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October 4, 2008

Week in the Life : Friday Photos + A Couple Words

week in the life : waiting for a bagel by you.

Waiting for a bagel.

week in the life : checking out the city by you.

Checking out the city from the Center for Health & Healing.

week in the life : 10th floor OHSU by you.

10 floors up.

week in the life : crosswords while waiting for the doctor by you.

Crosswords while waiting for the doctor.

week in the life : bagel breakfast by you.

Eating his morning bagel.

week in the life : waiting for the tram at OHSU by you.

Waiting for the tram.

week in the life : on the tram by you.

Riding the tram.

week in the life : crossword at lunch by you.

More crosswords at lunch.

week in the life : napping in the car by you.

Driving home. Love those legs all folded up…just like his sister on the ultrasound. 


We were all pretty tired after our adventure up the freeway yesterday that we were really mellow around the house for the rest of the evening. I need to jot down some more thoughts from yesterday today. I think I will probably take some more shots around the house to supplement if I need them. 

I am getting excited about putting this all together. Hope you have a great Saturday!


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  • 1.
    Megan said…

    Isn’t cool when there is *someone* to compare your kids to? “Just like his sister…I love it.
    Your photo in those brown chairs took me aback. And back. Sat in that very spot many times myself. Blessings to your whole family.

  • 2.
    Johanna said…

    A great Saturday to you, too! Thank you for leading us through this adventure. :)

  • 3.
    Angela Walthall said…

    I have been really enjoying this project. I have started to pull my album together in small ways. I can’t wait to share it. Have a great weekend!!!

  • 4.
    LesleMora said…

    I don’t leave the house without my book of sudoku puzzles. Loving the everyday shots, very inspiring.

  • 5.
    Amy said…

    just as I suspected, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!
    I am going to miss you next week at CPR :(

  • 6.
    Rinda said…

    Hope everything went well at OHSU.
    Thanks for the self-portriat links yesterday. Wow! Those are really stepped up. At some point, I’d like to try really challenge myself with self-portraits.

  • 7.
    Andrea L said…

    His sister don’t know if I am just seeing this but congrats on a GIRL they are so much fun to shop for.

  • 8.
    cinback said…

    How many photos are you taking each day? I am assuming that there are more than you are posting! Are you planning to use only the ones that you have posted, or are you planning on using more? I have 20-30 photos per day. I want to use them ALL, but they will have to be so small to fit them all on a page!

  • 9.
    Ali said…

    Cinback – I am taking between 10 and 20 or so (not as many as I have in the past). Part of the decisions you will make will be how you want to display your photos – some people will use all of them and some just a few.

  • 10.
    young c-m said…

    Wow, your son is starting to look more like Chris, especially in that first photo. Thanks for sharing!

  • 11.
    Rebecca Harper said…


  • 12.
    Kirsten said…

    Hi Ali! I have a photography question. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XTi (think in hindsight I should have gone with the Xsi, but oh well), and am primarily using the kit lens for that, which is not image stabilized. I have the 50mm f1.8 lens as well, which is great, but I like the range of the kit lens. Since I don’t like using the flash, many of the pictures are blurry (and not the good kind of blurry), and even if they’re not totally blurry, they’re also not nice and crisp. (I am using the P setting primarily and adjust ISO) How much is the lens a factor in this? Have you used the image stabilized lenses, and if so, how much of a difference does that make?
    Thanks so much for all your help with this awesome project. Have a great weekend!

  • 13.

    nice, nonchalant way to sneak that in their for all us.
    congrats sweet girl.

  • 14.
    Melanie said…

    Did you just try to sneak that past us???? Congrats on a girl!!! Ahhhh…. you get to shop for girl clothes! I envy you … three boys here. And nope I am NOT going to try for a girl again! Congrats and I hope Simon is excited … Ali is having a GIRL!

  • 15.
    tara in maryland said…

    LOVING this project and seeing such a cool peek into your life ali! i think SO many of us who fell in love with you and your style of scrapbooking, kind of view you as a superstar minus the daily junk (piles, laundry, dinner decisions). documenting your day through words and photos, really gives a true view that your day to day life is just as normal as ours. (i hope i explained correctly what i was trying to say there) :)
    i got a late start on this project, so i can’t wait to start it this coming week! but, for the record you are our superstar! and simon is looking so grown up in that eating the bagel pic, such a handsome young man! couldn’t help melting as i read “just like his sister”!!!

  • 16.
    Kristin said…

    I am really enjoying this week. Each day though I have taken less and less photos, but i think more quality photos, if you know what i mean.
    I have started to pull it all together. think I have decided on a layout too. Now the hard task Sunday evening, choosing which photos to print!

  • 17.
    Linda Beeson said…

    I’ve seen those little men before since I have two grandsons who are currently way into them and I LOVE THINKING PINK!!!!

