Week in the Life : Friday Photos + A Couple Words

week in the life : waiting for a bagel by you.

Waiting for a bagel.

week in the life : checking out the city by you.

Checking out the city from the Center for Health & Healing.

week in the life : 10th floor OHSU by you.

10 floors up.

week in the life : crosswords while waiting for the doctor by you.

Crosswords while waiting for the doctor.

week in the life : bagel breakfast by you.

Eating his morning bagel.

week in the life : waiting for the tram at OHSU by you.

Waiting for the tram.

week in the life : on the tram by you.

Riding the tram.

week in the life : crossword at lunch by you.

More crosswords at lunch.

week in the life : napping in the car by you.

Driving home. Love those legs all folded up...just like his sister on the ultrasound. 


We were all pretty tired after our adventure up the freeway yesterday that we were really mellow around the house for the rest of the evening. I need to jot down some more thoughts from yesterday today. I think I will probably take some more shots around the house to supplement if I need them. 

I am getting excited about putting this all together. Hope you have a great Saturday!


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