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October 14, 2008

Three Things : Halloween


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A few weeks ago we had the outside of our house painted. I was waiting until that was finished to start bringing out the Halloween decorations. And now I am so, so excited to get down to the business of decorating.

This is coming into a time of year I just love: Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I have started baskets of supplies for each holiday (adding to last year’s stash) and have begun making lists of things I want to put together this year.


I love this pumpkin pounding idea over at Wondertime (via Two Straight Lines). I am also going to go for something along the lines of pumpkins that were on the cover of County Home (or Cottage Living or one of those this past month) – they used larger circles that will require a bit more work but had such a cool look. My mom and I strategized on this and decided that I could use a circle cookie cutter (not huge obviously) to start the circle and then use a knife to cut the rest out.

I am in the middle of putting together my a Halloween minibook from last year that I will post when I have finished later this week.

Here’s three of the products I have been gathering or am planning to pick up for this season:

Teresa Collins Spooktacular Halloween Circle Tag patterned paper : especially fond of the circles with the lines. The back is black with large white dots (image shows a portion of a 12×12 sheet of paper).

Little Yellow Bicycle Frightful Clear Cut Frames: great for pages in a minibook or as overlays on top of photos.

Evalicious Halloween Mix Button Embellishments: thought these were really cute and could be used in lots of different ways around the house as well as in paper projects.


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  • 1.
    Molly said…

    I’m finishing my halloween mini from last year as well. Kind of fun to get in the mood by looking at photos from last year. I was thinking pumpkins with circles as well, saw it in a old MSL. Happy day, Ali!

  • 2.
    sue said…

    Cool products Ali! I especially love the button embellishments.
    Your decorating ideas should be in a holiday decorating magazine or book. Very creative.

  • 3.
    Hannah said…

    fall is my favorite time of year too!!! I just love the color changes, and the smells in the air….the fresh apples, and cider…I can’t wait to take our annual color tour next week!!!

  • 4.
    MNScrapbookmom said…

    I love decorative pumpkins… although, I will always love the traditional carved face pumpkin. This year, I think I will buy a white pumpkin as they seem to be so lovely, and perhaps try this pumpkin pounding technique. Happy Fall Ali… ¥

  • 5.
    Deanna said…

    I will be decorating tonight, fun fun fun! For your “holie” pumpkin… a hole saw attachment for the drill works perfect!

  • 6.
    Tisha said…

    I think I saw a similar circle pumpkin idea in a BHG – they used a circular apple corer and punched out circles from different colored pumpkins, then put the cores back in the other colored pumpkins! Looked pretty cool! Here’s a link to a similar project!

  • 7.
    Kelley said…

    I suggest a power drill with different size bits to get circle look you are going for.

  • 8.
    dinny said…

    Another fall fan here! Pumpkin carving is always an adventure around our house. My husband started a tradition of using power tools to carve our pumkins. Drills make PERFECT circles in pumpkins, and the available sizes are whatever bits you can get your hands on! I also found a melon baller makes a cool translucent perfect circle. Here’s a pic from a few years back :)
    Happy FALL!

  • 9.
    Libby said…

    A couple other people have already mentioned this, but a cordless drill with a couple of different bits will get you the perfect circles. Also, I’d recommend using wood booring (sp?) bits. They come in sizes lots of different sizes and if you only drill halfway through the pumpkin you will get the semi-opaque look another commenter mentioned. Good luck!

  • 10.
    Theresa Smith said…

    I put those exact mixed button embellishments in my Etsy favorites! I love evalicious!

  • 11.
    Kerry said…

    Hi Ali! Looking forward to seeing all you create! Have a good day!

  • 12.
    Viki said…

    I second, or is it third the drill idea!
    For other details a drimel tool is good too.
    IT always feels good to take a power tool in hand and use it for something totally different.
    However, it is lots of fun to have a child pound those golf tees into the pumpkin.
    Imagine how it makes them feel!

