Week in the Life : sharing samples + giveaway

Hoping to have some embellished rectangles to share with you tomorrow. In the meantime I have been getting a bunch of different samples from people participating this week. I love to see the variety and how everyone is making it work for themselves, their story, their photos, their time.

Feel free to keep sending them my way as you get a chance to work on your album/layout/project. See below for today's giveaway.

Also, I answered most questions in the comments section yesterday. If you asked a question check there for your answer.

Perfectly simple formula from Shannon (using a 6x6 Maya Road chipboard album):


Love this one from Cary using a Bazzill Zipper Book:


Here's one from Rachel:


From Hedwig:


From Melanie:


From Lisa:


From Joan:


From Karin (6x6):


From Mish:


From Nicky:


From Anne (she used envelopes to hold her stuff):


from Ali W:


from Jill:




The giveaways today include the days of the week stamp set from Scenic Route and the today stamp from Technique Tuesday. Six people will receive one of each of these stamps. Leave a comment below and share something good about your day today. Comments will be closed at 5pm today (Wednesday) with the names to be posted shortly after. 


A complete list of posts related to the week in the life project can be found here.

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  1. Angie

    2008-10-08 12:32:28 -0400

    My little boy came up to me this afternoon and told me that he loves me. He is only 2, so it came out like "I lub you, Mama.". It just made my day knowing that he doesn't have to be asked to make me feel good...I just love him to pieces!

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  2. jenn

    2008-10-08 12:36:00 -0400

    Today was awesome! It was a double hockey day in this house and the best part was i got to see both of my boys on the ice!!! Cool stamps Ali! :)

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  3. Lorie Gomes

    2008-10-08 12:36:40 -0400

    Lots of good things today. Continuing to work on a fundraiser for my friend Portia who is battling cancer. We continue to be amazed by the outpouring of support and well wishes from our community and beyond thanks Ali!)
    Also, thankful for a gorgeous fall day...crisp in the morning and hot in the afternoon. The best time of year!

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  4. Trish in NY

    2008-10-08 12:37:54 -0400

    The best part of my day today was volunteering the entire day at my daughter's elementary school -- straightening kids' hair, fixing their collars and listening to them say "pizza" for school picture day! Loved it! But kept wondering how many people got snapped saying "peeeee" and how many got snapped saying "zaaaaa"! lol. Don't want them to look like they're at the dentist!

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  5. Kathryn Methot

    2008-10-08 12:41:52 -0400

    The best part of my day was getting a good picture of my son and his dog. I love that dog, but the silly guy runs every time I get the camera out!
    Thanks for a chance to win.

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  6. CoreyW

    2008-10-08 12:42:03 -0400

    something good about today? my dd got to go back to school after staying home with an ear infection for 2 days - and she got 9/10 on her spelling test!!!
    love all the mini's you've shared - everyone is doing great work!

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  7. Rita Timmons

    2008-10-08 12:42:53 -0400

    I got to sleep in a little bit while my husband took the kids to school... then I treated myself to a massage. It was a good day.

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  8. Tracy

    2008-10-08 12:43:19 -0400

    My 4 year old daughter had a GREAT morning today and got ready for school without a lot of nagging. She also had a great time at her first play date at a friend's house without me! I wish all mornings could run so smoothly!
    Tracy V

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  9. Jen T

    2008-10-08 12:43:49 -0400

    Great inspiration on here today! The best part of today: sipping a vanilla latte from Starbucks! Yummy!
    Jen T.

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  10. Jessica Segui

    2008-10-08 12:44:00 -0400

    Today is awesome because of the joy of yesterday and the hope of tomorrow. I gave my husband a mini house-shaped album I created of all the work he's done on the house for his birthday yesterday, and he loved it! And tomorrow I'm giving my best friend a mini-album I made for her to track her feelings/cravings/worries/prayers/excitement as she is expecting her first baby in April! The joy of creating and giving is alive and well with me! I would love to put those stamps to use on a new present for a friend who just lost his wife.

