December Daily : Days Eleven & Twelve


[ Making Memories Fa La La Scallop Circle Paper (just used the words on the inside of the circle), Fancy Pants Daily Grind Chipboard Floral Shape, American Crafts Roosevelt White Letter Stickers, Jenni Bowlin Gold Date Label Rub Ons, Ali Edwards for Designer Digitals 12x12 Life Text Frame (coming soon) ]

Here's to a bit more time on a chilly Saturday for playing catch up. My album is definitely beginning to be really full (glad for those 2 inch rings and hoping I don't need 3 inch rings).

Lots of talk about snow here this morning but still none yet.

A couple close-ups of Day Eleven:



I have to say that glossy accents worked great for gluing this Nutcracker's head back on tight.

The before - I actually removed this whole sheet of paper and went the route you see above:


[ Making Memories Flocked Vellum Snowflake Paper; still needs a number ]

And Day Twelve:


[ Cavallini & Co Stamps ("letter"), Hero Arts Basic Uppercase Stamps ("the"), Making Memories Word Fetti from 2007 ]

You may notice that some of my days are spreads (right to left) and some spread over multiple pages and some start on the left and are finished on the back (which becomes the right of the next spread). I am not worrying about any of that - just going with it as I work on each day.

A couple close-ups of Day Twelve:


A simple title and blocked journaling.


Tucked the photo under the number accent and stitched the photo right on to the Making Memories Flocked Dot Papier Rouge Paper. I definitely had to push it through the machine today.

And a look at the before:


[ Making Memories Flocked Dot Papier Rouge Paper; #12: Every Jot + Title Red Circle Numbers ]


Celebrate the season. Read more about the concept of a December Daily Album and links to all related posts here. See many more examples from participants in the Flickr December Daily Group.

Have a great Saturday!

22 thoughts

  1. Sara from La Mirada

    2008-12-13 07:55:00 -0500

    Last night I put on a coat I had not worn in 2 years. In the pocket I found my son's letter to Santa from 2 years ago, that I had intercepted from "the elf" as my son was distracted talking to Santa. What a treat. It will go in my journal this year. It is never too late, right?

  2. jonipossin

    2008-12-13 08:15:18 -0500

    Your work table looks so neat and tidy. I get there and it's destroyed in minutes.
    Simon's handwriting is really good(the Reading Teacher in me)!
    My photos of my pages are just not as clear and crisp as yours. I've been getting a yellow cast on many of the pages but not on other things. I'm going to take a photo class after the holidays so I'll probably get my answer... but too late for this album.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and tips!

  3. Camille

    2008-12-13 08:20:15 -0500

    I love that you can (and inspire us to) change things around as needed. Swapping paper out, not letting stitching that takes a bit more work stop you, etc.
    Thanks for pointing those details out. Isn't it fun as the journal gets thicker and heavier?
    We woke up to snow (just 20 min. from ya in Springfield) and got to watch it come down for about 15 min. It's all melted off by now but we're still crossing our fingers for more! = )

  4. Christina T

    2008-12-13 08:20:17 -0500

    I can't wait for the text frame!!!! Thanks so much for all of the holiday inspiration! Have a great weekend!

  5. Amanda N.

    2008-12-13 08:31:50 -0500

    This project is coming together in such an awesome way! Please give Simon a compliment
    from a first grade teacher in blogland on his awesome writing and handwriting skills!

  6. alexandra

    2008-12-13 09:04:23 -0500

    Fabulous - as always!

  7. Jennifer.T

    2008-12-13 09:46:26 -0500

    I'm not even doing this project but I'm really enjoying checking in everyday to see what you've created day by day :o)

  8. Mandy

    2008-12-13 09:59:01 -0500

    I second what Jennifer said. I'm not doing this project, but I like seeing what you're creating. I'm always inspired by you. I just take the inspiration and use it in other projects and areas of my life. Thank you thank you.

  9. Kathryn Martin

    2008-12-13 10:00:50 -0500

    Your Christmas count down book is looking fabulous! I didn't hear about it until the begining of the month so I'm going to have to try one next year. I was at Archivers today and got your latest book....Sharing Your Story. I've made only a couple mini albums and tend to be nervous about making them, but now I'm armed with some inspiration! Thanks for sharing with all of us! :) Kathy

  10. Heather

    2008-12-13 11:39:57 -0500

    LOVE how big Simon's letter is! Adorable!

  11. Suzie Q

    2008-12-13 11:42:40 -0500

    I love that you're not sweating the small stuff, by playing catch-up with your book instead of stressing about getting one page done each day. Thank you for that reminder! BTW - here in Athena, it's been snowing all day and we have 1 ft of snow. The kids have already seen Santa, played in the snow and have swept off the van and car twice. It's LOTS of fun!

  12. Sara Roberts

    2008-12-13 11:49:28 -0500

    I have to laugh at repairing the Nutcracker's head with glossy accents. As I put ornaments on the tree and come across broken ones I go into my craft room to repair them with what ever glue I have.
    Love how your album is coming together it's looking great.

  13. Heather Moll

    2008-12-13 12:54:55 -0500

    Ali, your work just inspires me to no end! Thank you for sharing with us! I love your album so much! And I also wanted to say how much I love your new releases at DD! WOW! WOW! WOW!

  14. Amber Filkins

    2008-12-13 13:24:56 -0500

    So cute! So, I'm wondering, is 'Eva' what you are naming that sweet little baby girl of yours?? :)

  15. Jennifer

    2008-12-13 17:24:20 -0500

    I need a catch up day myself. Tonight I was determined to select & print photos, jot down layout ideas & figure out this past week. I have been loving this idea! I had my skeleton of the book completed for December so having that as a base is such a huge help! I had to laugh when you commented about removing your day 11. My day 11 just does NOT work with the design I have in my book for day 11. So... I will be starting over for that day myself! Hoping tomorrow I will find some time to put my thoughts (& photos) to paper! Thank you for my daily dose of inspiration. I am loving this project.
    with windchill it has been -42 this weekend. Oooh... that temp. just hurts!!

  16. Jung A

    2008-12-13 17:39:15 -0500

    hi Ali!
    i found your blog recently...hard to believe, since i've been a big CK fan of yours! I love how you put things together in a page...sometimes very simplistic...i love your photos and words, and i love your handwriting! :)

  17. Kathy F. **MT**

    2008-12-13 17:52:26 -0500

    Gorgeous! :) I love this album...I think you should just go to 3 inches anyway! LOL! ;) Then the sky's the limit! :)

  18. ljr3kids

    2008-12-14 00:59:03 -0500

    Love what you are doing here. I live in the NW too so I think we will have some catch up time this week with the cold temps and snow! I am still on page 10 and waiting for a friend to give me a picture--but it is all good. I am so much farther ahead and I have this super great album. My 20 somethings are not that thrilled with it but, I think they will be later as they get older. I have also taken the plunge and learned how to use some digi elements-and I really love it. Thank goodness Santa is bringing PSE 7, my PSE 2 won't load any of the cool new brushes--it is just WAY too old. :)

  19. Rebecca

    2008-12-14 01:12:04 -0500

    Your album's turning out beautifully!

  20. Cherie

    2008-12-14 14:30:04 -0500

    I so enjoy seeing how you work - love how this is coming together!

  21. Kristi

    2008-12-15 17:52:48 -0500

    I want Santa's couch in red, in my living room!

  22. Kristi

    2008-12-15 17:56:44 -0500

    Whoops, my comment was meant for your post bad. :)

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