Best Laid Plans & Thinking Ahead

I had hoped to have a couple of postings this past weekend and this morning catching up on my December Daily album. Unfortunately I came down with something and did little more than lay on the couch, sleep, cough, sniffle, and read. Feeling thankful that I have an interesting book
on hand and that most of my Christmas shopping is already done (and it gave Chris and Simon a chance to go out on their own).

I laughed a little as I looked back at my December Daily posts from 2007 and saw that I got behind at just about this same time last year.

There is definitely a ton of inspiration to be found in the December Daily Flickr group.


thinking ahead : ONE LITTLE WORD

As we approach the new year I have started thinking about the one little word project again. I have not decided on a word yet, but am considering a few different possibilities.

If you are interested in creating a word for yourself for 2009 here are some previous posts on the topic to check out:

My 2008 word.
Ideas for honoring your word (2008).
2008 list of words.
2007 post about choosing a word.
2007 list of words.

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  1. Paola Norman

    2008-12-22 15:15:29 -0500

    Hope you are feeling better soon esp for Christmas day. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Deborah Hensley

    2008-12-22 15:44:42 -0500

    If you like Malcolm Gladwell, you should read his other book he wrote called "The Tipping Point" it's a very good and interesting read! It's also a quick read too!

  3. andrea

    2008-12-22 21:38:25 -0500

    i love how my "word" seems to come to me! My word for 2009 is release! I am going to release the past, release expectations from people that continue to let me down, release my extra kilos, release negativity, release!

  4. Nikki M

    2008-12-22 22:23:08 -0500

    Can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I've been scrapbooking for 3 years and feeling overwhelmed by how much I want to do instead of just doing it. We just moved to the Middle East and are awaiting all of our household effects (including all of my craft/scrap/art supplies except some ink and stamps) and I am just itching to work on something. Thanks to 2peas and others who ship here, I am ready to go and feeling SO inspired. I know many other scrappers who respond to you in the same way...WOW! and just wanted to share that with you. I was pregnant with my second child at this time last year and felt absolutely drained at the end of each day but still filled with hope for our new little life. You must be getting excited!
    Well, I am loving the idea of ONE LITTLE WORD and have chosen one for 2009. possibility. I was thinking of "opportunity" because there are so many things that (as most other SAHMs) I have been putting off until the right time and as my oldest enters preschool and my youngest is still napping, THIS IS THE TIME. I just happened to read your post from 3 years ago today and read the bit about Sister Joan and the word "possibility" was there as well. That solidified it for me. I shall try to be "full of new possibilities always." I am looking for all kinds of cool inspiration to create while I await my other toys and goodies. Thanks again for all you do for us...I am feeling more like a life artist than an overwhelmed scrapper. Cheers and happy holidays!

  5. Emilyt

    2008-12-22 22:29:55 -0500

    I thought of the perfect one just as I was drifting off to sleep. REACH
    This word encompasses the many things that I want to have an impact with this year. It's the one! Thanks Ali!

  6. Manola

    2008-12-23 00:07:46 -0500

    Hi Ali, sorry to hear you are not feeling to good but things happen for a reason and I believe that you deserve a well earned rest. You have been so busy all year and now you have to take care of you just for a little while.
    Thanks for the heads up about 'one word' 2009. 2008 I chose 'rediscover' and for the past year I have had many challenges thrown at me to put my word to use. I made a calendar for 2009 and my January month has a special space for my 'one word'. I did a quick flick through the 2008 words and the word 'accept' jumped out at me.
    Sometimes life can be pretty unpredictable and as much as I organise and plan sometimes I have to just 'accept' that life will happen regardless of what you planned. Some good and some bad but that's life. I will enjoy the ride yet again - twists and turns and all.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Manola xo

  7. Daphna

    2008-12-23 02:04:07 -0500

    Hi Ali, hope you feel better soon and you are enjoying your quiet time for now. I have been thinking about my one word for the year and MAKE DO (actially two little words) has been in on my mind lately. I was inspired by a wonderful TED talk about happiness. It's about accepting, simplifying and just being aware that I already have what I need and finding gratitude for that. In a world of abundance we somtimes lose sight of all the simple precious things we already have. Instead of focusing on acquiring more I want to focus on making the most of the resources I have.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday filled with moments to cherish.

  8. melanie

    2008-12-23 02:33:51 -0500

    you always have the best finds! i love malcolm g. i hadn't seen this book yet. THANK YOU!

