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December 16, 2008

December Daily : Day Fifteen


Here’s how I used the story and photo from the earlier post today.


So often all you really need is the photo and the words.

To achieve this look I did a bit of measuring to figure out the width of the circle and the width of the second page. From that point I was able to open the photo in Photoshop, resize it to 10 inches x 9 inches tall, copy and paste the text onto the left-hand side, and then print the text side and the right side of Simon separately (to be able to fit onto an 8.5×11 sheet of photo paper). A bit of sanding around the outside edges hides a few cutting imperfections.

Here’s the before – you will notice that I ended up removing the patterned paper and just going with a photo spread over both pages. I have been really inspired by the way in which Molly’s December Daily is coming together.


[ American Crafts Bushels of Fun; Jenni Bowlin Studio Boy Icons Printed Journal Ticket; American Crafts Black MOMA Remarks Letter Sticker Book ]

We have a special surprise planned for Simon tomorrow so my posts may be delayed. Say a little prayer for "decent enough" weather for safe travel on the roads. 


Celebrate the season. Read more about the concept of a December Daily Album and links to all related posts here. See many more examples from participants in the Flickr December Daily Group.


  • 1.
    Suzie Q said…

    Hugs and prayers that all things go well tomorrow with Simon. Hope the weather holds! Have a great day and a blessed Merry Christmas!

  • 2.
    nic said…

    awesome – as much as i love your stuff, i think this is my favourite day from your journal – love just the photo and the story with a wee embellishment – so my kind of style!

  • 3.
    Peggy said…

    Love it! As always!

  • 4.
    christen said…

    love it! we have snow here today, too. thanks for sharing…as always.

  • 5.
    Michelle said…

    Just LOVE this. My favorite page so far. Snow pictures are so wonderful for just pics and words because of all the white!!! I used an entire page with one as well ( And I ended up Staz-On-ing edges due to imperfections and like the end look. The curve in yours on the left is beautiful. So inspiring. (And Simon’s hat is very cool!!!!) =)

  • 6.
    Kelly in Canada said…

    Hi Ali,
    I just had to tell you that when I showed my little boy, Ben (he is four and a half), the photo of Simon looking at Santa, he said ‘is that me?’ He really wanted it to be him looking at Santa and, truth be told, he likes to keep a bit of a distance from Santa but he also wants Santa to know he is there. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pages and stories. Thanks, too, for the link to Molly Irwin’s blog and December Daily book. She is a great inspiration, too.

  • 7.
    Katie said…

    SO cool! LOL! I love the simple sweetness.

  • 8.
    Michelle said…

    Just a question. ;-) I’m using some binder rings that have a measured diameter of less than 2 inches but they are the largest ones I can find in stores (7gypsies size Large). You mentioned 3″ inch (diameter??) a while back and I’ve searched and can’t find anything. Any tips on where to get some big rings?

  • 9.
    Heather said…

    What a great idea!! How come I didn’t think of a two page spread photo????? LOVE IT!!

  • 10.
    Vanessa said…

    Your December daily book is so beautiful! I am more amazed with each blog post:)

  • 11.
    abby said…

    Hi Ali -
    I am thoroughly enjoying the December Daily :)
    Quick question – what paper do you use to print your photos on at home?
    All the best, Abby

  • 12.
    michelleinfantino said…

    As a mother of a little 3 year old girlie with PDD I pray that one day we will have a day like this–a day she plays outside and is interested and playing appropriately with other children. She is doing well but socialization will be tough for a long time. It’s nice to see someone moving forward. Thanks for sharing.

  • 13.
    molly said…

    thank you very much, friend. it’s reciprocal.

  • 14.
    Shauna said…

    You are amazing and inspiring…I love looking at all of your beautiful work and look forward to each day.

  • 15.
    Michele H. said…

    love this picture of simon and the snow!!! i am truly enjoying your daily entries. thanks for the links to Molly’s blog. so inspiring.

  • 16.
    Susi from Germany said…

    Wow, love the spread idea!!!

  • 17.
    musesof said…

    whaoo !
    great page : great snow, a maxium of snow..
    in france no snow for the moment !
    superbe page : super neige, un maximum…
    de neige, ici pas de neige pour le moment!

  • 18.
    Pascale said…

    Coming to see your blog everyday is a delight…

  • 19.
    HeatherC said…

    Love to see how the photo one day turns into a great page the next day!

  • 20.
    Deb Jones said…

    I really like the way you did this. It’s great. Hope the day goes well so Simon can get his surprise.

  • 21.
    carole hepburn said…

    Your blog is a daily delight- prayers are with you !

  • 22.
    tonya said…

    Just wanted to let you know there is a great little group of photographers doing a little project to help with autism awareness over on Flickr:

  • 23.
    sue said…

    You made me smile again today! I’m so happy that Simon is out and about with the neighborhood kids and enjoying that snow!

  • 24.
    Kathryn Martin said…

    Awesome! A snow day! We are wishing for a snow day soon! Guess what? I saw a photo of a beautiful wreath in the Seventh Generation newsletter today and was surprised to see your name on the credits for the photo. Great company, Seventh Generation! :) Kathy

  • 25.
    gudrun said…

    Ali, you amaze me every day with your beautiful work of art. It is all so inspiering! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • 26.
    Jung A said…

    what was the surprise, and how did it go? the album is going along beautifully!

  • 27.
    s a n s k u :) said…

    Love the way you’re doing this album.

  • 28.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    Hope your travel was safe and Simon’s surprise was so good!!!
    Nicky from Canada

  • 29.
    Amanda said…

    Hi Ali!
    I just bought a couple of your templates at designer digitals and I loved using them! So simple!

  • 30.
    Rebecca Vavic said…

    Dear Ali…
    I am loving this and have created a photo album here of my pages so far:
    Thanks for the inspiration, as always!!!

  • 31.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    Hope your travels were safe and you are all ok!! Worried haven’t heard from you.

  • 32.
    Kathy (kathyb) said…

    SO happy that you all had such a fun time! Merry Christmas to you all :)

  • 33.
    Crystal said…

    So cute, I love the polar express trip. I can’t wait to take my little guy one day.
    His hat is so cute, where did you get it? I have been itching to knit something like this.

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