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December 5, 2008

December Daily : Day Four


[ Page One: Jenni Bowlin Red Die-Cut Mini Label, Art Warehouse Circle Santa Sticker, 12x12 Celebrate Word Play Overlay (Anna Aspnes for Designer Digitals - available Sunday); Page Two: Creative Cafe Spirit Red Felt Pocket, Making Memories Fa La La Well Worn Santa Tag, Travel Memory Title & Journal Photo Overlay (on top of photo), Red Star Twine, Making Memories Holiday Tag from 2007, Jump Ring, Brad ]

Day Four is for documenting our little adventure to visit Santa (actually happened before Thanksgiving but I think it should be included here).


For this first page I printed out a new Anna Aspnes digital word overlay from Designer Digitals right onto the Jenni Bowlin Red Die-Cut Mini Label. I temporarily attached the die cut piece to a sheet of printer paper and ran it through the printer to get the words onto the paper and then adhered it into the album. The santa sticker is on foam adhesive to help it stick up a bit off the page.



On the second page (the background is the Hambly Climbing Vine Antique White Transparency) I attached a Creative Cafe Spirit Red Felt Pocket to the transparency with staples. On top of the pocket I attached a Fa La La Well Worn Santa Tag from Making Memories. I wrapped a bit of wire star garland around the tag and added a small jump ring and tag from Making Memories holiday collection last year. The well worn santa tag comes with adhesive on the back of it but I also used a brad to secure it in place.


Inside the pocket I placed the photo of Simon & Santa. On top of the photo I attached one of my Travel Memory Title & Journal Photo Overlay (from Designer Digitals) that I printed onto a transparency here at home (I use 3M ink jet transparencies).


On the back of the photo I adhered patterend paper from American Crafts and a journal sticker from Art Warehouse. I used an American Crafts Precision Pen for the journaling. 

Here’s the before shot:


[ Hambly Climbing Vine Antique White Transparency ] As you can tell I ended up removing the tree and working with a pocket instead.

Have a great weekend! I plan to continue posting pages throughout the weekend.


Celebrate the season. Read more about the concept of a December Daily Album and links to all related posts here. See many more examples from participants in the Flickr December Daily Group.


  • 1.
    Sandi Keene said…

    Wow! Just wow.

  • 2.
    Becca Tuck said…

    I think this is my favorite page so far, it’s gorgeous and so creative. I am doing mine digitally this year, and purchased several of your digital designs that you posted about a few posts ago. I’m a new digi scrapbooker, and am sort of confused on how to put together the pages to create a scrapbook page for each day (for example, I purchased the december daily template package, and am confused on where to start). I’m already 5 days behind, lol. Are there any posts where to talk about working with these layers in Photoshop? Excuse me if you have already answered this question. Thanks Ali!

  • 3.
    noell said…

    I love these. It seems that this year you are playing more and adding more decorative content than I remember you doing last year–it’s still very modern and clean, but I’m referring to all the pages that don’t actually have pictures or journaling or memorabilia on them. Do you agree? They’re lovely either way.
    I’m wondering if you removed the little Xmas tree with the 4 on it or just covered it up?

  • 4.
    Ali said…

    Becca – here’s a link for some tutorials and more information for you: /hybriddigital-scrapbookin.html

  • 5.
    Ali said…

    Noell – I removed the little tree. I definitely had some pages mixed in last year that were more decorative rather than documenting anything specific. I think as the month goes on there will be more photos and stories – especially once Simon is out of school. I am enjoying playing with the products :) .

  • 6.
    Tiffany K said…

    When I saw these rubber stamps I thought you’d like them:

  • 7.
    Ann-Marie said…

    This is so adorable. Thank you for sharing the completed pages- such inspiration!

  • 8.
    Nicky Anderson said…

    So cute – hope to pick up some of my pictures this weekend and put it all together – documents are done – just waiting the good stuff.
    Have a great weekend. Excited to see the posts throught the weekend.

  • 9.
    Lizacreates said…

    Your Dec book is beautiful as to be expected! I have a ton of Christmas photos from Christmases past that I’m planning to consolidate in one or two Christmas albums. Your pages have been a source of inspiration for me (they always are!) and I printed out every single page of your 2007 one from Flicker. Now, I can’t wait to get mine started.
    Ali, when you get a chance, would you mind providing me with the source for your Dec book materials. Should I just go page by page and buy each separately or is there a kit for most of them?
    Thanks as always for a beautiful, inspirational and creative site!

  • 10.
    kimberlee said…

    Wow. What a yummy book. I just love everything you’ve done. You have such an amazing eye for coming up with the perfect pages. :)
    Love it, love it, love it.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • 11.
    Ali said…

    Lizacreates – thanks for the comments. I try to link each product used to a place where they are available for purchase. There is a not a kit for this project as I am creating it as I go – I encourage people to use what they have on hand if at all possible :) . Part of the fun of this project is mixing and matching different products and embellishments.

  • 12.
    five4gena said…

    Am loving this project Ali! Love the felt pocket and the Remember This with Santa. Too funny, I was laying in bed last night (with the flu) and trying to figure out a way to incorporate the transparency downloads from the Big Picture Scrapbooking 7Gypsies project into the December Daily (did this class- loved it btw).