  9. Janna Davis

    2008-12-23 03:56:33 -0500

    Hoping you feel better. It's always rough getting sick around Christmas, but when you're pregnant? Ugh. WAY worse.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  10. sansku :)

    2008-12-23 04:10:57 -0500

    You're reading the same book I'm reading right now. Good one!
    December seems to be the sick month in our house too. I gotta remember that for next year and be all done with preparations by the end of November.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. Gypsy Alex

    2008-12-23 04:47:43 -0500

    Sending you wishes of a speedy recovery, dear Ali! I've been thinking a lot about you lately! And about my new year's word too, imagine that? ;) Last year was the year of "flight"! And it turned out that I really took off and made some dreams come true. This next year, I'm thinking it has got to be "bloom" ~ So I can give continuity to the projects I started in 2008. Missing you, friend! Can't wait to see more of you in 2009! Happy Holidays! xxoxx

  12. Linda Beeson

    2008-12-23 05:07:43 -0500

    I hope you got to relax - you need it!!!

  13. Stephanie S.

    2008-12-23 05:52:52 -0500

    Ali - hope you feel better soon! It is no fun being sick around the holidays especially when one is pregnant! And I'm so glad you reminded me I wanted that book - I'm going to go order it now.

  14. Rhonda

    2008-12-23 14:03:13 -0500

    I love this! I chose words the past two years and continue to use them in my prayers (both of them). I have not chosen a word for 2009 yet, but I know that it will come to me just like the words before. Thanks for the inspiration Ali....always!

  15. homedotmade

    2008-12-23 23:37:27 -0500

    For those struggling to find a meaningful word or words, might I make a suggestion? Check out the book "Style Statement" at a bookstore or library. I have no affiliation with them, but reading their book and developing my own words has TRULY changed my life.
    I am comfortable.creative! My words, not just for 2009, but for always. :-)

  16. Robin

    2008-12-24 06:22:28 -0500

    Glad you're enjoying the Gladwell book! I got it for my DH for Christmas, as we both enjoyed _Blink_ and _The Tipping Point_. Gladwell's mind is so... athletic? flexible?... reading him is a good exercise in innovative thought.

  17. Dyan

    2008-12-24 14:25:49 -0500

    This is such a wonderful idea.Thanks Ali! My word this year is Deeper.

  18. Christina

    2008-12-26 08:02:09 -0500

    got my word and just reminded my readers to be thinking of theirs... holding onto it until january though!

  19. Debbie P

    2008-12-26 11:11:34 -0500

    I am going to make a book with each page is for each month. Similar to the December Daily book make it ahead of time. I think that would be nice to see at the end of the year. Record the milestones along the way.

  20. Carolyn

    2008-12-29 10:01:07 -0500

    I chose the word Journey last year as my word for 2008, and what a journey it has been! Between buying my first car, totaling it in a car accident where I was lucky enough that I only had bruises and no one else was involved, to purchasing a 2nd car, and then a month later having weight loss surgery that has changed my life. 2008 has been a Journey in so many ways, I have grown spiritually and emotionally, so I will really have to think about what I want my word to be for 2009. I believe this will be a good year for me in becoming a healthier, happier person and experiencing the things in life I let my weight and genes hold me back from.
    So thank you Ali, as you inspire me in so many ways since I've begun reading your posts over the years. I may not always comment, but I've learned so much from you and your family, so thank you for sharing your creativity and all the little moments that make life memorable.

  21. Debbie Mancini Wharff

    2008-12-29 15:28:21 -0500

    Hope you are feeling better. Last year, my word was joyful and it was a wonderful word that kept reminding me that I should concentrate on things in my life that make me feel joyful. This year, I have decided it's my year to beat cancer (I've been working on this for 5 years so I have LOTS of practice! LOL :)). I want something really strong this year - something empowering with action, etc. so if anyone has any ideas of one word that can sum up what I need to express this, I would love to hear it ([email protected]).
    I'm off to print the older lists tonight to see if I can find one there.
    Thanks for the reminder on this. I'm also working on my December journal. I do it through 1/1 so I still have a few days to go and many days to finish up (it's been crazy around here this year! :))

  22. Peg Graham

    2008-12-30 05:48:07 -0500

    My word for 2009 = MEANINGFUL

  23. SC GIRL

    2008-12-30 08:40:08 -0500

    My word for 2009 is "believe".
    Believe in miracles.
    Believe in LoVe.
    Believe in myself.
    Believe in others.
    Just believe.
    Happy New Year!!!

  24. Denise

    2008-12-31 02:18:14 -0500

    Hi Ali, My word for 2009 is CLARITY. My mind is often so cluttered. There are so many things I want to do, need to do. So much to think about... I need to still the waters for 2009.

  25. Melissa

    2008-12-31 14:11:12 -0500

    I just bought that book today....can't wait to read it! Glad to know that you are enjoying it! Melissa

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