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  11. Tina Schadone

    2008-10-08 12:45:52 -0400

    Today was such a great day for me. I spent the day refinishing an antique bed I bought for my daughters room. My hands are raw from sanding but it came out better than I could have dreamed. No cooking, cleaning or shopping. Just getting a project done.
    Great day!

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  12. Katie Lee

    2008-10-08 12:46:00 -0400

    loving being over the middle of the week hump....

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  13. kayla

    2008-10-08 12:48:31 -0400

    today i stood up to authority and everyone backed me up...it felt really good. thanks for all the inspiration!

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  14. Melissa

    2008-10-08 12:48:55 -0400

    OHHH I didn't get to read ur blog till now! I hope I can still get in a on the great give away! Today I spent the day golfing with my mom...just me and her. It's something we both love and rarely do it just me and her! It was really great!

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  15. Liz

    2008-10-08 12:51:43 -0400

    My Dear hubby built, installed,
    and painted the large drawer
    that goes under my wall oven
    which holds most of my baking
    pans! Yeah ME!
    (I've had a gaping hole there
    for way too long) LOL :-)
    Pick Me Please!
    Liz in PA

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  16. jenny

    2008-10-08 12:53:16 -0400

    Today was bittersweet... I found out I am not getting a promotion that would cut 2 hours of commuting out of my day. However, I am SO grateful that in this economic crisis, I still have a job and can care for my family.

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  17. Katarina Florance

    2008-10-08 12:55:56 -0400

    The moment in the morning when I pour that sweet sweet creamer into my coffee travel mug is bliss.

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  18. Trista Hertz

    2008-10-08 12:56:24 -0400

    I was having a crabby day (side effect of pregnancy, as you well know!) but I took my little guy out for a morning outing on the commuter train to the next suburb over and we had a ball. So the best thing about today was getting out of the house and turning my mood around by making the day fun.

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  19. Deanna

    2008-10-08 12:56:28 -0400

    The best thing about today happened this AM. My little one climbed into bed at 4:30 AM and told me he wanted to snuggle. After rolling around for an eternity he asked me if he could hold my hand.. So we both finally fell asleep at 5:30 AM holding hands. I really enjoyed this because he is a "big boy" 4 year old and doesn't come into our bed anymore... They grow so fast ;)

    * edited 08/11/14 11:02AM
  20. Jenny in Maine

    2008-10-08 12:57:11 -0400

    LOve these stamps Ali, and love all the layouts!! I am so inspired!!
    Today was my second 12 hour shift on the Med Surg unit at a local hospital {I am in my last year of Nursing school}, today I was responsible for two people, and was able to help not just them with their pain and grief, but I was able to help their families by listening to them, answering their questions and offering suggestions.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:02AM
  21. faith

    2008-10-08 12:57:51 -0400

    Love all of the examples. Always like to see how others interpret things. Also, thank goodness for differences in time zones! Almost didn't get my post in on time!! Would love either of the stamps.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:02AM
  22. Sheila MC

    2008-10-08 12:57:52 -0400

    Today, I had lunch outside of the office. Fall is a beautiful season. I love it.

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  23. Lydia

    2008-10-08 12:58:20 -0400

    Love your blog. While I was thinking about why it was a good day it hit me. I work at a scrapbook store. We've been waiting for your last book to get to the store. Actually, "I've" been waiting. IT FINALLY CAME TODAY. WOOHOO!! I purchased your mini album book today. It was a good day.
    Lydia in Ohio.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:02AM
  24. Lydia

    2008-10-08 12:58:23 -0400

    Love your blog. While I was thinking about why it was a good day it hit me. I work at a scrapbook store. We've been waiting for your last book to get to the store. Actually, "I've" been waiting. IT FINALLY CAME TODAY. WOOHOO!! I purchased your mini album book today. It was a good day.
    Lydia in Ohio.

    * edited 08/11/14 11:02AM
  25. Emily R.

    2008-10-08 12:58:26 -0400

    Am I too late? I love all the Week in a life things! Fun! Fun! Fun!

    * edited 08/11/14 11:02AM
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