Week in the Life : Saturday Photos + Words

week in the life : morning kitchen by you.

week in the life : chris packing by you.

week in the life : getting ready to go by you.

week in the life : saying goodbye to daddy by you.

week in the life : playtime by you.

week in the life : rainbow playground by you.

week in the life : simon stuff by you.

week in the life : our favorite spot by you.

week in the life : afternoon snack by you.

week in the life : relaxing by you.

week in the life : playing games by you.

week in the life : consuming afternoon snack by you.

week in the life : my stuff by you.

week in the life : reading by you.

10.04.08 Saturday
- Up at 7:30am. Not a bad little sleep-in for a Saturday morning around here.
- Simon was up at 6:30am.
- Bagel for breakfast for him of course.
- Chris getting ready to go fishing with his Grandpa. Packing and cleaning up.
- Toast with peanut butter + jam for me.
- 10am to noon: Rainbow Indoor Playground with friends.
- Home for lunch (leftover chicken noodle soup). Read the paper.
- Chris had left but cleaned up all his papers off the dining room table. I was so happy.
- Simon has cheese sandwich + apple + chocolate milk. Watches The Wiggles.
- Play puppets with Simon.
- Afternoon nap on the big brown couch. Reading “Living Simply With Children.”
- Have hot chocolate + marshmallows with Simon for a snack.
- Pay a couple medical bills. Read more of book.
- Work on my CK column for Feb 09.
- Man I love, love. love Harry Potter. Simon and I watch while eating popcorn.
- Simon gets out the broom, cape + wand and acts out much of the movie.
- Talk to Chris on the phone.
- Organize computer bookmarks.
- Simon gets into his jammies and snuggles into bed. Read Little Monster Goes To School.


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  1. gem

    2008-10-05 11:45:35 -0400

    perhaps one day i will participate in "A Week in the Life" project by taking photos and posting them on my blog...this week i have enjoyed participating by de*lighting in what you've captured and shared. i find this week*end day post particularly sweet.

  2. noell

    2008-10-05 12:09:45 -0400

    I love the rainbow umbrella underneath the rainbow sign. Cool.
    Noticed your big brown couch with ottoman is a lot like ours--except yours is in better condition, lol. Did you get red of the BRC when you moved?

  3. Maureen

    2008-10-05 12:18:54 -0400

    Sounds like a great Saturday. A movie with your little date will be a precious memory when he has to share you in the future.
    I think you're getting simple down quite well.

  4. telisj

    2008-10-05 12:33:31 -0400

    I read your blog Monday PM and had forgotton about the project. I then decided that it would be good for me to follow you through the week to get an idea of what it was all about and then I'll do my week, probably the week of October 13th.
    One question: my husband works part time and is home with the kids in the morning/afternoon when I am at work. I'd love to get him to take pics but he already thinks I take too many pictures as it is! How can I engage my reluctant husband so he takes pictures for me? btw: he does great stuff with the kids: walk's daughter to school, goes to parks, errands, sends middle son off to Kindergarten, puts toddler son down for nap etc.
    There is a huge chunk of time that I am not with the kids but he is. How can get him on board? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  5. Ana F.

    2008-10-05 13:10:41 -0400

    Ali, thank you so much for this week! I loved it. I have never had a journal because I think I never have anything interesting going on or anything to write. I kept a little notebook this week and it felt so good to write that I decided to start an art journal. Me with a journal for the first time!
    Thank you.

  6. Ann

    2008-10-05 14:00:11 -0400

    you suggested that we do this even if we think there's nothing much going on in our lives. and i didn't do it because i stay at home all day - literally and watch television. i started taking pictures of the tv on monday and then quit the project because i found it would be depressing. then, the week took a turn for the "something different" on wednesday and then to the exciting on thursday and i now regret that i didn't capture this week. you really never know what to expect and i now realize that if I had just gone with it, SOMETHING would have happened.
    the next time you do this project, feel free to use my comment when you list reasons why you should do this project.

  7. Artfulyogi

    2008-10-05 14:18:27 -0400

    Wow. You even organize bookmarks. Be sure to allow things to go into seeming disarray when the little one arrives!
    Thanks for doing this all week long. I played along as well.
    For those who didn't do it this week, there is always next week and the one after that...

  8. Tina Vega

    2008-10-05 15:05:45 -0400

    Your photos are so cozy. I love the abundance of marshmallows and the shot of you snuggled up with a book and a blanket.

  9. tara in maryland

    2008-10-05 15:08:18 -0400

    good evening ali! SO funny that noel was wondering the same exact thing i was about your red chair.... do you still have it? i love seeing all these new pics and views of your home, almost seems like we're sitting right there too. that's how terrific and real your photos are. you capture everything. i still comb thru my childhood photos and will discover something i hadn't spotted in the past, memories will come rushing back. good for you capturing all this, simon and the baby girl will SO thank-you one day! you are just the best, thank-you again for this project and for sharing with us all. good night from the east coast! -tara

  10. Carol In Loveland

    2008-10-05 16:14:07 -0400

    I just had to say THANK YOU for inspiring me to do this. Unbelievably, I am DONE with a very simple album of my week. I just uploaded to snapfish and made the simplest album possible. I did 4 pages of words - just thoughts on what our family did this week / is right now. Then all of my photos just in there how they happened. There may be a little something missing here or there, but it is done and ordered.
    Wow. I LOVED the process of taking the photos, and I took a lot of them. So I was really worried about getting an actual album made. (I am usually a paper or hybrid scrapper.) I didn't know how was going to explain my lack of results to all of those people who saw me snaping photos last week! Maybe that's what inspired me to get to work on it. Three hours later I was done! Thanks again, Carol

  11. Toni Schafer

    2008-10-05 16:29:35 -0400

    Ali: I have absolutely loved following along with all of this! I have a couple of off the subject questions though. What are your fav. reads on living simply and parenting? I was curious to know how you developed this streamlined attitude toward life...something you grew up with just knowing and being aware of or a personal life choice? It seems we need to be thinking in more living simply terms with our two boys, football and fulltime jobs! Thanks for sharing, God bless you for sharing your life and talents with all of us across the country!

