Best Laid Plans & Thinking Ahead

I had hoped to have a couple of postings this past weekend and this morning catching up on my December Daily album. Unfortunately I came down with something and did little more than lay on the couch, sleep, cough, sniffle, and read. Feeling thankful that I have an interesting book
on hand and that most of my Christmas shopping is already done (and it gave Chris and Simon a chance to go out on their own).

I laughed a little as I looked back at my December Daily posts from 2007 and saw that I got behind at just about this same time last year.

There is definitely a ton of inspiration to be found in the December Daily Flickr group.


thinking ahead : ONE LITTLE WORD

As we approach the new year I have started thinking about the one little word project again. I have not decided on a word yet, but am considering a few different possibilities.

If you are interested in creating a word for yourself for 2009 here are some previous posts on the topic to check out:

My 2008 word.
Ideas for honoring your word (2008).
2008 list of words.
2007 post about choosing a word.
2007 list of words.

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