Happy Saturday from Simon & Santa.


"Please bring me the really big Star Wars ship."

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  1. Shannon

    2008-11-22 12:17:17 -0500

    LOL!! that is priceless!

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  2. Carol

    2008-11-22 12:21:49 -0500

    What a great looking santa, I love his shirt! I hope your little Storm trooper gets what his heart desires. Oh... and you do too!

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  3. alexandra

    2008-11-22 13:04:52 -0500

    Is it me or is this the exact same Santa as last year??!!
    He's so, so cool - love the shirt and the casual vibe - he's Santa unplugged! Much more real, more convincing, more fabulous than the overdone and overstuffed Santas around here. We've never even bothered to take the twins to see Santa - they know the Santas around here are just 'helpers' who dress up like Santa. You're lucky to have the real guy out there in Oregon!!!

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  4. sue Treiber

    2008-11-22 13:31:10 -0500

    I love that!
    Wait until he discovers Indy Jones legos. Those are pretty fun too!

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  5. stephanie

    2008-11-22 13:32:06 -0500

    just think...this time next year...TWO little Edwards' will be on Santa's lap
    xo xo

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  6. Amy

    2008-11-22 13:45:17 -0500

    OMG! That is so adorable how he is whispering in Santa's ear. What a great photo! I am quite sad that I don't think I will get photos of the kids with Santa this year. Alex is TERRIFIED of anyone he doesn't know and Emma is very shy. I might get one with her but it just doesn't seem right to leave Alex out. :(

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  7. hennyLee

    2008-11-22 15:37:29 -0500

    The REALLY big starwars ship! That would be my son's wish, too! Bless you, Simon!

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  8. Jessica

    2008-11-22 15:52:38 -0500

    That is great!

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  9. Goddess Leonie - Creative Goddess

    2008-11-22 17:49:41 -0500

    this picture is SOOOO adorable :)
    Wishing you a gorgeous shining day,

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  10. Elizabeth

    2008-11-22 19:15:52 -0500

    Very Sweet. Love Santa's non-traditional (red suit) attire.

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  11. Brooke

    2008-11-22 21:21:05 -0500

    That jolly fellow really does have all the secrets to the world.

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  12. kelly s.

    2008-11-22 21:53:16 -0500

    I have the feeling that Simon has been really good and may just get his wish!! Happy Holidays!

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  13. Margarita

    2008-11-23 01:48:58 -0500

    Now it feels like Christmas, right?

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  14. jonipossin

    2008-11-23 02:00:59 -0500

    What an adorable picture and a pretty good looking Santa. We get some in our malls that are hard-pressed to pass the test of a child's eyes.
    Thanks so much for taking the time on a weekend to share that with us. I'll be in Phoenix for Thanksgiving with both of my daughters. It might be fun to get these two gorgeous gals on Santa's lap for a photo op. It would make a fun layout with an old photo of them with Santa. Ooooooo... the ideas are sparking!! Great photo for my Gratitude Spinner which graces our coffee table.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Edwards including baby-girl Edwards. So much to be Thankful for!
    Wisconsin hugs,
    Joni Possin

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  15. Shannon in WA

    2008-11-23 02:37:57 -0500

    How cute?!!

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  16. AJ

    2008-11-23 04:03:10 -0500

    Adorable picture.

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  17. Sandy

    2008-11-23 04:36:25 -0500

    This is adorable, what a great photo.

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  18. Amy Berkey

    2008-11-23 05:58:16 -0500

    That is so adorable! Tell Simon that a little boy named David (in PA) is wanting Santa to bring him that same big Star Wars ship. :o)

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  19. Crystal

    2008-11-23 11:42:55 -0500

    That is adorable! Also, when is your baby due? I've been working on my December Daily album, but it might have some variations in it...thanks for all of your inspiration :)

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  20. ikuko

    2008-11-23 12:27:19 -0500

    Is that what he really said?
    How cute is that!
    I'm so curious how Santa will make it come true, though... :)

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  21. candi tardio

    2008-11-23 13:21:02 -0500

    sooooooo sweet!!!

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  22. iowajewel

    2008-11-24 02:45:55 -0500

    you will have the best daily december book! that photo is amazing! if only i could go back in time and get photos of my daughter doing everyday things! she's 18 now and i missed out on all that! 90% of all the photos i have of her are posed. if only i knew then what i know now! enjoy Ali and everyone who still has small children you are so blessed! julie

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  23. Kine

    2008-11-24 02:47:33 -0500

    Simon and I want the same thing :)

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  24. Nicky Anderson

    2008-11-25 14:52:28 -0500

    Same Santa as last year - that is the best part!!! Or looks pretty darn close!!!

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  25. Farrah

    2008-11-30 08:29:20 -0500

    What a cute picture! I love it. My son who almost the exact age as Simon also wants the Millenium Falcon. I hope Santa knows it is on sale right now at Amazon.com.

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