  • 13.
    Robyn said…

    I love that pocket!!! What a great idea!
    It’s so comforting for me that you are flexible with this entry…that it isn’t technically a memory from the 4th…but you are putting it there anyway. Yesterday I had a no-Christmas-Spirit-in-sight type of stinker day and I wondered what to do in my little book. But I have a feeling that EVERYONE will have a few of those days this month and that that’s okay…and just part of how this season rolls.
    Thanks again, Ali!

  • 14.
    Peggy said…

    So so so so great!

  • 15.
    Kerry said…

    Ali, you continue to inspire me. Have a delightful weekend.

  • 16.
    sharna said…

    You are so generous and sharing all that you do! Thanks for that! Can you tell me what product you used for those little metal (are they clips?) pieces crimped around the Simon & Santa insert?
    Merry Christmas!!

  • 17.
    Crazy Daisy said…

    I’m loving this book!

  • 18.
    Carrie Romero said…

    Love, love the felt pocket! So pretty!

  • 19.
    Becca said…

    Thank you for the link Ali!

  • 20.
    Ali said…

    Hey Sharna – I am not sure where they came from. They are in a small metal container with a clear glass lid. They pinch together and seemed to work great for attaching the transparency on the photo. Anyone seen these before?

  • 21.
    Christene said…

    Ali, how funny – I had pulled out a green felt pocket I had in my stash (from a Cocoa Daisy kit, I believe) that I wanted to use in this project. It is still sitting to the side because I hadn’t decided how to incorporate it into my book. I was thinking about punching holes in it, but wasn’t totally sold on that idea. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • 22.
    Sue said…

    Ali – I am so inspired by your album! Thank you for sharing it :)

  • 23.
    five4gena said…

    Sharna – here are the little paper fasteners on the 7gypsies site :

  • 24.
    Ali said…

    Perfect – thank you five4gena :) .

  • 25.
    Bethany said…

    Thanks for sharing each day. I especially appreciate seeing how open you are to changes along the way (removing elements, trimming the page, etc.). I’m such a planner/perfectionist, it’s helpful to remember I don’t need it all figured out in advance. :)

  • 26.
    Hannah said…

    what fun, inspiring ideas!!! I’m planning on working on my album (day 1-5) tomorrow! this is such a fun project!

  • 27.
    jenny said…

    Love the pocket…this is my fav page so far.

  • 28.
    Alis in Wnderlnd said…

    I second the Wow!
    Okay, I have a question: Who takes the pictures of you doing projects using perfectly wonderful wide apertures? I love these of your fingers with your chin blurred out. We know it’s you but the focus of the photos is perfect. I wish my hubbie would do that. He loves my photography, but doesn’t seem to get it when I show the same things to him on my camera.

  • 29.
    Amanda S. said…

    I love that you are incorporating Christmas related items that aren’t necessarily on the day of your journal – awesome! I love seeing what you do each day!!! :)

  • 30.
    rachel carlson said…

    the felt pocket is fantastic! i have a lot of felt begging to be used, whew. happy weekend, rachel

  • 31.
    Susi from Germany said…

    Wow! Your album already looks like it came that way! Amazing how you do it with a couple of simple steps!

  • 32.
    Valerie said…

    Ahhh Ali, I love the page with the felt pocket.
    I also wondered what you were stringing days ago in that photo…great idea for garland.
    Thanks for keeping our wheels turning,
    Valerie in PA

  • 33.
    Cherie said…

    Had a super busy week so hope to get my first 5 days caught up this weekend. Love this project!

  • 34.
    Irene Dunne said…

    Thanks for sharing Ali. I am quite excited about this album and get so much inspiration from your work. My camera goes every where with me.

  • 35.
    Renata Pacheco said…

    Hi, Ali. I felt in love by this project since I’ve seen it for the first time, last month (I became a scrapper this year). Now, I’m doing one for me. You can see it at my blog:
    (there is Google translator at the top of the sidebar)
    Thank you for all your inspiration (by the way, I’ve read two of your books – Life Artist and Sharing your Story)

  • 36.
    Amy said…

    Oh I love that you used the felt pocket!! I included that same one as one of my pages, and I will definitely keep your idea of the overlay in mind. I love how it looks!
    I also love that you used the Santa photos from before the album started, very much goes along with your go with the flow motto and reminds us that the documentation is the priority not trying to be perfect using only pictures from each day on that day only. Very cool.

  • 37.
    Deb Jones said…

    Ali, your album is so nice and I am enjoying the way you have so many things incorporated into the design.

  • 38.
    Kelly said…

    feeling totally uninspired and moping around the house a little too much this weekend. So, navigated over to your blog. Saw your beautiful pages. And, now, you have helped to get me in motion to head to the store, print out some photos and scrap today.
    So… thanks!! You rock!

  • 39.
    Toronaga said…

    Very good….

  • 40.
    Shannon said…

    I too, am glad to see that you’ve shown how to fill in the gaps. We all have days where nothing is appropriate to put in this type of album.
    I’m trying to view each day realistically, and realize not everyday of the month can be full of Christmas Cheer.

  • 41.
    mitchmac said…

    Ali – i really live the wire star garland you used in this layout – do you remember where you got it from?

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