  12. julie

    2008-10-05 16:38:57 -0400

    Ali~ I have so enjoyed this project! My son is definitely through with the picture taking but my daughter was still posing for pictures this morning in her new vest! It's amazing how many things I miss on a day to day basis by just going through the motions. It really made me stop and enjoy even the dreadful tasks like cleaning the bathroom. I realized how many thing I really did get accomplished.
    I did have a bit of a scare though. I did a photo shoot today and swapped out my memory cards right before I got started. When I got done I couldn't find the card I'd been shooting with all week. I was seriously near tears. thanks goodness I found it on my third look through my camera bag.
    I'm so grateful for you and all that you share! Thanks you.

  13. HeatherOz

    2008-10-05 17:17:14 -0400

    Hi Ali
    I've decided that I want to use your digital templates from designer digitals to put my Week in the Life album together. Can you remind me when you posted about how to use those? If not, I will go a'searchin! Thanx!

  14. Betsy

    2008-10-05 18:45:08 -0400

    My, my, my. So many lovely comments you get from people. That must be nice. Just wanted to add to all the nice-ness. It's been a total treat stumbling upon your site which has allowed me to stumble on other sites and then stumble... I think you get the picture. I'm newer to the blogging world and I am getting a total kick out of it. Yee-haw!! I'm not too into scrap booking (a bit scared of it I think) but I do love photography. Your projects have got me back into using my camera all the time. And it feels so good! :) Thanks for your lovely images. And thanks for the inspiration. I love, love, love good inspiration.

  15. Latrice

    2008-10-05 18:53:23 -0400

    How cool that you guys have a rainbow playground near you. We've been wanting to get one for he yard, but we need to save up a little more! Thanks for sharing your day.

  16. Audrey

    2008-10-05 18:55:16 -0400

    Your words and your photos just touch my heart, Ali. Thank you.

  17. heather

    2008-10-05 19:13:07 -0400

    Sounds like a great comfy saturday. Can't wait to see the album come together.
    I stil have no idea what I am going to do with mine.

  18. Kari

    2008-10-05 19:30:50 -0400

    Love the photo of the "Rainbow" with the rainbow colored umbrella.
    And we love this project. I'm out of town this week, but next week my sister and I are going to be on it--we don't live close, so we'll be keeping tabs on each other through blogs.
    Thank you for the inspiration on something that is so important and valuable. And for sharing the details--it makes it all seem very do-able.

  19. Heidi Sonboul

    2008-10-05 20:20:35 -0400

    lol wow that is a ton of marshmallows and yet they looks so yummy!
    PS Bradley just saw that play ground photo and said "Can I go there?"

  20. Kylie

    2008-10-05 20:35:22 -0400

    Hi Ali, I think my question may have been lost within all the comments in the last post, but if you have time I would love some suggestions ...
    On Friday night I was admitted to hospital due to complications with me and the pregnancy, I spent 24 hours in hospital. The 24 hours were pretty much a blur, and obviously I took no photos. Anyhow, My question being - how would you suggest I document in the scrapbook those 24 hours (Friday night and the whole of Saturday.) ? I still want to scrap the week, because no week is normal (esspecially this one!) and I thought about a photo of the hospital, but the hospital I stayed at was over an hour away, so thats not realistic. Any suggestions would be helpful and much appreciated.
    Thank you for sharing your week and personal life with all of us.
    Kylie :)

  21. Tanja

    2008-10-05 23:12:55 -0400

    loved seeing what you and your family did during this week - although I didn't do the project myself!!
    Love the shirt you are wearing on top of that white longsleeve one.
    Hope to see your album about this past week soon.

  22. Ali

    2008-10-06 02:17:26 -0400

    Kylie - I would include it as part of the week even if you had no photos. Maybe some paperwork you brought home from the hospital or just the story of the experience - even without the photos it is documentation of your life ;).

  23. Mary Rogers

    2008-10-06 03:29:06 -0400

    that is a whole lot of marshmellows!!

  24. Mary Yvonne

    2008-10-06 06:40:27 -0400

    Hi Ali:
    Check your spelling on 3 Down in your crossword! I couldn't help read the clues, being a crossword nut! :) Anyway, I think you'll find it clears up a lot of other answers! lol
    I had a blast with the project and will send my photos to Snapfish for processing. Can't wait for your insights!

  25. Jennifer

    2008-10-11 16:31:30 -0400

    I'm guessing that's your Holga in the photo up there. I've recently borrowed my hubby's and I LOVE shooting with it. The photos are so amazing and retro, yet, still now. We're both in a show here in KC for the First Friday in November called through a plastic lens. All the artists are shoot with Holgas or Dianas, all square format photos, all framed alike as well. I didn't notice where you are, but if you want more info, email me. I'll pass it along...

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