  • 13.
    Anna Willett said…

    a quick and easy way to put larger holes in a pumpkin is to use a drill with a paddle bit. it is so quick and you really do get a clean perfectly round hole. they come in different sizes too.
    happy carving!
    <3 anna

  • 14.
    Jen said…

    I came to comment on the holes on the pumpkin…I see others have the same idea. I used a drill and drill bit one year for holes…it was super fast and super easy!!! And they looked fab-u-lous!!! Here’s a link to Martha Stewart for more ideas… I’m sure yours will be super cute no matter what you do!!!

  • 15.
    Linn said…

    I love the pumpkin carving idea!

  • 16.
    michelle said…

    Ali — I have used a drill to make polka-dot pumpkins — just use a fairly large bit and your jack-o-lantern will be done in a matter of minutes!

  • 17.
    michelle said…

    p.s. my mom has a tradition of spray-painting pumpkins — bronze, gold, or black. You can add glitter or ribbon. They are really cute and they last a long time. Everyone always comments on them.

  • 18.
    Sue said…

    Let me give you a cautionary tale on the cookie cutter idea. I tried this one year after I read it in a Martha Stewart Magazine. The pumpkin shell was so thick that I couldn’t get the cookie cutter to penetrate the shell. I started to hammer it in. Now I had a cookie cutter half in and half out of the shell and couldn’t get it to budge in either direction. I used the knife to cut out the circle and pushed through the pumpkin circle but scraped my hand on the metal cookie cutter and I STILL couldn’t get that darn cookie cutter out of the shell!! So good luck and be careful!

  • 19.
    Kim said…

    Not sure I’ve seen the cover you’re referring to, but last year, my husband carved a couple of our pumpkins with a drill. He used the large cirlce bit. The circles were about 3″ diameter. He did it for an alien face pumpkin but it would work for any type. You could use any size bit too. It goes quick.

  • 20.
    Nikki Love said…

    We like to cut and paint our pumpkins. I love the 3 Halloween items you chose! Take care and kisses to Simon & the the little angel :) I can’t wait for her to get here :D

  • 21.
    Andrea said…

    Totally Love the pumpkin idea… I saw them stacked, in a urn, three different sizes with the holes and christmas lights in the them with a few added branches or grape vines and leaves. Like a topiary! Super cute. The mag i read suggested an apple corer!

  • 22.
    tania said…

    ali….check your email! :o )

  • 23.
    kelli said…

    You can get large circle cutters for your drill, they use them to cut holes for door knobs, etc. You can get a variety of sizes.

  • 24.
    Joanne said…

    here I thought I was going to be so clever and recommend a drill with a key hole cutter…but everyone has said that. Also the Dremmel would work well too….hope you post pictures when you get it done.

  • 25.
    amy coon said…

    Ali the real easy way to do the pumpkin holes are with a cordless drill and various size bits if your husband has one goes really fast and the paddle bit makes great bigger holes——just a tip AMY

  • 26.
    kerry said…

    Yep… try the power drill with hole attachments for cool, perfect holes on your pumpkins! Not to mention, it’s great stress relief!! Haha!

  • 27.
    Kim R said…

    Love the pumpkin and the products. Halloween is such a fun and creative holiday.

  • 28.
    Tobi Kelly said…

    You can use a screw/drill will large drill bits, or the ones that are BIG…and look different (that is a technical term you know!)…to drill the holes…it works great!

  • 29.
    Ashley said…

    the buttons are too cute! cant wait to see your mini book!

  • 30.
    Sara said…

    What they said! I was going to tellyou the same thing about drilling holes. Fast and easy. Trying to cut those little holes is hard but drilling them is easy — and destructive and FUN with power tools!

  • 31.
    Laura said…

    I wonder if the crop-a-dile will work on a pumpkin?

  • 32.
    Audrey said…

    I love fall so much that my DH and DS now are lovers also. We did circle faces one year, my DH used a drill with the circle drill bit LOL….

  • 33.
    donna said…

    just love your fall post. i have received your recent book of mini albums nad have decided i need to make a fall/halloween photo mini book of some sort of my darling neice and nephew! sooo many photos and not enough time to play!
    i have done the circle pumpkins ..but i used martha’s way..various drill bit sizes! they go thru in a heart beat, big or small..and wow! what a dynamic clean look! i did a fake pumpkin, little holes and poked black wired purple lightes thru the little holes! so fun…and not rotting!
    happy halloween!