  • 18.
    Michelle said…

    Love the pics of Simon. My son is turning 8 next week. They grow so fast. . . .
    Just a question for your thoughts: I am averaging about 60 pics per day. I may print them all…is that crazy? Seems like so many. (Love also so will probably print there.) And due to so many pics, I’ll be doing a lot of cropping (and purposely took some “far away” so I can crop pieces out)—I think 3 1/2 x 5 would be great but 4x6s are cheaper. AHH, anyway, my question is are you just gonna print all 4x6s and go from there? Or will you make some 5×7, etc.? I am just curious about that. (I’m doing the Antholgoie album and a 12×12 intro page that’s going to be all digi with one big photo–maybe decreased opacity with journaling on top. But the rest….not sure how to print them yet!! Feeling overwhelmed w/the # of photos but love ‘em all.)

  • 19.
    Heather said…

    Hey, I just thought you’d like to know this; my husband says I’m driving him nuts with the picture taking. Yet he’s taken more today than I have. Sooooo cute.

  • 20.
    Krystyn said…

    I’m so sad…I started out good this week with pics -but today I have failed miserably….and even a little bit yesterday. Not sure if I should keep going or start over next week? Ugh!

  • 21.
    Ali said…

    Michelle – I would print them all 4×6 and then crop as you are putting the album together. That way you could use “extras” if you want for other layouts that tell different stories.
    Krystyn – don’t worry about it! Just keep going + do more words than photos for that day (or supplement with others from the week – like pics around your house…things that could be any day).

  • 22.
    Heather said…

    Krystyn, you have NOT failed. I almost packed it in the other day cause I have not journalled. At all. And I haven’t kept a ton of stuff. But Ali told me not to quit and I’m so glad I didn’t. I may not have our whole week documented in writing, but I sure got a good “picture” of our life right now. And part of my life right now is not having enough time to journal AND take pics AND save stuff. I’d just sit down and write about WHY you “failed” today, what got in your way.
    Sorry, Ali, hope it’s okay if I jumped in there. LOL You just helped me so much this week by telling me not to quit.

  • 23.
    Kim Strother said…

    I am REALLY enjoying this project! Never done anything like this before. I am going with your Shutterfly book to put mine all together. I reviewed my photos yesterday, about 200 so far, and I really like what I have. Like many, my notes or journaling is not as much, but I am okay with this…I know a picture can speak a thousand words!!!
    On another note I just wanted to say how handsome Simon looks in your photos.

  • 24.
    Amanda D said…

    Congrats on the upcoming birth of your daughter! You’ll love having a daughter.

  • 25.
    Jolynn said…

    I’m absolutly LOVING this project. I’m sorry to see all the picture taking coming to a end after tomarrow but it’s been a load of fun. I can’t wait to start putting this together!!!!

  • 26.
    Deirdre said…

    My word for 2008 was “now”…and the challenge of A Week in the Life led to my most consciously “now” week all year—thank you so much for all the inspiration and encouragement.

  • 27.
    PJ said…

    Love to see all your photo’s! You’ve captured the everydayness of your life so well! Much better than all my pictures, but that also due to the fact that i’m a part time working mum with less time on hand to take a lot of pictures during the day! Anyway… i’m excited to see how you’re going to put your album together too.. i’m glad to say i decided on the format already… and i made a design for my pages too, so it will be much easier to stick everything together next week!

  • 28.
    Robin said…

    This has been such a great project to work on. I know I don’t have every shot that I would have wanted, but I have enough I think. Today my car died after I dropped my daughters off at a public school to take an SAT test. So, I walked home, walked back and then they walked home with me. It wasn’t too far and it was a beautiful day. My husband was able to finish his project for the day and go with me to fix it this evening. So, I have more interesting things happening for my “normal” week than was planned.
    Thanks for encouraging us all to scrap our week.

  • 29.
    Tiffani said…

    Thanks for challenging and encouraging us to do this project. I’ve really enjoyed this week of documenting our lives, and am kind of sad that part is over already! Hopefully I can avoid procrastination, and follow through with the album in the coming week.

  • 30.
    Jessica said…

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Love all your pics. I would love to know more about your plans on being green with the baby. I saw you are using cloth diapers. Sorry if I missed it, but could you share what brand you are using and the method of cleaning both baby and diapers you’ll be using?

  • 31.
    Ange said…

    Ali Thankyou so much for this project.
    In Sydney Australia it is school holidays. I am loving documenting our school holidays. It is a two week break, so not too long. I love catching the kids in their play, because they have so much time together their adventures are quite involved and complex. At the moment our cubby house has become Roald Dahl’s Cafe with recipes from all his books. Thankyou for prompting me to capture this wonder.

  • 32.
    kelly said…

    Oh Ali – I can’t get over how Simon is starting to look so grown up. That picture of him holding his bagel just made me stop in my tracks as I remember so clearly some of your early pages and how tiny he was!
    Love how you’re documenting this! Wonderful shots/moments you’re getting :)

  • 33.

    this has been so much fuN!
    i am getting shots i would have never gotten! tonight we went to barnes and noble and there was an author there and we got a pic. he came and talked to my 8 year old, who has written one book herself and wants to be an author. it was so fuN! and she is so inspired and i have it on filM! thank yOU! can’t wait to put it together! i bought a little notebook from Target tonight for it to go intO!tara

  • 34.
    Monika said…

    Hi Ali,
    My biggest challenge is the downloading & printing of my photos. I am so technically challenged, but I won’t let that stop me from having a great scrapbooking project. I have been having a great time taking pictures of so many situations and my kids even have been taking photos.
    Should we have our albums already chosen because I really don’t know what I want to use. I’m leaning more towards the 8.5 x 11. What size albums is everyone else thinking about?

