Hello Snow.


6am and the school district website says “no school.”

“Hey Simon, guess what?”

“What?” he asked in that sleepy morning voice while still snuggled under the covers.

“You don’t have school today.”

“Isn’t it Monday? No school on Monday?” he sat up quickly, super interested at this new development.

“Go look outside.”

He scampered over to the window and peeked through the blinds. He sees it. Just about 4 inches of it. There is one of those great squeals of delight that come only from the realization that it is indeed a snow day.

And oh how I know those feelings. I remember them all too well. I also woke up about three times last night to check and see if it was really sticking and then had a hard time going back to sleep because I was getting way too excited. Snow is infrequent around here so when it comes it is cause for a big celebration if you are a kid or one of those grown-up kids who loves snow.

Simon spent the first bit of the morning watching cartoons before finally pulling out the snow gear – including snow pants that are just a touch too tight but definitely wearable. Long underwear, socks, turtleneck, snow pants, fleece, snow coat, snow mittens, snow boots and a good hat. An amazing amount of excitement was found in the simple actions of getting dressed.

I did a lot of watching Simon play with the neighbor kids in the snow today. He is finally to the point where he can be outside on his own without one of us outside as well. I still sit in the window and watch while reading or working on my laptop.

He is growing more and more independent all the time.

Many times in the past he has done lots of running back and forth while playing outside to tell me many little important things – updates on what the kids are doing, who said what, etc. Today he stayed longer and played more; coming back only to show me an icicle or when I called out to him to come home for a snack.

It’s in those quiet moments sitting at the window watching when I can really see how much he has grown. It is so cool to see him interested in the other kids, wanting to play with them and be part of the larger neighborhood experience. I love that.


December Daily post coming later today.

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