  • 34.
    Gina Baynes said…

    I have done this pumpkin using the drill bits before and it worked great. Instead of cutting the top off of the pumpkin, I cut a hole in the bottom, rubbed the inside with ground cinnamon/nutmeg and placed the whole pumpkin over the top of a votive (in a glass holder)–The heat from the candle warmed up the spices and it smelled wonderful– plus it was pretty to look at!

  • 35.
    Sarah said…

    Completely unrelated to todays post, but I thought you might like to check this out…

  • 36.
    Sharon F. said…

    Oh love the idea of cutting out the bottom…very clever… I actually use a pumpkin carving kit and its so fun and easy. But depends upon the size hole you are wanting.
    Can’t wait to see photos. I did monograms last year of my pets initials. Loved them.

  • 37.
    Erin Ann said…

    I saw in a magazine to use an apple corer to cut out circles. I am going to try it-going for the polka-dot look :)

  • 38.
    Tanya said…

    Martha Stewart had a Halloween special on tv last week (some old and some new stuff packed in one hour) and she had the coolest pumpkins that she shared. Check them out. I LOVE the village and the pumpkin snake! (Hope the link works – if not Google: Martha Stewart pumpkin snake),,FINE_30416_5713584,00.htm

  • 39.
    Jana said…

    This year I’m going to use those little battery powered tea lights you can find at dollar stores—I always like using real small pumpkins, but the candles usually scorch the lids of the pumpkins, making them smoke, even with vent holes cut out of the top. Since all our pumpkins we grew this year are so tiny I thought I’d try the little fake tea lights—don’t have to worry about fire that way too! Another halloween tip!

  • 40.
    Amber said…

    I love non-traditional pumpkins. I have seen a lot of articles lately with really cool ideas. I saw the one in BHG that someone mentioned where they cut circles from white/orange pumpkins and then switched them.
    I also saw an article in Family Circle where they spray painted them.
    The last article I saw, they spray painted small pumpkins and gourds gold {I’ll do silver} and used them as a centerpiece throughout Christmas. What a way to make your decorations work for you!
    This is my absolute favorite time of year as well. I just have to be careful not to push it by too fast b/c I’m so anxious!! I want Halloween to be over so I can get ready for Thanksgiving. Then I want Thanksgiving to hurry up so I can decorate for Christmas. :)
    I’ve been collecting, planning, organizing. I’ve done pink/green for the last couple years at Christmas, and this year I’m going to do red/silver. So I’m especially anxious to plan & organize. I just bought a wooden Nutcracker tonight at Goodwill and I love it!
    You should totally check out the latest Pottery Barn magazine. I know you’d go nuts over it!

  • 41.
    Nancy C. said…

    This isn’t exactly on the topic, but I thought you’d appreciate it. Someone painted a pumpkin to look exactly like one of the Obama/Biden buttons and donated it to our local headquarters to adorn the issue paper table. They used the dark blue background and then the circle logo. Looks very cool!

  • 42.
    rachel carlson said…

    great halloween ideas. i especially like the whack-o-lantern. i’m going to try that because i love polka dots and this will be perfect. thanks for sharing, rachel

  • 43.
    NanaBeth said…

    I think Little Yellow Bicycle totally nailed Halloween this year. I want every piece of their collection. Just went to the Etsy store-
    my goose is totally cooked now. She has some fantastic stuff. Thanks (I think) for the link.

  • 44.
    Cami said…

    You can make a polka dot pumpkin with an apple corer. Super easy!

  • 45.
    Kendra Mizer said…

    Ali, is everything okay with you? We haven’t heard from you today and you usually let us know when you’ll be “off”. Just checking in on you and your family! HUGS.

  • 46.
    Lisa said…

    Those are really very beautiful Halloween stuffs.

  • 47.
    Lisa! said…

    I used an apple corer for my dotted pumpkin.

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