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week in the life : marbles by you.

week in the life : my closet by you.

week in the life : chris' closet by you.

week in the life : hello sunday by you.

week in the life : a bit of work by you.

week in the life : marbles all day by you.

week in the life : more marble maze by you.

week in the life : hot chocolate again by you.

week in the life : pumpkin muffins before by you.

week in the life : pumpkin muffins after by you.

week in the life : simon growth by you.

10.05.08 Sunday
- Simon up at 6:30am. I was up at 7:30am. He put on his own sweats, socks, and long-sleeved t-shirt. Watching Higgly Town Heros on Chris’ computer.
- Make coffee.
- Getting excited about putting this album together.
- Check email. Watch Meet The Press. Check out the paper.
- Talk to Chris on the phone.
- BLT for breakfast. Simon had apples + bacon.
- Listen to Dave Matthews and work on CK column.
- I love that I can google something like “song from Flash of Genius trailer” and find out in two seconds that it is “Where are you Going?” from Dave Matthews.
- Simon is calling me “Tarzan Who Doesn’t Say Too Much” today. And calling himself “Tarzan Who Is Very Strong.”
- Leftover pasta for lunch.
- Hot chocolate for dessert.
- Look through baby clothes and start sorting by size.
- Work on CK column again.
- Make pumpkin muffins.
- Fold laundry.
- Measured Simon on the wall. He’s two inches taller than May of this year.
- Leftover chicken noodle soup for dinner.
- Watch 60 Minutes.
- Work on column a bit more.
- Simon and I to bed to read.


I am hoping to work on my album today to be able to show you a completed spread by tomorrow morning. One thing I would love to do is have people upload their completed projects to the Flickr group as you complete them.

Also, feel free to email me images (completed pages only please) as I would like to show some of them here on my blog as well for variations on the creative process.

Thanks for all the kind words throughout the comments from this past week. I am so glad to read so many people enjoying the process and just going with it! Have a great Monday!


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