some more awesome week in the life projects (I have loved seeing these come in a bunch of different languages - keep them coming as you get into the creative/crafty phase):

From Susi:


From Sue:


From Michelle:


From Lisa (love how she is using pockets for her printed calendar each day):


From Maica:


From Rhonda:


From Hillary (8x8):


From Marie:


5. Coming next week: look for a week in the life follow-up, a Halloween mini-album (documenting 2007), Halloween product ideas, new Designer Digitals and more.   

6. Have a great weekend. We are savoring the season around here. It is really starting to get chilly in the mornings while we wait for the bus for Simon. I am doing lots of cooking (which began during my week and hasn't really stopped since - last night it was cranberry-pumpkin cookies) and lots of budgeting/looking at our finances (getting our "house" in order). Chris calls it "nesting gone awry" even though I know he is happy to have me doing these things. I am very much loving being here at home.

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