  • 35.
    Denise Hubbard said…

    Ali, LOVING this project and it has helped me see so clearly all the special moments of everyday life! YOUR SIMON IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! And Chris isn’t too bad either! (he’s adorable too)

  • 36.
    Ali said…

    Monika – there’s no rule on a time line for choosing your album. If you are on a roll with this project than I suggest making a decision and moving forward with the other parts: printing photos, choosing products, etc.

  • 37.
    Heather said…

    Ali, I’m not sure if my question perhaps got lost, but I was wondering if the 12×12 mixed pages from Scrapworks can work in a regular 12×12 3-ring album? I’m really leaning towards setting up the book that way. I know if I try to do layouts it won’t get done. Ever. But I like the idea of assorted pics and then journal cards and one or two embellishments.

  • 38.
    tara said…

    LOVE the ‘fertility’ sign by simons head! LOL! Your guy reminds me a lot of my 8 year old with autism. I keep taking pictures of my food and my 10 year old daughter finally said, ‘MOM! why do you take pictures of all your food?! It’s really creeping me out!’ hahaha!

  • 39.
    Ali said…

    Hey Heather – sorry about that :) . When I have tried them in the past they were too long (coming out of the edge of the album – not at the top or bottom but on the side). I would recommend using clear page divided page protectors from another source.
    If someone else has tried recently I would love to know if this is still the case or if they fit into a “regular” 12×12 3-ring.

  • 40.
    Fonda Darter said…

    Congrats on the little one on the way! I love all your photos, they are so clear and sharp. I’ve been playing along with the “week in the life” and loving it. Today I was driving to town for shopping at LSS and had to stop and write some things down. Besides what we SEE everyday I thought why not write down what we Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel (Touch). I’m not sure what brought it on, just the nice Fall day and that I could “notice” all these things at once! Thanks for sharing this journey with us!

  • 41.
    sarah said…

    A GIRL!!! :) congrats on that news.
    and thanks for this weeks journey it has
    been a lot of fun, especially having my kids so involved with the process of this assignment – now its an eceryday occurance when one of them makes a statement – like “are you going to write that down” lol.. LOVE IT -

  • 42.
    Suzie said…

    Love the picture of Simon and the bagel and the fertility sign in the background. Makes me laugh a little, because you had to be fertile to have him and his sister (lol). I see so many resemblances of Simon and Chris. It’s so fun watching him grow up and experience sooo much now. You’re looking just adorable. My sister is going to have her baby girl in January also (not sure if she’s going to OHSU again though).

  • 43.
    o said…

    Great photos, Ali. The composition of all your photos are so simple yet so interesting & telling. I like those kind of photos. I strive to do that in my own photography. In this new batch of photos, if I may say, Simon looks so much like Chris. :) Sometimes I see you in Simon’s face when I see pictures of him but these newest ones I definitely see Chris. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. I’m looking forward to putting all of this ‘week in a life’ stuff together. :)

  • 44.
    Judith said…

    hi ali, i just love this project!! Finished my week and put some of my favorite pictures on my blog. Now I am thinking about the size of my album :) Have a nice sunday!! love from Holland, Judith

  • 45.
    Kylie said…

    Hi Ali,
    I had so much fun this week taking photos and documenting our week (Its Sunday here in NZ- so the weeks finished). But I have a quick question…
    On Friday night I was admitted to hospital due to complications with me and the pregnancy, I spent 24 hours in hospital. The 24 hours were pretty much a blur, and obviously I took no photos. Anyhow, My question being – how would you suggest I document in the scrapbook those 24 hours (Friday night and the whole of Saturday.) ? I still want to scrap the week, because no week is normal (esspecially this one!) and I thought about a photo of the hospital, but the hospital I stayed at was over an hour away, so thats not realistic. Any suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated.
    Thank you for sharing your week and personal life with all of us.
    Kylie :)

  • 46.
    Sam said…

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed sharing a week in your life, and I have just started the project myself (Friday). I’m not sure if I’ll manage to do the scrapbook anytime soon, but at least I’ll have a blog record of my week to look back on.
    Thanks for sharing the project.

  • 47.
    Lisa Dickinson said…

    I kinda caught your blog it the middle of your documentation – but it is really inspiring (like everything you do!) Thanks for the reminder that these little details of daily life deserve scrapbook time, too! :)

  • 48.

    That last shot is beyond cute. I’m trying to get in on the action slowly but surely!

  • 49.
    Shelly Kettell said…

    Just like his sister!!!! The name game begins! You look GREAT and cute and happy.
    Thanks for sharing…what a good week!

  • 50.
    Rinda said…

    I’m sure you had already mentioned you were having a girl. . . quite a while ago, right?

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