Week In The Life : Wednesday Photos + Words


week in the life : good morning lily by you.

week in the life : reality by you.

week in the life : coffee with chris by you.

week in the life : coffee with chris by you.

week in the life : doctor's appointment by you.

week in the life : headlines by you.

week in the life : lunch by you.

week in the life : high-five by you.

week in the life : after-school play by you.

week in the life : wednesday homework by you.

week in the life : wednesday night swimming by you.


- Simon was up before the alarm today. When I got up I found him on the
couch cuddled up under a blanket where he had gone back to sleep after
not being able to locate the Darth Vader mask.

- Bagel. OJ. Clothes on. Wait for bus. Off to school.

- Working on financial spreadsheet. Working on establishing a budget.

- Chris checking out Facebook.

- Emails.

- Shower.

- Chris tells me “I like it when you are funny.”

- We head out for coffee and to my OB appointment.
Starbucks: decaf pumpkin spice for me, cinnamon dolce for Chris.

- Wait 45 mins for doctor ☺.

- All good at the appointment. Measuring a bit big which she said was a
good thing. Lots of political banter (love that about her). Will be
going to OHSU for second level II appointment on Friday.

- I love that Chris comes to the appointments with me. I love having a bit of time with him to grab a coffee.

- Planning to cook homemade chicken noodle soup tonight.

- Work on Designer Digitals releases for this weekend.

- Simon home at 1:45pm (every Wednesday). A high five to Chris as he leans out the window from the living room.

- In the house. “Stayed in green.” And into the Darth costume.

- “I am the best Darth in the whole world.” According to Simon.

- On comes Empire Strikes Back.

- Nap time for me on the couch.

- Chris goes to a meeting. I cook dinner (did the homemade chicken noodle soup and it was great). Simon does his homework. Fix Simon’s dinner.

- Chris comes home + we head to the indoor swimming pool. A Wednesday night tradition.

- We leave there with Simon in his PJ’s. Home. Brush teeth. Read book. Prayer.

- Work a bit more.


So how's it going? Are you still playing along?

I know it is a challenge to keep going. I find that by this evening I have found my rhythm. I am not capturing everything, but it is enough to tell a pretty complete story about our lives right now. I am not obsessing about the photos or the words or the stuff (I barely have any this time around)...just letting it become a part of my day without overtaking my day.

In the comments section of the last post Dena asked about stuff. So far I have very few things: a couple receipts, a copy of the paper, grocery list, a few things Simon has brought home from school. It's not a big deal if you don't have a ton of stuff - in the end we will just be working with whatever we have collected.

Make sure you are getting yourself in some of your photos. Use your self-timer or have someone in your family take some shots of you. You are a major part of this story.

Hope you are enjoying this journey.


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